3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationship Horoscopes Improve On May 2

Pluto has just entered its retrograde transit.

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There's an interesting phenomenon that occurs throughout most of our lives — it's the idea that we think we have forever to make mistakes, fall in love or do our thing. Thinking this way, can't be helped. In fact, making mistakes is what makes our young lives so interesting. We believe in the future, and that there's nothing to stop us. If we so choose, we can take our sweet time getting there.

Thursday will encourage that hope in us, but it will also bring us a heads-up. On May 2, the knowledge we gain will softly let us know how 'all of this' is our experience. We have to honor what we have and remember that believing in the future doesn't mean we can forfeit what we have right now. This 'feeling' exists in three zodiac signs, and much of it concerns the fact that Pluto has just entered its retrograde transit.


This transit has us slowing down and taking in the view of what's happening right now, and in love, that means we will take this time to weigh the value of the love we have in our lives. If we find that this love is of high value, then we will come to appreciate it highly, as well. This lesson in love shows us that we never know what's to come and that if we are fortunate enough to have love in our lives, we should hold on to it.


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3 zodiac signs whose relationships improve on May 2

1. Cancer

Love has given you many different options: Take it or leave it. You've found that by leaving it, you left yourself open for new experiences. Still, there are people in your life who've meant more to you than you realized at the time, and on May 2, you'll look back and wonder if you made the right move when you consented to the breakup.

The interesting part about this particular day and its retrograde transit is that Pluto, the main 'cause' for this feeling, will bring you a new understanding of how to cherish what you have. Yes, you did say 'no' to a romantic partner because, at the time, you believed that was the right thing to do. Now, however, the wisdom of age has kicked in. Maybe you acted precipitously.

While you have no regrets next time, you won't be so quick to decide. You learn to think things through when it comes to love. Nothing is that easily taken for granted. This is a revelation for you, and it will help you navigate future romances.


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2. Libra

Karma seems to have your name on its dance card. You might feel as though there's no escaping the feeling that you might not have been as kind to someone you once loved as you should have been. If you've hurt someone, Libra, then you already know that somehow, somehow, it will come back to you. There's no time like the present, and Pluto retrograde likes to stretch that present out as much as possible.

If you have any regrets over how you treated a romantic partner in the past, then this will be the time that has you understanding that the future can have no such bad behavior. You don't like that you were so cavalier in breaking it off with someone, but you're also a person who wants to take responsibility; you want to even out that karma.

The lesson you'll learn this Thursday is humility and respect. You've started to understand how important respect is, as this is how you wish to be treated. Pluto retrograde in Aquarius begins the process for you, where you start treating others well, knowing that we all have feelings and are capable of feeling both pain and joy. Opt for being a joy-giver, Libra. This is part of your nature.


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3. Sagittarius

While the lessons seem to be coming at you fast and furious, Thursday is especially notable as the Pluto retrograde has you looking at your life in slow motion. What this means is that you will have a chance to see your life in a way you've never seen it before; your mistakes will be laid out in front of you, but for each and every mistake you've made, you'll see a path that leads to personal redemption.

May 2 is almost magical for you, Sagittarius, as you can walk away from that which drags you down while preparing your mind for the future. You've said no to love in the past, and now, you're ready to say 'yes.' This is huge, and it has the potential to change you forever. Where trust was nowhere to be found in your life, slowly but surely, Pluto sets you back on track. Happiness is now in your view.

While Thursday may start out as any ol' day does, as the day progresses, you will become more and more open to the idea that every single moment of your life has a great lesson in it, even if the lesson is so simple that it's barely noticed. This could be a great day for you, and you, being open to greatness, will make the best of it.


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