3 Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest In Love This Valentine's Day

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3 Zodiac Signs Are Luckiest In Love On Valentine's Day

For three zodiac signs, this day, February 14, 2024, is pretty much a shoo-in when it comes to satisfaction in the love department. We really can't get a more supportive astrological transit between the Sun and the Moon. The Sun shines down sweetly on the lovers of the world. We can feel great about ourselves and the people we've chosen to spend our time and possibly our lives with.

We are free to do meaningful things and be taken seriously, which works well on this 'day of love,' also known as Valentine's Day. While, technically, there's nothing historical about this day in terms of astrology that makes it any more special than any other day where love is concerned, the three zodiac signs will definitely benefit from this aspect.



This is a good day to express one's love, do silly loving things, ask important loving questions, and allow ourselves to be enveloped in the warmth of a loving embrace. Physical love is supported by Sun and the Moon, and so is the imagination. Sharing love with innocence and an open heart on this day, February 14, 2024, works for everyone involved. This day has the potential to create many beautiful memories in the future.

Three zodiac signs that are luckiest in love on Valentine's Day:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

You feel creative and perhaps even a little 'artsy'. You may find that during this year's Valentine's Day, you might want to prepare something special for the person you love. If, for some reason, you aren't in a relationship and there's someone you want to impress, consider this day magical in that regard, as this is the day that others will find you irresistible.

Gemini, it's looking good for you on February 14, 2024. You will find that your usual doubt and dismissal of people is nowhere to be found. You are quite open and friendly, which helps you bring out your natural charm. When you aren't troubled with nagging thoughts, you are quite charismatic; freedom is a suit you wear very well.

What brings luck into your love life, however, is the fact that you aren't allowing in the negativity on this day, February 14, 2024. You feel confident as a person and as a romantic lover. You know yourself well enough to know that if you want to pour it on, nothing can stop you. Single or partnered, you will show someone in your life that you are worth your weight in gold. Sun/Moon stimulates your creativity in awe-inspiring ways.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

It's Valentine's Day, and you fully expect it to go well. Thankfully, you've got the transit of the Sun and Moon working hard to ensure that every little detail happens lovingly and romantically. You are someone who is detail-oriented, and that also implies that you 'expect' the details to be correct, which puts pressure on your partner. Putting pressure on your partner is something you both agree to. In other words, they like it that way.

This day is all about what they like, and what they like is what you like. Yes, you have a very symbiotic relationship, and discovering each other was monumental, as relationships like the one you are cultivating are few and far between. That's why this day, February 14, 2024, is so extra special. You've found each other, and the understanding that the two of you share is extraordinary and rare.

This is the day you celebrate that connection, and only the two of you know how to make it special. You are not only in love with this person. You recognize them as a true soul mate, and during transits like this one, Sun with the Moon, this soul connection is made all the more obvious. This is a great day to show your true selves to each other, as no one on earth is more qualified for the job.

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3. Aquarius 

(January 20 - February 18)

This is an important day for you, Aquarius, and not just because it's Valentine's Day. Honestly, you couldn't care less about what this day is called according to commercial standards. What this day, February 14, 2024, represents to you is the right time to tell the person you love that you are very, very serious about them. During the Sun and Moon's harmonious transit, the idea that others are doing the same with their 'mates' is a happy coincidence.

What you feel on this day, February 14, 2024, is inspired and open. You are fearless, and it has taken you a while to get to this place. Where there was once a time when you felt very inhibited about expressing your feelings of true love to the person you are interested in, you feel that you are being given an 'all clear' by the powers of the universe.

You are, Aquarius. The universe is absolutely on your side, and it's pushing you in the direction of love and joy. You deserve this, and you can finally admit to it. There's nothing to stop you from holding back on this day, February 14, 2024, as you will do what you set out to do. You are brave, confident and strong. Even though you don't exactly know where it's all going, you are willing to take that chance. Go for it!

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