7 Things To Do During Taurus Season 2024 To Change Your Life For The Better

Taurus season energy lasts from April 19 to May 20.

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Officially occurring between April 20 - May 20 (although the actual beginning and end can vary by one or two days every year), Taurus season 2024 is all about celebrating the beauty and potency of Mother Earth and all the other concrete and tangible aspects of life. Ruled by Venus, Taurus season is first and foremost the perfect time to up-level your self-care practices and make sure your personal needs are being met —but there's a lot more to this astrological season than just that.


So here are 7 things to do during Taurus season to spark a glow-up, manifest your desires and live your best life.

what to do during taurus season list

1. Stop and smell the roses

The symbol of Taurus may be the stereotypically angry bull, but what many people forget is that bulls are generally peaceful in nature and believe in the sentiment of 'live and let live' in peace. That's why Taurus energy thrives when you find peace and bring joy to your soul.


So do just that during this Taurus season and make time to smell the roses. Whether you take leisurely strolls down a beautiful promenade, visit an art museum and soak your senses, go on a wonderful date with your significant other or read a book on a sun deck, let your heart guide you and don't let busyness rule your days.

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2. Double down on what's important to you

Of course, one cannot talk about Taurus energy and not discuss the stereotypical stubbornness of the bull zodiac sign. But what most don't discuss is how Taurus energy is good at going with the flow — until something tickles their intuition the wrong way or sounds alarm bells in their mind.

So engage your stubborn side this Taurus season for all the right reasons. Double down on ideologies and values that are important to you, whether that's a stance on healthcare, housing, career, money, marriage and more. After all, they only call you “stubborn” when your personal boundaries are inconvenient for their agenda.


3. Manifest, manifest, manifest!

Taurus energy is ruled by the planet, Venus. As one of the major planets of manifestation and good luck, Taurus season is the perfect time for manifestation magic. Just make sure you know what you want to manifest and why so you don't regret bringing something to life that you secretly didn't want but rather got peer-pressured into desiring.

Journaling your thoughts can help you set solid intentions. Vision boards can help you visualize what you want too, thus making you aware of fine points you previously overlooked. You can do the latter on platforms like Pinterest too if you don't want to get too crafty. Crystal magic is also indicated for Taurus season as crystals are a tangible ingredient for manifestations. You just have to figure out which crystal to work with depending on your goals.



4. Update your wardrobe and hairstyle

Every season is the perfect season for a wardrobe refresh, and Taurus season happens to be better than most for the same. After all, Venus energy is all about beauty, style, and personal charm — all of which can be exhibited through your outfit choices and personal grooming. So hit the mall or go on a shopping spree online! It's time for up-leveling your wardrobe.


Just remember: Taurus energy is all about things that last, so you will benefit more from splurging extra on high-quality pieces, especially those that can be mixed and matched with many things already in your closet. It would be a true investment at that point.

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5. Work with flowers and plants

Taurus energy is highly attuned to nature because of its ties to Venus and its elemental earth sign nature. So one of the best metaphysical practices you can do during Taurus season is work with flowers to create moods, change habits and bring positivity into your life.

For example, sunflowers are good for vitality while red roses are the universal symbol of love and desire. You can also read books on plant magic history like 'The Hedgewitch's Little Book of Flower Spells' by Tudorbeth, 'The Complete Language of Flowers' by S. Theresa Dietz, or 'Floriography: An Illustrated Guide to the Victorian Language of Flowers' by Jessica Roux.


6. Indulge your senses and maximize self-care

One cannot talk about Taurus energy and not talk about the five senses of the human body. The sixth sense is also tied to them through claircognizance and clairsentience. So indulge your senses this Taurus season and you will quickly realize that your intuition is becoming heightened through that indulgence too. Whether you book yourself a spa weekend vacation, indulge in romantic interludes with your significant other or eat better food than usual, everything will come together as you honor yourself and your senses.

7. Activate a glow-up

Finally, one of the best things you can do for yourself during Taurus season is give yourself a glow-up. After all, Venus is on your side during this season, so you might as well take advantage of the ready energy! Any efforts you make towards improving your body, diet, health and skincare will have more potent effects during this season. It's also the best time for appointments with dermatologists, dentists, and cosmetic surgeons.

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