8 Unique Struggles Only Impatient People Will Understand

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Impatient woman

Patience is a virtue — a virtue some of us don't have. Maybe you can relate.



Here are 9 unique struggles only impatient people understand:

1. Self check-outs

We use self-check-outs to avoid the catastrophe that is regular check-out lines, in an attempt to shave valuable minutes off our transaction time. (Time is money, people.) Unless, of course, we're stuck behind someone who starts inserting pennies to pay for his $9.99 purchase. In this situation, our gut truly tells us to be patient with people — but it's so hard.

2. Public transportation ticket lines

The instructions are on the screen, but inevitably, there's someone who doesn't have their credit card ready and it takes every bit of strength to not offer to make the transaction for them. Impatient people always come prepared.

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3. Women's bathroom lines

Extenuating circumstances aside — which we are totally sympathetic to, women's bodies are complicated — this shouldn't be a time to make a call/check your Facebook notifications/ listen to voicemail, especially if you're at a a) concert venue, b) a baseball stadium, or c) an amusement park and people are waiting: it's rude. 

4. RSVP response rates

Obviously, there are exceptions to folks who don't work at a computer, but it's still maddening — and slightly rude — that a simple yes/no response or requested RSVP takes weeks, especially if it's an event or get-together that requires a host to plan in advance for your attendance. It's just gracious and kind to get back to someone in a timely manner. 

5. Dressing room lines

This is why online shopping is God's proof that he loves us and wants us to be happy.

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6. Bad restaurant service

I used to be a waitress, so I have a soft spot for folks working in the service industry and usually give them the benefit of the doubt. However, you bet I was an efficient waitress and thus, I expect relatively prompt attention when I sit at my table, especially if we can all see you on your iPhone instead of bringing us menus if it's been longer than 5-10 minutes.

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7. People who can't make decisions

Indecisiveness is tricky — some people are naturally more decisive than others and that's fine — but waffling forever on something as simple as where to go to dinner can eventually drive us a little nuts.

8. Airports, in general

Blanket empathy for everyone's challenging and frustrating airport experiences. From customer service to boarding to baggage claim, airports are a minefield for impatient people — and truly test one's ability to cope with situations out of one's control.

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