9 Ways To Develop Your Intuitive Thinking & Decision-Making Skills

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When you're going through a spiritual awakening, you may not recognize the signs. But intuitive thinking often goes hand-in-hand with spirituality and experiencing a spiritual awakening. 

You may be going through hard times in your life. You may be avoiding thinking about expanding your spiritual understanding for many different reasons.

But either way, it's important to pay attention to what's going on around you to hear the Universe's messages.


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Once you're ready to expand your beliefs and open yourself to messages from the Universe, you'll be able to understand much more about the power of your intuition when making decisions and life choices.


Here are 9 ways you can develop your intuitive thinking to make decisions that will improve your life.

1. Meditation.

There is no wrong way to meditate. Any mindful practice committed to your wellness will begin paving the way to your intuitive knowing.

You can begin your commitment to meditation with binaural beats. I also encourage you to focus on your breath sounds for five minutes before sleep.

Meditation is something that's delicious and savored. It just takes finding your sweet spot of connection. Keep it uncomplicated until you discover your favorite style.

2. Prayer.

If meditation is a way of opening up and receiving the universal energies, prayer is holding a conversation with God, angels, and your guides.


This can be written in a journal and read silently or out loud. You will discover magic when you begin this wonderful dialogue. The responses you receive may come in the form of peace, prosperity, vitality, and new awareness.

3. Oracle cards.

Purchase a deck of oracle cards. Find the one that has lots of color and detail.

Each morning draw a card and examine it. See how it makes you feel. Does it remind you of anything?

Write your thoughts down. At the end of the day, write a little bit about your experiences. Keep these notes in a journal dedicated to this practice.

You will begin to form a connection with what each card means to you personally. This is an easy way to create your own dictionary of universal messages.


Trust your intuition. Keep this exercise fun!

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4. Nurture yourself.

Eat healthy foods, get enough sleep, and treat yourself kindly. Some people believe a plant-based diet is ideal for your intuitive practice.

Get bodywork done and stay hydrated. A very limited (or no) amount of alcohol or smoking is recommended. Every step taken to decrease stress increases your connection with all that is.


5. Spend time in nature.

Even if you can't completely get out of a city, spend time near trees, water, or anything that is not man-made. Being around animals is also very therapeutic.

Using natural products like organic cotton sheets and towels also supports your wellness, which in turn supports your intuition and wisdom.

6. Connect with others in your community.

These can be meet-up groups, Facebook groups, or classes focused on intuitive skills or other metaphysical topics. Find your soul group and connect with others who can help you increase intuitive thinking.

7. Explore spiritual practices.

Commit to reading a little bit every day about wellness practices, alternative therapies, spirituality, or something else that piques your awareness.


This expands your understanding and might give you a new spiritual practice to enjoy, as well.

8. Learn about crystals and celestial bodies.

Discover what properties each crystal is associated with. Find ways to bring them into your life through jewelry, home décor, and more. Find what your personal good luck charm is.

You can also learn about the stars and the moon from a metaphysical standpoint and how you can connect with these. Learn about the cycles of the moon, or even discover your sun and moon sign.

9. Use all your senses.

This is so important. Don’t just rely on your vision and hearing. Pay attention to how you feel around certain people and events.


Do you feel things in your gut or somewhere else? Truthfully, this is one of the best skill sets to tap into if you are seeking an intuitive life.

What is life like when you are deeply connected with the Universe through intuitive thinking?

You wake up in the morning after having a restful night on organic cotton sheets. Before you get out of bed, you take 10 deep breaths.

You enjoy a fresh fruit smoothie and go for a walk outside. Before you leave for work, you read the daily astrology report and notice the phase of the moon. You're wearing your favorite rose quartz bracelet.

During lunch, you catch up with a friend you met in meditation whom you consider a part of your tribe. Both of you are interested in learning more about oracle cards.


You're currently pulling a daily card. You share with your friend that you're learning to trust your gut instinct more at work.

At the end of the day, you say a short prayer of gratitude. After your prayer, you spend a couple of minutes in silence, focusing on your breath and feeling grateful.

It's really simple to incorporate intuition-boosting habits into your life.

The most important part of improving your intuition and decision-making skills is believing in and committing to yourself.

Have fun exploring your intuitive powers. You deserve to live the best life possible, but only you can create it.

Meditation softens your thoughts and provides openings for love and courage to enter your world. Your prayers become angelic guidance, healing, and protection.


Slow down and create space for love to land in your life. Now is the perfect time to experience a miracle. Enjoy the process of expansion.

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Polly Wirum is an intuitive, life coach, and writer. She helps people connect to the energy of peace via an intuitive reading, life coaching, or live channeling sessions. For more information, visit her website.