What Each Zodiac Sign Can Successfully Manifest Into Their Lives From Now Until April 7

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What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest By Journaling From Now Until April 7, 2024

Welcome Soul Attractors and Money Magnets to your weekly manifestation reading with journal prompts. Writer Natalie Goldberg said, “Write what disturbs you, what you fear, and what you have not been willing to speak about. Be willing to be split open.”

The best thing to be in your journal is honest — not witty, not intelligent, not flowery, and not the best writer in the world — just honest. That's how you get the best results from using a journal, honestly.

Your journal holds the code to who you are, what you want, and who you wish to be. Scripting adds an actionable component to your journaling practice that makes your imagination literally rewire your subconscious and set it up for success.

That's what makes it a useful addition, especially when you re-read journal entries. This week's scripting prompt will focus on money and money matters. Both will definitely be a topic of discussion throughout this month's Mercury retrograde. Write at the top of your page two things

1. Getting my finances in order has allowed me to achieve ___________.

2. Financially, now that I've achieved __________, I can ___________.

Remember that the universe responds to what you tell it, so tell it the right things. Tell it how and why improving your financial situation has benefited your life. Mercury will be in retrograde until April 25.

  • April 1 - 3: The Moon will be in Capricorn, which is a strange parallel to both the holiday and the retrograde. Are we joking, serious, or in tons of trouble?  Stay relaxed, focused, and ready for any and all challenges that the retrograde may throw your way.
  • April 3: The Moon in Aquarius gives us a much-needed rest and reprieve from all the serious work that we've been doing so far. Take some time to get in touch with friends, even if it's just through text or on the phone.
  • April 4: Venus is an Aries, which gives us a very adventurous spirit. We have a lust for life and feel a lot of passion, whether it be for people, things, ideas, or places. We find beauty in all things, and it will be a great time to take yourself on a date to a museum or observe nature.
  • April 5: The Pisces Moon puts us in a more reflective mood. It is a great time to do some scripting because our imagination and third eye will be more open. We'll receive a lot of spiritual downloads. During this time, you definitely want to jot down anything that comes into your head.
  • April 7: The Aries Moon gives us a lot more energy to close the week out. It's definitely a time when we may feel like taking on certain projects that we have been avoiding. Make sure to make constructive use of that energy toward any of your goals.

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Here's what each zodiac sign can manifest by journaling from now through April 7, 2024:

Aries Manifest: Creativity

Mercury retrograde leads to many errors and miscommunications. Make sure to double-check all forms of communication before you send them. Also, be ready for subordinates to constantly ask you follow-up questions, as it will be very easy for them to mix things up. Basically, double-check everything.

Journal Prompt: Without letting retrograde hold you back from trying anything new, think about Spring, our current season, and make a list of spring experiences you would like to have. Include items on your spring bucket list that you can do both by yourself and with others.

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Taurus Manifest: Leverage

With your birth month coming soon, it's always good to take stock of your life as you enter this new chapter. Life will always be more manageable for you the more you set up flexible routines and habits with a low bar of entry.

Journal Prompt: Ask yourself what parts of your life you find most fulfilling and how you can focus more on those parts daily. How can you leverage them to help you fulfill goals?

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Gemini Manifest: Perspective

Retrograde may cause a lot of miscommunication, and because good communication is one of your natural gifts, it would help to take some time to think before you speak and address any issues that people may have with you. Consider your relationships, how you speak to others, and how you can offer criticism more constructively.

Journal Prompt: Do you think people who find you supportive see your support as performative or genuine? If possible, ask around to your closest friends and family. Showing you care about their opinion will allow you to be viewed as more genuine. If you ask seriously, you will get sincere answers.

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Cancer Manifest: Self Trust!

Cancer, consider your professional efforts and work integrity integral to feeling emotionally stable this week. You may be pushed around or told to hurry up, but your best bet is to work at your own pace and do the best you can to keep your cool. Explain to managers that you produce your best work when you are calm and not rushed.

Journal Prompt: To build confidence, you need to feel secure in yourself. A great way to do that is to give yourself very small, actionable tasks that you can easily complete. This will let your subconscious know that you have followed through and prioritized your own needs. What small but meaningful tasks do you think you can achieve this week?

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Leo Manifest: Reflection

Leo, during Mercury retrograde, your professional work habits will be examined even though it may not be the best time for them. However, relax, make do with what you have, and use all your resources.

Journal Prompt: Take some time to reflect on the major life changes that have occurred over the past three months. Inventory what has changed physically, mentally, and spiritually for you. If you can improve upon any existing habits and routines, brainstorm some that might be beneficial to you.

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Virgo Manifest: Safety

Although you may feel like speeding up, slowing down will be your best bet when it comes to love. That could mean being honest with your partner or sharing your soul with someone close to you. Move at a comfortable pace, but never stop.

Journal Prompt: What can others do to make you feel more connected and safe? Are there specific activities or people that foster a sense of security in yourself?

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Libra Manifest: Connections

If it feels like the world has been a jumble of events that you can't seem to straighten out, that's because it has been. There are seasons of intense action in life and then seasons of reflection and rest. Right now, you're in the season of action.

Journal Prompt: If you feel a bit too antsy to write, use a colorful pen or colored pencil to free-write any words that come to mind. Fill the entire page with all the words in your head — they don't even have to make sense. Then, later, take a highlighter and mark all the words that have special meaning to you. Come back to this page throughout the week.

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Scorpio Manifest: Self-Forgiveness

If you feel like something has been rocked to your core, it's probably because you are usually a pillar of strength for others. You hate feeling weak and vulnerable. You are not weak, but you are vulnerable, and that will be a new skill for you to develop.

Journal Prompt: Think about which insecurities the recent events in your life brought up. Do you have any examples where you can contradict your inner critic? If you could live without your inner critic, what would you say to yourself to feel better?

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Sagittarius Manifest: Sincerity

Activities in the cosmos have you focusing on your romantic life right now. You're looking for people who will be there for you and support you. You're looking for creative new ways to connect with others who are genuine in your life and not just fair-weather friends.

Journal Prompt: How can you nurture your genuine friendships and release those that are not genuine? Do you think you have many insincere people around you? Why is that? What purpose do they serve in your life?

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Capricorn Manifest: Motivation

Family members may choose to be a bit critical about your life and choices, but where were they when you needed them last year? You might have emotionally crumbled, but this year is different. This year, you are sure of yourself and your choices.

Journal Prompt: What can you do to keep your motivation for your goals during the hard times? What is needed for you to feel like you can keep going and that Victory will be yours?

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Aquarius Manifest: Clarity

With a budding romance on the horizon, it's easy to get sucked into another person's world during this exciting honeymoon phase. Make sure, amongst all the fun, you take some time to think about where this person fits into your life and goals.

Journal Prompt: Did you seek this person out for validation, or do you genuinely like this person? Do you see this person as their own fully realized autonomous person, or do you see them as an extension of yourself?

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Pisces Manifest: Courage

The solar eclipse will have you reviewing your finances and getting your affairs in order to start a money-making venture. You could spend this time just brainstorming and researching, which is probably better during Mercury retrograde. Try to use your intuition to see where your talents would be best used.

Journal Prompt: Have you been ignoring financial issues or other important issues in your life to keep the peace? If you don't want to take a look at these things now, when will you feel comfortable examining them?

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