What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On September 21, 2023

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There is only you and the Moon, as it shines a light on you, reminding you that you cannot fail in this new chapter and in the desires that float like feathers on your heart. No matter what has come previously, it can't dictate where you are headed as this new journey starts. You are confident, inspired and trusting in your soul's direction. Everything is different, and because of that, you know you are destined for success.  

Thursday, September 21, ushers in a powerful energy force as the Sagittarian Moon aligns with Mars in Libra, helping you see success at every turn and feel confident in your decisions. The Moon in Sagittarius enables you to embrace greater expansiveness within yourself.

You will find the root of optimism for everything that has occurred and trust in the process to deliver you precisely where you can intersect with your fate. Mars, the planet of action, ambition and passion, is in docile Libra, helping achieve balance and allure as you can achieve whatever you desire. Together, the stars align as you feel compelled to act toward this new chapter in your life, knowing failure isn't an option.  

The more you believe in yourself, the more deeply you can step into alignment with the universe, which is what fuels your ability to create the life of your dreams. Leave no room for doubt. Instead, see every moment as something only occurring to help positively direct you toward what is meant for you.

There is always a purpose within each moment, but it doesn't mean things will ever go precisely according to plan. Honor the redirections in life and your ability to pivot toward your dreams continually. The more you trust, the more empowered you will feel, genuinely making you unstoppable in whatever you wish to manifest.  

Elements For Your Rituals, Thursday, September 21 

Leading Energy: Libra, Air 

Best Time For Your Ritual: Afternoon or evening 

Chakra Point: Heart 

Herbs: Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme 

Essential Oils: Gardenia, Rose and Jasmine 

Crystals: Rose Quartz for love, Clear Quartz for clarity and Bloodstone for calm decision-making  

Incense: Vanilla 

What each zodiac sign can manifest on September 21, 2023:


(March 21 - April 19)  

How to manifest: Romantic inspiration 

The Sagittarius Moon and Mars in Libra help to shine a light on your romantic sector, inspiring you to make the changes you've been seeking. Begin by writing your affirmation on paper, folding it toward you three times and then anointing it with rose essential oil. Next, slice a strawberry in half, symbolizing Libra and place your affirmation inside. As you bind it together with a pink ribbon, repeat your affirmation and then hang it on a maple tree to let the universe work its magic.  

Daily affirmation: I am inspired to create positive changes in my romantic life.  

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(April 20 - May 20) 

How to manifest: Inner balance 

Allow yourself to adopt a slower pace today as the Sagittarius Moon and Mars in Libra invite you to focus on your inner self. Create a tea using lavender and thyme, placing rose quartz in your mug while it steeps. Once it's ready, repeat your affirmation with each sip you take as you invite in a calming and relaxed energy.  

Daily affirmation: I am at peace and strive for inner balance.  

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(May 21 - June 20) 

How to manifest: Happiness 

Embrace your inner joy. The universe is helping you focus on the happiness your romantic relationship brings into your life. The Sagittarius Moon and Mars in Libra assist in activating these important themes. Begin by collecting a maple leaf, symbolizing Libra and write your affirmation down on it. Place it on the ground, with a yellow candle on top, encircling both with salt and lavender. Repeat your affirmation once the candle is lit, and then return all materials to the earth once it has completely burned out.  

Daily affirmation: I am focused on living a life full of happiness and love.  

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(June 21 - July 22) 

How to manifest: Contentment 

Honor the desire for contentment that the Sagittarius Moon and Mars in Libra usher in as they call your attention to your home and family. Create an offering using rosemary, thyme, lavender and some salt for protection. Go out onto your front steps, and as you safely burn your offering, repeat your affirmation, inhaling deeply and then return the cooled ashes to the wind.  

Daily affirmation: I am content with my life and am grateful for this moment.  

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(July 23 - August 22) 

How to manifest: Compromise 

Focus on how you can hold space for productive conversations while the Sagittarius Moon and Mars in Libra have you seeking compromise and harmony in your relationships with others. Begin by lighting a blue candle, then slice three strawberries in half and add them to a water bottle. Sprinkle in a bit of lavender and clear quartz to help you have peace and clarity in your interactions with others. Repeat your affirmation whenever you drink from your intention water, opening to receive the communication you desire.  

Daily affirmation: I seek more excellent compromise and peace within my relationships.  

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(August 23 - September 22) 

How to manifest: Self-prioritization 

Allow time to focus on yourself as the Sagittarius Moon and Mars in Libra remind you to care for yourself. Create an altar space using a white candle and surround it with rose petals, lavender and rosemary. Sprinkle salt around it to protect against negative thoughts or energy. Once you light the candle, draw a heart on paper and write your name inside it. While repeating your affirmation, drip the wax over the paper until you can't see your name anymore. After the candle has burned out completely, please fold the paper three times and plant it beneath a rose bush.  

Daily affirmation: I must honor myself above all others to embrace my soul's purpose.  

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(September 23 - October 22) 

How to manifest: Divine communication 

The Sagittarius Moon and Mars in Libra call your attention to yourself and the conversations that need to take place with others to help you step into a new phase of life. You can begin by laying out a blue fabric square and placing your written affirmation, lavender, sage and cinnamon inside it. As you tie up the four corners and bind it with a white ribbon, place a bloodstone on top for positive energy when making decisions. Place this in a north-facing area of your home to honor the air energy of Libra.  

Daily affirmation: I am holding space for divine communication to help guide me toward the next phase of my life.  

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(October 23 - November 21) 

How to manifest: Honoring your truth 

Embrace the truth and acceptance that the Sagittarius Moon and Mars in Libra bring to your life as they call your attention toward your intuition and inner self. Begin by taking the petals off a white rose and adding them into a bowl. Sprinkle in a bit of salt and a few drops of rosemary essential oil. As you mix everything, repeat your affirmation twelve times. Then, go outside and toss them around you while spinning clockwise, keeping your affirmation in your mind's eye.  

Daily affirmation: I am honoring my truth and worthiness as I bring greater acceptance to the past.  

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(November 22 - December 21) 

How to manifest: A wish for abundance 

Allow yourself to make a wish you promise to bring to fruition as the Sagittarius Moon and Mars in Libra invite you to enter greater abundance and trust within the universe. Begin by slicing the top off a strawberry so it can sit level on your altar. Then, place a ritual, or birthday-sized, candle inside the strawberry. Sprinkle rosemary, lavender and basil around it, then light the candle while repeating your affirmation. Once the candle has burned down, return all materials to the earth.  

Daily affirmation: I am abundant in all areas of my life.  

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(December 22 - January 19) 

How to manifest: Redemption 

Step into a place of ease and remember that you don't need to do anything but be yourself as the Sagittarius Moon and Mars in Libra bring about a divine state of redemption. Light a white candle and combine coconut and rose essential oils. Once ready, massage this sacred salve into your heart chakra while repeating your affirmation. Extinguish the candle with your breath once you are finished.  

Daily affirmation: I am genuinely authentically being myself and trust that is all I ever need to be.  

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(January 20 - February 18) 

How to manifest: New adventures 

Embrace new adventures as the Sagittarius Moon and Mars in Libra bring new and exciting opportunities your way. Begin by collecting three rose petals, a maple leaf, orange thread and a needle. As you sew them together, repeat your affirmation, step out into the evening air and release your intention into the universe.  

Daily affirmation: I prepare for new adventures and experiences as I open to receive from the universe.  

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(February 19 - March 20) 

How to manifest: Life transformation 

Allow yourself to shed your previous self and life as the Sagittarius Moon and Mars in Libra invite you into a period of immense and powerful transformation. Begin by creating a sacred scrub using salt and coconut oil for protection. Add the essential oils of rose and lavender, repeating your affirmation while you stir all the ingredients together. Once ready, use your sacred scrub in the shower to wash away what was and welcome in what will be. Anoint yourself with vanilla essential oil once you're finished to seal in the goodness and abundance of this new phase.  

Daily affirmation: I am embracing a powerful life transformation to help me elevate my soul and life.  

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