3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Adversity On March 3, 2024

On this day, we learn to rise above adversity.

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We have our hands full during Moon square Saturn sextile Mars, the transit that leads the way on March 3, 2024. We're looking at how we deal with being told 'no' and how we learn to rise above adversity when we feel something seriously unfair is happening here. For three zodiac signs, the idea of being told to wait or that we are not 'allowed' access to something is unheard of. We might feel very dejected by this day's events.




While we all know that days like this are bound to happen, we are sometimes not prepared mentally for rejections to take place. Whether they are personal or professional, one thing is for sure. This day is going to take us down a notch, confidence-wise. Nobody likes to be cut down. For these three zodiac signs, depending on who we are, we might not take it seriously.


Suppose we can hold on and simply work with the idea that we haven't been shut out of life itself. This is merely a snag in the fabric and one that we can work with. If we feel as though we've been caught in a spider's web and cannot get out, we will shortly surprise ourselves with our ability to stay calm and wait things out. No big spider is coming to eat us. We are fine, and the key to getting through Moon square Saturn sextile Mars is patience and self-assurance.

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Three zodiac signs overcome adversity on March 3, 2024:

1. Aries 

Now that you feel as though you've got total agency over your emotions and that, professionally, things are starting to pan out with great success, you may fall into the trap of thinking that this is the way it is now forever. While your luck may be going strong. You may just be able to work your magic for 'eternity,' you might want to take it easy and go step by step, as this day is a tricky one for you to navigate your way through successfully.

You will be up against a personal best. The chances of you failing are just as equal as they are for you to win. This is where you need to employ patience rather than arrogance. You're starting to get used to winning. That's a fabulous thing, as you deserve all the glory you get. Be aware that during Moon square Saturn sextile Mars, things get squirrely for Aries.


What you can work on to make it better: You can take a look at your personal history and see what you did in the past when an obstacle came up, as something may just stand in your way. Did your past actions work for you, and if so, would it be a good idea to apply that action to the present situation? Think hard on this, Aries, as there's definitely a solution. You know you want to keep on winning. If you aren't successful on this day, then you have to understand that it's OK because here it comes: you win some, and you lose some. Right?

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2. Leo 

You have a lot to deal with because during Moon square Saturn sextile Mars, it's as if all you've worked so hard for is being held in the balance. You truly do not know which way the pendulum will swing. You are someone who likes knowing what's about to happen. While that might be a magical feat, you're still used to performing this kind of feat. On this day, you don't get that same kind of instant result, and that makes you want to tear your hair out.

So, obviously, the big lesson of the day is all about you having patience. Before you laugh this blog off the face of the earth, take a minute to grapple with what's going on here. You aren't able to proceed forward because someone or something is in your way. So, what happens when this has occurred in the past? Do you will it away with your fiery superpowers, or do you wait, like the rest of us, for it to pass?


What you can work on to make it better: You can trust in the universe that your positive energy will be paid back to you tenfold because of Leo. When has it not? Your life is almost a series of nonstop blessings, and opportunity has never taken a backseat where you are concerned. So, know that this is merely a millisecond in your grand and beautiful life and that it's OK to have a momentary blip in the success machine that is your life. It's all OK, and tomorrow is a new day, Leo!

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3. Aquarius 

March 3 has a few very obvious lessons in store, and the big one is one you won't know until the day is over and done with. You are looking at how Moon square Saturn sextile Mars messes with your sense of self and how, if you let it take over, you'll be lacking in the one thing you take great pride in your self-confidence. Self-esteem has always been a big deal with you, and you are living proof of it in action.

That is until you do that one thing that you KNOW you shouldn't do on this day, which is to listen to someone else. It's not that this person isn't allowed an opinion. It's that you happen to be highly suggestible. What they say is exactly the thing you DON'T want to hear, nor do you need to hear it because what they say has no validity in your life. Alas, that doesn't stop you from going down into the pit where you sit and stew over their words as if these words are law.


What you can work on to make it better:  You can snap out of it and regain your autonomy because if any of the signs has autonomy down to a science, it's you, Aquarius. You are the original, the unique one, the individual who follows their own heart and understands that while others have their point of view, you need not make your way into your religion. It may not come easily, but you will let them get to you. Know it, recognize it. Then RISE, brave Aquarius. Rise!

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