Relationships Improve For 3 Zodiac Signs The Week Of June 10 - 16

Let what you go through together make you even stronger.

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The week of June 10 focuses on communication as Mercury in Gemini unites with the Sun and Venus in this air sign. Mercury governs communication, and in Gemini, it can help you see both sides of a situation or an argument so that you and your partner can find the space for compromise and forgiveness for any hurt. Gemini can often prefer talking about easier topics, but the week does begin with Mars squaring off with Pluto as it encourages you to sweep anything under the rug no longer but address it outright. 


As Mercury aligns first with the Sun and then Venus in Gemini, take advantage of being able to focus on what matters most to you and allow yourself to focus not only on your partner but on yourself so that you can make the most of the First Quarter Moon in Virgo that brings an opportunity for greater hope, balance and the ability to choose the path that is filled with the love you’ve always desired.

Relationships improve the week of June 10 - 16 for three zodiac signs

1. Pisces

It’s important to remain open to receive what you have been hoping for in your romantic life. Whether it’s an entirely new relationship that seems to be both consistent and magical or having a certain connection continue to progress toward deeper commitment, you are on the brink of receiving your own divine miracle. Jupiter recently shifted into Gemini on May 25 and will be bringing luck and love to your domestic life, which will include the progression of your relationship, but for you in this current phase, it’s ensuring that you have created space in your life for what you want – and that you take the opportunity for more when it finally arrives.


On Friday, June 14, the First Quarter Moon in Virgo rises in your house of romance, bringing in a moment of decision-making that will allow you to progress your relationship from one phase to the next. Virgo governs romantic relationships and matters of the heart, while the First Quarter Moon seeks to instill greater hope, so that you can make the decision that will truly lead to where your heart has been guiding you. But this romantic decision may be coming sooner than you think, and while your heart is all in with this current connection, you need to ensure you’re not letting past heartbreak, or hurtful experiences shape your decisions. Allow yourself to hope, find acceptance for the past, and forgive yourself for having to learn the important lessons of love you had to experience. Everything is different now, and so is this wonderful person in your life, so embrace hope and allow yourself to say yes to everything you’ve always wanted.

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2. Sagittarius

There is a strong romantic focus in your life right now, both in terms of dating and the commitment you are hoping for. But to make the most of it, you can let yourself move on from the past, forgive your partner, or release the resentment of past relationships that bring you down. You deserve love as much as anyone else, and it doesn’t matter what came before this moment; all that does is that you are ready to go all in on love. Try to ensure that you are approaching relationship themes with healing and grace for yourself; as you remember that you are worthy of commitment and love, you need to make sure that you don’t let anything from the past get in the way of what you have been dreaming of.

On Sunday, June 16, Venus and Mercury will unite in Gemini, ruler of your romantic sector, bringing in offers of love. Venus governs matters of the heart and real estate, while Mercury rules over communication, including how you speak to yourself. Before Mercury and Venus united, the planet of communication began a new cycle on June 14 as it crossed into the heart of the Sun, signaling that it is safe to believe in the future and let the past go. If you are single, there may be so many offers right now that you don’t know which to choose, while if you’re in a current connection, this will help to bring about greater healing and a deeper and stronger connection. If you’ve been hoping to reconcile with a particular person after a separation or rough patch, trust that this is your sign from the universe that everything is happening as it’s meant to, and all you have to do is have enough courage to say what it really is you want from love.


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3. Aquarius

No matter how much you may have recently questioned your connection, it doesn’t mean it’s not the one divinely meant for you. When a relationship differs from anything you’ve experienced, it can be easy to bring doubts about it or wonder if where you are is where you are meant to be. But the choice to continually hold space for growth in the connection, enjoying what you can, and releasing the idea that there is ever a perfection that must be reached can help you understand more about what a long-term love is meant to bring into your life. This space is precisely what allows you to trust your heart more and seize the opportunities for greater connection and commitment in your relationship.

Mercury Cazimi will occur in Gemini on Friday, June 14, bringing a new chapter of offers, communication, and abundance to your romantic relationship. Jupiter, the planet of luck, recently shifted into Gemini on May 25 for the next year, which very well may bring a proposal, marriage or the type of significant commitment that resonates most deeply with you. Because of the energy of Jupiter in Gemini, Mercury Cazimi will heighten this energy and help you feel more confident that you and your partner are truly growing together and in a healthy direction. After the period of doubts or questioning that you’ve been going through, this energy will help you feel more secure in your connection and also be able to adopt a new perspective as you realize that if love is perfect, it doesn’t mean a relationship will ever be – and that for the first time, you’re okay with that, because there is a peace in your heart that says this is the love you actually want to last forever.

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4. Taurus

Don’t look for things to go wrong. If you feel a lighter energy in your life, it doesn’t mean that your relationship is bound to hit a rough patch again – or that if one area of your life is going so well, another must inevitably suffer. You have been expanding into more of your authentic self, and with that shift, you are also approaching love in new and exciting ways that have allowed you to take greater risks and prioritize what you need. As you continue on your path, you must lean into trust. This is your trust for yourself, your partner, and the universe, always to help bring you to precisely what is destined for you.

On Friday, June 14, the First Quarter Moon in Virgo highlights your house of joy, children, and romantic commitment, bringing in an important moment of choosing the life and love you most want. Don’t be afraid to take that risk, practice trust in following your heart, and remember that the only way you attract the love of your life is by believing it’s possible. First Quarter Moons bring about a moment of choosing one path or another, but it also helps you to feel greater optimism about your life. In this case, the First Quarter Moon in Virgo will bring an opportunity to choose a path that will not only bring happiness into your life but could also signal the expansion of your family or a proposal. As long as you remember that it’s yourself you must trust most when making romantic decisions, you will manifest a life of continual abundance, love and joy.

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5. Libra

You are beginning one of the most exciting years of your life, all about new experiences, adventures and love. One of the most significant factors for you is that Jupiter, the planet of abundance, recently shifted into Gemini on May 25, bringing in opportunities you couldn’t have imagined. As much as you may like to approach life more logically, you must create space for the unexpected, regardless of whether you are happily in love or dreaming about meeting someone new. This is a time for you to step so far out of your comfort zone that you never want to return and be more open to the invitations and offers you receive because you are truly blessed in luck in whatever you do.


The Sun and Mercury will unite in Gemini on Friday, June 14, forming a Cazimi where the planet of communication begins a new cycle in all matters of newness and luck. Mercury Cazimi in Gemini will help you receive positive offers, meet new people, and take your current relationship in an exciting new direction. Gemini helps you to open to life, to see that maybe there is a better plan than what you had originally thought, and to be able to entertain multiple perspectives at one time. Mercury and the Sun align their energies of communication and action, representing that this isn’t an offer that will be coming in but one that you will be taking action on fairly rapidly. Gemini energy can help you receive travel opportunities, shake up your daily routine, or pursue a specific area of study that has always interested you, like astrology or psychology. But by taking new chances, you also set a different course for your romantic life. If you’re single, you will meet someone while traveling or in a seminar you’ve taken – but if you’re currently in a relationship, this is your chance to explore life with your partner. Leave behind how good you thought love could be so that you can embrace a bigger and more beautiful vision for your life.

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