What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On November 2, 2023

Embrace the waves of change as asteroid Vesta begins its retrograde journey in Cancer.

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Spend a moment with your heart as you light some fragrant ginger essence and exhale whatever feels heavy. Reflect on what you have felt drawn to change or create in your life, and then use that as a blueprint for your path toward manifesting the life that you are destined to live.  

On Thursday, November 2, Asteroid Vesta begins its retrograde journey in the emotional water sign of Cancer.

Vesta rules the internal flame within your inner self that governs your passions, beliefs, morals and priorities regarding your home and relationships. In Cancer, Vesta has been calling your attention to those closest to you while also challenging your beliefs regarding what defines love and family.




However, as Vesta begins its retrograde journey, you are looking to make the changes you’ve been pondering for some time. This is the divine moment to manifest positive changes within your life, home and especially relationships as you are called to honor your inner truth with greater intensity.  


November is shaping up to be a vastly differently energetic period as it helps you start taking action, put plans into place and allow you to end the year at peace with yourself. It is never easy to create a life that resonates with your soul as you are tasked with the undoing of generational conditioning and limitations.

However, as you do, you set a precedent for healing that extends far beyond your own life. Use the energy of Vesta retrograde in Cancer to shift your priorities and beliefs so that you can feel yourself becoming one step closer to living life in alignment with your soul contract.  

Elements needed for your ritual on November 2 

Leading Energy: Cancer, Water 

Best Time For Your Ritual: Anytime 


Chakra Point: Third Eye 

Herbs: Lemongrass, Lavender and Parsley 

Essential Oils: Sweet Orange, Lily and Almond 

Crystals: Jade for abundance, Smoky Quartz for transformation and Rose Quartz for loyalty 

Incense: Ginger 

What your zodiac sign can manifest on November 2, 2023 

Aries: New Home 

(March 21 - April 19)  

Daily Affirmation: I am preparing for positive new changes to my home.  

Allow the energy of Vesta retrograde in Cancer to call in a new home or positive changes to your existing one. Create an intention jar using your written affirmation, a key, cinnamon, cloves and spruce. Repeat your affirmation as you seal the jar with blue wax and place it above your front door.  


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Taurus: Honest Conversations 

(April 20 - May 20) 

Daily Affirmation: I am holding space for honest conversations with others.  

Embrace the power of honest conversations as you begin to set into motion the changes you seek while Vesta is retrograde in the sign of Cancer. Write your affirmation on paper, then anoint it with lemon essential oil. Repeat your affirmation as you bind it with a blue ribbon and place it into your clothing to attract the conversations you seek.  

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Gemini: Self-Worth 

(May 21 - June 20) 


Daily Affirmation: I am worthy of receiving all I desire.  

Revel in your self-worth as Vesta retrograde in Cancer helps you attract all you desire. Create a self-worth spray using plain witch hazel and lavender, cinnamon and sage essences. Repeat your affirmation as you spray it over your energy, home and wallet.  

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Cancer: Self-Growth 

(June 21 - July 22) 

Daily Affirmation: I am continually becoming the person I am meant to be.  

Focus on growing into the best person that you can be while Vesta begins its retrograde journey in Cancer. Create an offering using white rose petals, selenite, rosemary and something personal of yours to anchor the ritual. Repeat your affirmation as you bury the offering in your garden.  


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Leo: Intuition 

(July 23 - August 22) 

Daily Affirmation: My intuition leads me toward my fate.  

Tune into your intuitive side while Vesta moves through its retrograde in Cancer. Begin by anointing your chakra points with lavender essential oil, then use your favorite guided meditation for intuition. Repeat your affirmation as you practice meditation, and then allow yourself to relax into sleep.  

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Virgo: Social Connections 

(August 23 - September 22) 

Daily Affirmation: I am attracted to critical social connections in my life.  


Create an intention to attract new and positive relationships into your life during Vesta retrograde in Cancer. Use your favorite basil muffin recipe and send in your intention to attract new connections to the ingredients while preparing them. Repeat your affirmation while sprinkling a bit of fresh basil over the muffins, and then serve to those you want to attract into your life.  

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Libra: Success 

(September 23 - October 22) 

Daily Affirmation: I am on the path to success.  

Honor your ability to create success in whatever area you choose while Vesta begins its retrograde in Cancer. Brew a cup of peppermint tea, then while it’s steeping, stir the tea with a cinnamon stick in a clockwise motion ten times. Repeat your affirmation while you enjoy your tea.  


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Scorpio: Travel 

(October 23 - November 21) 

Daily Affirmation: I am worthy of travel experiences that enrich my soul.  

Open yourself up to experience the adventure of travel while Vesta journeys through its retrograde in Cancer. Begin by using a photograph of a place you’d like to travel to, then write your affirmation on the back of it. Repeat your affirmation as you sprinkle some cinnamon over it, then roll and bind it with an orange ribbon.  

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Sagittarius: Transformation 

(November 22 - December 21) 

Daily Affirmation: I surrender to the transformation process within my life as I trust it is for the highest good. 


Embrace the transformation process within your life as asteroid Vesta begins its retrograde in Cancer. Create an offering using rice, coffee beans, lavender and sage. Repeat your affirmation as you safely burn your offering and then scatter the cooled ashes on the ground.  

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Capricorn: Romantic Growth 

(December 22 - January 19) 


Daily Affirmation: My romantic relationship is abundant with growth.  

Focus your energy on establishing growth within your romantic relationship while Vesta is retrograde in Cancer. Begin by gathering an egg and writing your affirmation on it. When you’re ready, crack it over a glass of water and add rose petals and cinnamon. Repeat your affirmation as you return your offering to the earth.  

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Aquarius: Solitude 

(January 20 - February 18) 

Daily Affirmation: I am retreating into solitude to self-reflect and heal my heart.  

Allow yourself to focus on yourself while taking the necessary solitude you need during Vesta retrograde in Cancer. Bring a pot of water to a boil on your stove and add rosemary, oranges and cloves. Repeat your affirmation as the aroma fills your home, and allow yourself to breathe deep to settle your spirit.  


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Pisces: Happiness 

(February 19 - March 20) 

Daily Affirmation: I am moving into a new chapter of my life rich with happiness.  

Embrace all the happiness that this new chapter is ushering into your life as asteroid Vesta is retrograde in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Begin by slicing a peach, symbolizing Cancer, in half, then remove the pit. Dip each half into a plate of sugar and then massage into the soles of your feet. Repeat your affirmation as you rinse them off and let them air dry, trusting each step you take will bring more happiness.  

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