Relationshships Improve For 5 Zodiac Signs The Week Of January 29 - February 4, 2024

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Relationshships Improve For 5 Zodiac Signs The Week Of January 29 - February 4, 2024

As a new month arrives, it does so slowly, quietly and more subtly. Instead of the rush of shifting energy pushing you into new directions or moments in which a decision needs to be made, you are instead guided within. This is your time to reflect on what January brought so that you can set your intentions for February without urgency or distraction.  

January 2024 brought new big developments each week that challenged your choices or came to remind you that an important cycle is ending within your life. February arrives so quietly that you may not even notice the difference at first.

Instead of being pulled into multiple directions or feeling like the future is being thrust upon you, the deepest work you can do right now is to sit in quiet with your heart.  

The Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio will rise this week, beckoning you into a period of introspection and reflection with your emotional truth.

Alongside the celestial lovers Mars and Venus, creating a harmonious trine with Uranus, which was recently stationed direct in Taurus, there will be intense moments of realizations and truths, but only if you create the space for them to arise.

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You don't need to always look outside of yourself for answers but only embrace the quiet that will let them surface within you. When you let your heart guide you, you can also feel greater confidence in your choices and trust in the divine path of your life.  

Relationships improve the most for these five zodiac signs the week of January 29 - February 2, 2024:

1. Taurus  

(April 20 - May 20) 

You may dream of new beginnings, but first, you must embrace the present moment and the deep truth it is destined to bring. The Last Quarter Moon will rise in Scorpio, activating your romantic sector and creating the space for you to reflect more deeply about your relationship.

This isn't a time to begin something new but to become aware of what you desire or what is lacking in your current relationship. Challenges in a relationship can't be avoided by ignoring them, but you can only work through them once you honor your true feelings. 

Mars and Venus, the celestial lovers, will be in Capricorn, bringing up themes of newness, abundance, and possibilities of long-distance love. Still, with Uranus currently direct in your zodiac sign of Taurus, you are meant to take note of these desires without acting upon them just yet. This energy will only last about a week until you feel guided to start taking greater action, but if you act too swiftly right now, you may miss an important part of the story that could change everything.  

If you are traveling this week and find yourself meeting someone who seems like everything you've ever wanted, just proceed slowly and remember that it's okay to give yourself time to make any big decisions.

You are being guided outside your comfort zone in 2024, so what arises this week may be more important than you realize, which is why sitting with what arises is so crucial. Give yourself time to process and heal from recent heartbreak while also honoring your new desires for love because to be in the present moment means to hold both the past and future together.  

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2. Capricorn  

(December 22 - January 19) 

You have been trying to manifest a new chapter within your life, which is about to begin this week. Mars and Venus, known as the celestial lovers, are both in your sign, helping you fuse your desires for partnership and passion. This energy also helps you to feel greater confidence in your truth, as it will help you embrace more of the love that you have for yourself. The more that you love the choices you make, the less anything else matters, which isn't only the key to life but also to creating one based on happiness.  

The Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio will activate your house of wishes and community, while at the same time, Mars and Venus create a trine with Uranus in Taurus in your sector of marriage. All of this reflects your inner work in which you've realized more of what you want and need, which has resulted in you surrounding yourself with people who support you in being your most authentic self, a domino effect that also allows you to hear your heart with greater clarity and see that you already have found the love of your life.  

This week you will be considering marriage with greater seriousness or reconnecting with an existing partner. As long as you make any decisions based on the love you have developed within yourself, you will find success and deeper intimacy this week. You are no longer bound to do things that appease others or make it seem like you are living a life worthy of envy. Instead, you are now embracing the freedom of living from your heart and knowing that the choices you are meant to make will always be those that bring greater peace and joy.  

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3. Scorpio  

(October 23 - November 21) 

Since the last eclipse in Taurus in October 2023, you have been going through a period of internal reflection and preparation. Since then, you've reflected more on what truths you were subscribing to previously and which serve you in the relationship you hope to create in the future. Now, you are starting to feel a pull to actually start taking action, to put your new perspective into action, and to do more than just think about what you want.  

As an emotionally deep-water sign, communication tends to be an important theme, not just in your relationships but also in your inner growth. When you have a great deal of feelings, it can be challenging to learn how to put words to all of them, yet clearly expressing yourself is key to being able to build the relationship you dream of. During the Last Quarter Moon will rise within your zodiac sign, helping you to truly put something to rest while the celestial lovers, Mars and Venus, will light up your communication sector as they trine Uranus in Taurus, ruler of your house of love.  

Whether you are working on healing an existing relationship, tying up loose ends from the past or beginning to connect with someone new, it's important to focus on themes of communication this week. Don't be afraid to share too much, especially if it's about what you want.

Being clear and direct in your intentions, desires and dreams allows you to definitively know who is meant for you and who isn't. If a relationship or connection ever ends because of your transparency, then you know it was something that lacked a foundation of truth, which is a necessity for growth.  

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4. Cancer  

(June 21 - July 22) 

Although you are still catching your breath after all the recent changes you've been moving through, you are being guided to open up and get back out into the world. While it's normal to withdraw when you're going through an emotionally transformative time, especially for you, everything that you desire will only be accomplished by taking the first step and reaching back out to those in your life — including your partner or romantic interest.  

It's only been a few weeks since Pluto shifted into Aquarius, encouraging positive changes and deeper intimacy, but you are already feeling it. This week continues to encourage this by the celestial lovers,

Mars and Venus, lighting up your romantic sector at the same time they trine Uranus in Taurus in your sector of wishes and socialization. Even if it's a slow start, try to see that you aren't alone and whether it's friends that encourage you to go out for a night or a love interest that was simply waiting for when you're ready, embrace the positive connections you do have in your life.  

No one is ever ready to move, but with the Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio in your sector of marriage and joy, you are being guided to realize that readiness is more of a choice than a feeling.

Ultimately, you are the one to choose to move beyond the past, to embrace hope and the enjoyment of friends. While there is no perfect time to do any of it, there is the decision within yourself to no longer sit around and wait for life to happen but instead to get back out there and make life happen for you.  

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5. Virgo  

(August 23 - September 22) 

There may be an offer or proposal coming in this week that tempts you in ways that you haven't been for some time. Mars and Venus, the cosmic lovers, are currently heating your house of marriage and happiness, while Uranus in Taurus is highlighting expansion, new opportunities and travel. While you may have to move through some important conversations with the Last Quarter Moon in Scorpio, it's safe to say that there are positive developments in store for you.

When you give yourself time to reflect on what you want for your life, including your relationship, you also end up making a tentative plan. Although you thrive off plans, in this case, you would be best served by reflecting on how you want to feel versus specific events.

For instance, how do you want to feel in your relationship versus just a desire to be married? The more you give yourself time to explore these new feelings that are arising, the more confident you will feel in choosing what is part of you, creating a life you genuinely love.  

You may receive an offer of commitment, travel or a combination of both. By first honoring how you want to feel, you will definitively know what choice you should make. Remember that the best love will always come unexpectedly, so if it's not how you previously pictured it, try to allow yourself to be open enough to see where it goes once you let it.

This can even apply to existing relationships, as people can never be boxed into one specific label or personality, so let your partner show up however they are and then make any important decisions after that. Most of all, trust in yourself to prioritize happiness over anything else, as you have done the work to know exactly what it is you deserve.  

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