2 Zodiac Signs Experience Beautiful Abundance On April 25 When Mercury Retrograde Ends

Trust yourself enough to move in the direction of your dreams.

Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance April 25 When Mercury Retrograde Ends Javier Sanchez Mingorance, katrineshine, akiyoko from Getty Images | Canva Pro

On Thursday, April 25, Mercury will station direct in Aries, the same zodiac sign of the Solar Eclipse New Moon that occurred on April 8. Mercury has been retrograde since April 1, so while there have been plenty of opportunities for you to seize new beginnings and make significant changes in your life, instead, you have been asked to practice patience and trust everything is unfolding as it is meant to. As Mercury stations direct, you will finally be able to take action and see how to begin to take steps toward manifesting greater success and abundance in your life. While the past three weeks have served as a time of preparation, you are now guided to honor what it is you want to create and to start working with the universe to bring about everything you’ve ever dreamed of.


Timing truly is everything in life, but the caveat to that sentiment is that it often differs from the timing you had planned for. Within each moment of life, the universe is always at work to help bring about the greatest success as you progress toward not just your dreams — but your fate. Trusting in the times when nothing is shifting is imperative because these phases represent a period of preparation so you can finally start moving in the direction of your dreams.


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2 zodiac signs who will experience beautiful abundance on April 25, when Mercury retrograde ends:

1. Pisces

Pisces abundance affirmation: I am creating success with each decision I make.

Aries energy rules over your house of wealth, which can help you take action on the ideas and dreams you have for a life of greater abundance. On April 8, the Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries brought about a pivotal moment in which you had a clear idea of how to increase your finances. Still, with Mercury retrograde during that time, you have been bidding your time until it felt like you were ready to take action.


As Mercury stations direct in Aries, the energy of the Solar Eclipse New Moon will be revisited as you feel greater confidence in your idea and have done the preparation work to ensure success. Reflect on what arose in your professional or personal life, as this flow of abundance may be arriving from a side business or expansion of a current project. If you haven’t already, start writing down the steps that you need to take to ensure success, whether it’s what you need to research, where to begin, or setting up your schedule so that you have the necessary time to devote to manifesting this dream. Nothing is stopping you from generating greater wealth in your life as long as you can take the slowness of the past few weeks as nothing more than a period of preparation for action.

Unlike at the beginning of April, the Sun is now in earthy and grounded Taurus, giving you the ability to grow strong roots in this new project and positively affecting your sense of communication. Taurus energy rules over how you communicate your ideas with others, social media, publishing, and projects. If the idea you have been reflecting on has anything to do with writing or speaking, then this is your green light to start putting that dream into action so that you can begin manifesting greater wealth with the help of the universe.

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2. Leo

Leo abundance affirmation: I am filled with excitement for my abundant future.


You have felt that a new beginning was emerging in your life, but you have been confused about where it will manifest — or when. This has brought about a phase of having to trust internally while also sharpening your observation skills so that no opportunity goes wasted. While your intuition has been spot on, you haven’t yet seen it manifest because the universe has been preparing something even greater for you.

Aries energy governs your house of luck, abundance, travel, and new beginnings, and it is one of the few places in your astrology chart that is about the action of creation. Since April 1, Mercury has been retrograded in Aries, creating a period of reflection, learning, and preparation with knowing which new beginning you should take and what direction you want to pursue. This made the opportunity that the New Moon Solar Eclipse brought double-sided, as you could feel that a new offer was something you were meant to take, but you didn’t feel ready to go all in yet. Luckily, as Mercury stations direct on Thursday, April 25, you can revisit any past offers and finally decide to take action on the abundant future you have been dreaming of.

With the Sun now in Taurus highlighting career matters, you may be able to see how this new offer or beginning can positively affect your professional life. If you can travel for work, this would be the time to say yes — even if it’s not something you previously saw yourself doing. This energy can also bring about a return to school, helping you realign your career with your shifting priorities. If it would benefit you, write down all the viable options you have available to you right now, and then look at each and determine if each would be getting you closer or further from your dreams. This can help you organize your thoughts and options so that you can move with confidence in this new chapter of your life.


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