Relationships Improve For 5 Zodiac Signs The Week Of May 20 - 26

Create a deeper love than you ever thought possible.

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The week of May 20 brings an intense influx of Gemini energy as the sun, Venus, and Jupiter all shift into this air sign, improving relationships for five zodiac signs.

Gemini is the sign of the twins, which hosts a sense of duality, representing the balance between your higher and human selves. These two parts of you are always within each choice you make, but to find balance, you give each a chance to breathe and feel what they most need. Just because there is a duality here doesn’t mean that balance will always be a struggle. When you can understand the meaning of your choices, you can also ensure each decision you make in matters of the heart is one you will be grateful for in the future. 


Gemini is stereotypically known for being more fun-loving, playful and less likely to want to commit, but that doesn’t mean this is bound to cause challenges in your union — especially if you recognize one another’s growth and create space for new experiences together. As a sign representing duality, Gemini often also prompts the need to make important choices in your life — and in this case, in your relationship. 

While this energy can lead to a more profound connection, it is imperative that you ensure you are making decisions handed down from your higher self and not only those born out of your human desires which can have you seeking enjoyment in the moment without any thought to where it might lead. 


Being mindful of this can help you break free from any stagnancy in your relationship with the Sagittarius Full Moon on Thursday, May 23, as you can feel at peace with any recent decisions and embrace the freedom of knowing love is the greatest adventure.

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Relationships improve for 5 zodiac signs the week of May 20 - 26:

1. Sagittarius

You are heading into an extremely exciting time in your romantic life as the sun, Venus, and Jupiter all shift into Gemini, ruler of your relationship sector. Jupiter will remain here for the next year into 2025, making this an area where you will see incredible growth and development. Jupiter rules expansion, luck, and abundance. In your romantic sector, it helps to bring about new opportunities, growth, and a feeling of genuine love. As it shifts into Gemini alongside the sun and Venus in the week of May 20, remember that great love doesn’t just happen but is the product of the choices that you make.


The sun begins the procession of planets into Gemini on Monday, May 20, followed by Venus on the 23rd and Jupiter on the 25th. Your annual full moon in Sagittarius also rises on Thursday, May 23, bringing to fruition an intention that began with the new moon on December 12, 2023. It’s important to focus on your actions to ensure that they align with the love that you feel so that you can make the most of the energy of expansion that Jupiter will bring to your romantic life. Reflect on the value of your relationship and what your partner brings to your life. You can quench your thirst for freedom and adventure with them, which will help you develop the confidence to know the relationship you’re in is the one you want to last forever.

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2. Gemini

You can expect amazing shifts in your life the week of May 20, as the sun, Venus, and Jupiter all shift into your zodiac sign. The energy of the sun and Venus in Gemini will help you love yourself more deeply, prompting you to take advantage of the romantic opportunities in your life. By loving yourself, you can feel more confident in your decisions and also know you are choosing what feels most in alignment with yourself versus the opinions of others in your life. 

Tune out the world's noise so that by listening to yourself and loving your truth, you can make the most of the beautiful opportunity for love with the Sagittarius full moon on Thursday, May 23, which will rise in your house of relationships and bring to fruition a theme that began in your romantic life around the new moon on December 12, 2023. Reflect on this time and what was going on in your life, specifically around expanding your thinking, being open to new experiences with your partner and any plans for the future. Now that this lunar cycle is reaching its fullness, it’s time to embrace all you have in your relationship — and loving yourself will allow you to do just that. 


You will see an expansive energy filter into your life through 2025 as Jupiter moves through Gemini which will help you take up more space, embrace new beliefs and stretch outside your comfort zone. It’s important to not just embrace the feelings of love you have for your partner in this moment but also truly see them in your future as well. This can you better understand which decisions you can make to ensure that occurs.

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3. Aquarius

While you enjoy the stability and consistency of your romantic relationship, there still has been hesitation in making a bigger commitment. During the week of May 20, all of that changes as the sun, Venus, and Jupiter all shift into Gemini, ruler of your house of marriage. 

Before embracing the energy and shifts this Gemini energy will bring, take time to reflect on why you’ve been hesitant to commit to your partner, plan the next stages of your life or confidently say you want this love to be your last. Understanding what has kept commitment at bay for you will better prepare you to move with the energy of Gemini so that you can create the deep and lasting love you have always desired. On Thursday, May 23, Venus, the planet of love, also shifts into Gemini, further highlighting themes around commitment, marriage and joy. With the sun already within this air sign and Jupiter soon to follow, you can feel confident that amazing opportunities for love are already on their way to you. 


Noticing only what isn’t quite right or worrying about 'what ifs' may hold you back from taking full advantage of this abundant time. In life, heartbreak is a natural occurrence of loving, and when it happens, it can change how you move through future relationships. While trusting yourself to make healthier choices is imperative, you also must realize that no matter how certain you are, love and commitment always carry a bit of risk. You must weigh whether the risk is worth continuing to protect yourself from what could happen, and hopefully, you will see that the love you are in now genuinely is all you’ve ever hoped for. Relax into it so you can discover just how amazing it can be.

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4. Pisces

You have been so focused on remaining committed to manifesting your dreams that you may not have noticed the positive turn of events in your romantic life. This may be one of the first times in your life where love isn’t occupying each and every one of your thoughts because you are diving into your career and working on manifesting success and financial abundance. That may have just been what your relationship needed to grow organically. In this case, creating a life of your dreams inadvertently created the space for the love you’ve always wanted to grow. As much as this has happened naturally since the start of the year, be mindful of also holding space for love, especially for any important decisions that arise.

On Saturday, May 25, Jupiter shifts into Gemini to begin a full year of expansion in your home, family, and emotional fulfillment. Jupiter is the planet of luck and abundance and tends to provide opportunities for growth in whatever area of your life it connects with. In Gemini, it helps you to develop a stronger and happier home and family — which also tends to bring a change in residence, renovations, the moving in with one another, or an addition to your family. Jupiter in Gemini is preparing to bless your life with the joy and happiness you had always hoped love would bring. While you’ve been busy working on your dreams, you’ve also established a strong foundation your relationship will require for growth. 


A planet is felt the most strongly as it enters and exits a new zodiac sign, so this will be an incredibly powerful time for increasing intimacy and connection within your relationship — which may also bring about an important choice to progress the relationship. Try to remember that if you are approached with an offer, it means that you are ready for it, even if your mind tries to tell you otherwise. Check in with your heart — as long as you are at peace with your choice, you can feel confident you’ve made the right decision.

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5. Leo

Often, the next best opportunity isn’t found in far-off places but where you are now. To work on continuing to create a forever love means that you continually hold space to reflect on your relationship, see your partner with fresh eyes and focus on the connection you have created together. 


You are reaching an important fruition point in your relationship that will help elevate you into a new phase of your life where it’s not about trying to find something but creating the space to enjoy it. If you’ve been busy recently or feeling disconnected from your partner, try to create time to spend together, especially if it involves trying something new, like a restaurant or pastime. When you let yourself see that things aren't always greener elsewhere, you can properly invest in ensuring your partner is receiving your best — just as they try to do for you.

On Thursday, May 23, the full moon in Sagittarius shines a light on your house of commitment and will bring to fruition a theme or intention that began with the new moon in Sagittarius in December 2023, specifically around your plans for the relationship, the agreements for your connection, and the personal freedom you and your partner need to live your fullest lives. As the full moon in Sagittarius rises, it will bring about an important conversation, offer, or if single, a divine romantic meeting while you’re out with friends. Be open to what arrives, recognizing that building a relationship with your partner continually means that you hold space for them to change, trusting that it doesn’t have to affect the relationship negatively. Create a priority for love under this full moon, and let yourself enjoy what you’ve put so much energy into creating.

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