What Your Zodiac Sign Can Start Manifesting This Weekend Using A Journal, December 1 - 3, 2023

Let's get manifesting, zodiac signs.

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It's the freaking weekend and we're ready for a mental vacation from the weekly rat race. Luckily, the stars will align in our favor with the Moon square Jupiter on Dec 2, and Moon Sextile Venus on 3.

Starting Saturday, the astrological square lends itself to lying around — the type of lazy energy usually reserved for a Sunday surrounds us. This is good. This is what rest is all about. However, you may opt to try for active rest. Active rest means doing fun housework like decorating, baking or organizing your makeup palettes. The point is, if it feels good and doesn't hurt anyone, do it!


On Sunday, this sextile sets the stage for nurturing your loving relationships. This would be a good day to spend the morning making a fun, complicated omelet and having brunch with close friends. You could also spend this day window shopping with a fancy Starbucks drink in hand.

The point is to have fun and make notes throughout the day about what you did and why it made you feel good (so you can continue to replicate those feelings way past this weekend).

Something you can do to up your manifesting game is merge your manifestation journal and gratitude all in one. Why? Because your gratitude for what you already have is directly connected to what you stand to gain.




In fact, without gratitude, you cannot manifest successfully at all. The universe needs clarity to work. If you are ungrateful for what you have now, how would you gain anything from having more things to be ungrateful for?

The second law of attraction talks about how our bandwidth is limited. You have only so much space in your mind and heart. If you fill it with negativity, then you can only receive negativity back and not the awesome things you aspire to!

Here's what to start manifesting over this weekend using a journal:

Aries Manifest: Pleasure

These activities do not even have to be obvious. It could be concrete, like falling asleep after 1 am or bathing with milk and salts. The idea is to make the most individual list of things that feel like "home." 


Journal Prompt

What activities can you partake in that make you feel most like yourself? What things can you do to make you?

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Taurus Manifest: A sanctuary

Your home surrounds Taurus, which is so important to you because you value your comfort. Your home is your place to nurture yourself and provide support to yourself against the cold world. It should be the most comfortable place from ceiling to floor.

Journal Prompt

Take inventory of your current surroundings. What pains you to look at and what gives you joy? How can you make your physical environment a better place to live in that makes you feel comfortable with yourself?


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Gemini Manifest: Power

What confidence does is make you believe in your ability to achieve? Your ability to believe in yourself is the greatest indicator of your success in any given field. 2024, you'll be poised to come into your own "power." Power means confidence and faith in yourself.

Journal Prompt

What are your accomplishments of the past year? Really ... it can be granular and small but get it down on the page. Did you surpass a personal record at the gym? Did you handle conflict with grace or maybe you started a walking routine? Whatever it is, write it down. You'll need this for when you make your list for 2024.

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Cancer Manifest: Reflection

As you reflect on your experiences, you gain clarity. Clarity is akin to closure. Why is this important? Because it is rare in life that we gain actual closure. Humans generally do not provide that for others. So it is paramount that you provide it for yourself. You are one the most capable signs when it comes to connecting the dots and so this should come easily to you with just a little effort.

Journal Prompt

What were the biggest life lessons you learned in 2023? These could be things that happened to you or that you observed in others. Take it a step further and write down why each life lesson is relevant to you. What did these lessons teach you about yourself and your ability to rise to the occasion no matter what obstacles stand in the way?

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Leo Manifest: Intuition

The purpose of strengthening your intuition is to get you to trust yourself. You are the source. While outside information can help you make an informed opinion, it has to pass through your internal filters first. What you want to do in every scenario is increase the amount of "rightness" for you that it holds.


Journal Prompt

Create a decision journal spread. In this spread, create a cross of 4 quadrants. In the top left quadrant, write down the issue pressing on your brain. In the top right quadrant, write possible actions that "feel" right to you. In the bottom left quadrant, write the 1 action you have decided on. In the bottom right quadrant, write the outcome of that action.

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Virgo Manifest: Creativity

Creativity is sometimes synonymous with talent. Talent itself isn't creative. Talent is where natural ability meets skill. Creativity is just the act of creation itself.

Journal Prompt

Engage in art therapy this day. Art therapy is a broad umbrella term for anything artistic you can do in a journal that uses images more than words. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece. Actually, the act of doodling, drawing endless circles or just one word over and over, is essentially the end goal. If it relaxes you while you do it, it counts as therapy — and if it is a visual, it counts as art.


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Libra Manifest: Discernment

Despite being organized, you, too, can be quite impulsive. Impulsivity need not be this horrible vice. Instead, you can train your mind to make the right decisions consistently. You have to reflect on your decisions first to do so.

Journal Prompt

Notice this week when you make quick decisions without thinking. Record the outcome of every time you act without forethought. This is not necessarily to look for something negative but to see if you have tuned discernment. Discernment would mean your intuition is sharp and all parts of your brain work together to give you the best possible outcome.

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Scorpio Manifest: Self-acceptance

Self-love, an extension of self-acceptance, is an ongoing process. Like your relationships, it is ever-growing and ever-cycling. There will be periods where you are critical of yourself or not so proud of yourself and that is okay. It's the part of self-love that people do not discuss. Self-acceptance means accepting the parts others do not.

Journal Prompt

Begin a shadow work practice. Begin it slow, though. The idea is not to overwhelm yourself with a lot of potentially negative, trauma-inducing things. You can begin the art of noticing by starting small and watching for trends over time.

Start with an aspect of yourself that you have rejected. Did you reject this part of yourself first? Or did someone close to you reject it and then you followed suit? Alternatively, did you assume that this person would reject this part of yourself and so you pre-rejected it for them?

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Sagittarius Manifest: New pleasures

The interesting part is that, in some small ways, you always participate in what you naturally gravitate toward. For example, look through your YouTube search and watch history. What are the consistent patterns you see in what calls your attention?

Journal Prompt

Find pleasure in the mundane. What part of the day is your favorite and what makes that part your favorite? It helps to take some time out with this one. In trying to find a new hobby, it's easy to look outside yourself to add something to your life.

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Capricorn Manifest: Commitment

Commitment occurs when compatibility meets consistency. You can become ahead of the curve by identifying potential flaws in the relationship that, while uncommitted, aren't a big deal but, when responsibilities add to your already full plate, can prove detrimental. Find a way to naturally bring up what makes you happy with this person and also what concerns you. Watch how the conversation leads to talking about your future together.


Journal Prompt

Analyze your current relationships. What is the best part of your relationship that inspires you to keep your connection to them and what is one area of improvement?

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Aquarius Manifest: Self-calibration

Adjustment is a synonym for flexibility. Your ability to be flexible predicts your ability to succeed in any venture. Why is this? Because life throws constant curveballs, if we didn't know that already. Every time something unexpected comes your way, you need to adjust and adapt to keep yourself moving. This is not a new concept to you, Aquarius, but a worthy one to always keep in mind.

Journal Prompt

What cycles are ending in your life currently? What is "dying," and how does this leave room for renewal? What are you excited about to begin? 


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Pisces Manifest: Intuition

The most divine knowledge is knowledge of self. Which one would think comes naturally to us all and yet life is a continuing process of both developing oneself and then learning about oneself. What makes that difficult is, just like any friend, you have to take the time out actually to learn about yourself. It's an ongoing but worthwhile process.

Journal Prompt

What grounding exercises do you use to both self-soothe and connect to the source? Many therapeutic settings suggest naming aloud 5 things you see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste.

While effective for some, it does not work for everyone and can increase your anxiety. What grounds explicitly you? Is it sitting on the floor? Or maybe opening the window. Experiment and try about 10 possible things. Which works best for you and in which situations does it work?


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Venita Johnson is the Assistant Editor for Horoscopes & Zodiacs based out of New York City, who focuses on astrology, tarot and oracle card readings.