What Each Zodiac Sign Needs To Know About The Week Of April 22, Per A Tarot Card Reader

We are strong and ready to accept that right here in the moment, we can find happiness

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Welcome to the weekly Tarot reading for April 22 - 28, 2024. All zodiac signs will be covered, so stay open and stay positive. We are looking for what's good in all situations. While we know that life always has a surprise or two in store for us, we are strong and ready to accept that we can find happiness if we seek it out.

The cards are spread out before us, and each zodiac sign gets its own. For every card, there's a traditional meaning and real-life insight into the present. Of course, we shed a positive light on every challenge we face, as those challenges are here to enlighten us and bring us closer to the truth.


This week, we are looking at a lineup of interpretations that can help us and remind us of who we are. We are stardust, the sparkling result of a universe that has exploded into an infinite number of particles, and as human beings, we carry the universe within us. This is the universal knowledge we are all privy to, and it will be that knowledge that we tap into this week, as the Tarot shows us in detail.


Aries tarot card: Page of Pentacles

Traditional Meaning: Applying oneself, studying hard, scholarly interests, school, reflection, deep thought, considering both sides, seeking answers, receiving news, and bringing messages.

Real Life Insight: Good news and something to be proud of. What this card tells you, Aries, is that 'yes, you can.' Basically, this is a card of winnings, which can also be interpreted as accomplishments or victories. This is where you come to realize that what you've worked so hard to achieve has finally been made manifest for you and by you.

Positive Light: The best part about this week for you, Aries, is finally feeling good about life again. It's not that you ever felt 'otherwise,' but you have gone through a lot to get here, and now, it definitely appears that you've come into some very good fortune.

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Taurus tarot card: Knight of Swords

Traditional Meaning: Craftsmanship, skill, labor, doing the right thing, bravery, being able to do it all, defense and defensiveness, destruction, opposition, resistance, ruin.

Real Life Insight: Getting the job done and 'taking no prisoners.' What this means in 'real life,' Taurus, is that you know you're the one who has to get things done in your life. Right now, you don't have the time or the patience to wait around for someone to do it for you.

Positive Light: This card has you feeling your power, Taurus. It will be during this week that you come into contact with the fact that you are ABLE. You can do things so much better on your own, and this becomes a kind of thrill for you. While you're open to help or suggestions, you'd rather take it all on yourself because that's where the real power thrill lies.

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Gemini tarot card: The Hierophant

Traditional Meaning: Marriage, alliance, togetherness, lawful agreement, law, service, job holder, steady work, captivity, togetherness, contract, goodness, and inspiration.

Real Life Insight: This week, you are putting your life back in order, suggesting that you may have been scattered or chaotic in previous weeks. This card lets you know that you 'got the hint' and that you need to start moving on the things you've been lagging on.

Positive Light: You'll get the work done. That's the upside. Once you see that you can apply all of your new lessons to your regular old life, you'll find out that you are much more powerful than you gave yourself credit for. April 22 - 28, 2024, has you seeking the good in both yourself and in others and finding it.

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Cancer tarot card: Ten of Swords, reversed

Traditional Meaning: Advantage, sadness, profit, loss, success, favoritism, nepotism, impermanence, unsteady situations.

Real Life Insight: That traditional meaning is way too depressing for the real-life insight that can be taken in this card, Cancer, so no worries here. What's really going on is that you have learned the hard way, and now you're ready to use some of that hard-earned knowledge to find your way back to pure positivity.

Positive Light: This card totally suggests that if one thing ends, then it opens the door to new and better things. This card represents the initiation into maturation, and the pain you've experienced in the recent past is now a thing of the ancient past. You are born anew from your experience, and while you may have a harder exterior now, you are also stronger and wiser.

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Leo tarot card: Judgment, reversed

Traditional Meaning: Weakness, giving in, simplicity, awkwardness, sentence, ending, results, deliberation, overthinking, rumination, street, and anxiety.

Real Life Insight: OK, so this is one of those weeks where you may not get exactly what you want. You find out that, in some way, what you DO get is what spares you from a worse fate. This is actually a pretty good card because it comes with a lesson that is easily learned and well adapted to.

Positive Light: You'll be taking a different road than you thought this week, and that's because something radically changes in your life. While you may not have anticipated 'this' change, per se, what you'll find is that you can totally work with the new situation and that you might end up liking it even better.

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Virgo tarot card: Six of Wands, reversed

Traditional Meaning: Fear, apprehension, anxiety, stress, nightmares, insomnia, betrayal, treachery, doubt.

Real Life Insight: OK, so the fanfare you may have thought was going to take place gets put off for another day. While that may not please you right off the bat, you'll learn that patience is the key here, and if you hang tight and just go with it, you'll eventually get the payoff you had in mind.

Positive Light: This week is all about seeing things from a different perspective. If you're able to change your viewpoint from negative to positive, you'll find that you're sincerely the one in charge of how things go down during this week. It's all in my mind with this one, Virgo, so do your best to keep yourself afloat with optimism and positive energy.

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Libra tarot card: The World, reversed

Traditional Meaning: Boredom, inertia, apathy, stagnation, going nowhere and doing nothing, wanting more but doing nothing about it, complaints, being stuck in a rut.

Real Life Insight: If there were a week that told you that you are the one responsible for how things go, you would see that if you have a complaint about this, that, or another thing, then you can absolutely shift yourself out of that perspective and into something that makes you feel a whole lot happier.

Positive Light: Here you have a week, Libra, that shows you that you are in control. So, if you feel as though things are either not working out for you or that you're just bored with your routine, then guess who can make that change here? You, Libra. All you have to do is put in the effort and bingo — a new attitude.

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Scorpio tarot card: Strength, reversed

Traditional Meaning: Abuse of power, pushiness, weakness, rebellion, disadvantage, hopelessness, feeling undone and outdone, losing, disappointment.

Real Life Insight: We all have weeks like this one, Scorpio, so right off the top, you know you're not alone. What all this implies is that you're just overworked and a little pooped. You feel that you need some downtime and that the strength you need at this point is the strength to push yourself.

Positive Light: What's beautiful about this reversed card is that you not only push yourself, but you get to have some of that time off or relaxation. You've come to realize that you're the one who runs the show, and that means that what you're asking for is something you can easily create as reality if you can get up the strength to state what you want in simple terms.

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Sagittarius tarot card: Four of Cups, reversed

Traditional Meaning: New relationship, new opportunity, novelty, quick interest, fleeting romance, fling, omens, intuitive guesses, suppositions, new friends.

Real Life Insight: Here comes a week when you are offered so many great opportunities that you won't know what to do with yourself, as you may end up passing on a few of them. What you do come to realize as a result of receiving so many offers is that you are worthy, valuable, and a professional 'find' for those who are looking.

Positive Light: This week, you'll see that you've not only broken the old mold, you are now ready to accept that new things await you. If you got yourself into a routine that bored you, then you'll quickly find that there are no closed doors where you go. You are able to regroup, find your power, and call the shots from now on.

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Capricorn tarot card: Queen of Wands, reversed

Traditional Meaning: Good, economical, service, great attitude, opposition, jealousy, envy, deception, dubious action, infidelity, cheating, distrust.

Real Life Insight: You may find that this card represents a dire need in your life to cope with a new attitude. You've been downgrading yourself by comparing what you have to what others have, and none of that works for you. You are so excellent on your own that there is no need for comparison games.

Positive Light: If you feel that you've made a mistake this week, then you'll easily snap to a different way of looking at it all as you are someone who can take a mistake and make it into a purposeful lesson. This will show you that you were once too rigid and that what's needed is the freedom that comes with your ability to 'flow.'


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Aquarius tarot card: Eight of Pentacles

Traditional Meaning: Work, employment, environment, making money, commission, craftsmanship, expertise, skill, business, ambition.

Real Life Insight: This is not only a great card for you, Aquarius, but one that shows you that you are definitely putting your money where your mouth is. What you've got here is the inspiration to get something 'big' done, and the days of procrastination are over.

Positive Light: You'll come to understand that during April 22 - 28, you are much more capable of accomplishing what you set out to than you thought. It's good to work again, and putting your creative talents into something that requires dedication is surprisingly enchanting to you.


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Pisces tarot card: Justice, reversed

Traditional Meaning: Law, all aspects of law, bigotry, unfair treatment, bias, racism, prejudice, severity, rash decisions, unfair decisions.

Real Life Insight: While you may find that 'nothing is fair' this week, you'll also come to understand why certain things work out the way they do. There's this underlying purpose behind all experiences, whether they work in your favor or not.

Positive Light: This week, you will see that there are other ways to perceive your current circumstances and that if you apply a positive attitude, things will work out in your favor after all. This is one of those 'blessing in disguise' kinds of week, and you'll be happy to have learned what you did.


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Ruby Miranda interprets I Ching, Tarot, Runes, and Astrology. She gives private readings and has worked as an intuitive reader for over 20 years.