Horoscope For September 8, 2023 — The Moon Enters Cancer Today

When the Moon leaves Gemini to enter its home sign, we experience a deep desire to enjoy life without all the frills.

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The Moon enters Cancer today, bringing an element of sweetness into our lives. September 8, 2023, invites us to enjoy all things related to home and its comforts: picnics with the family, dancing beneath the moonlight in the backyard, or a little walk with the dog to take in some fresh air.

Cancer is the symbol of the mother, and it's also representative of our karmic past. Today, lavish in nurturing activities. Drink more water. Call your mother and the other important females in your life, and tune in to your heart to hear your inner child speak.

Your zodiac sign's daily horoscope for Friday, September 08, 2023.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)


You love the next new thing, Aries, but once the Moon leaves curious Gemini to enter Cancer, you long for the carnal comforts that feel more like home to you. Today allow yourself to settle down into your routine. Even if you want to start something new, it's wise not to introduce anything new into your life today if you can avoid it. Instead, tend to the smaller details, especially what you need to organize and manage around the kitchen. Take a pantry inventory and restock staple items. Get a batch of laundry done and pull out your comfy sweaters since the weather will begin to turn soon.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)


While no one would necessarily call you a talker, today, the Moon leaving Gemini to enter Taurus encourages conversations that bring a sense of comfort and reassurance into your life. The Moon in Cancer is a pleasing energy for you, Taurus, and your sweet spot can be found in talking about food, reposting and sharing recipes and reels that make you think about what you want to do when you are at home with your family. If you like to save recipes or have a cherished crockpot or slow cooker meal that reminds you of home, today is perfect for whipping it up in the kitchen.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)


You see money as a tool that helps you to get what you want. You aren't necessarily lavish spending, but you do enjoy buying things that make yourself and others feel happy. Today's Moon leaving your zodiac sign to enter Cancer, your money sector, so finances are likely to come up for you. You can use the day's energy to stop by a thrift store to find a signature piece for your kitchen. If you have a few items you need to replace for your home, check out deals on Amazon and place your order. Need to save a little money, add the Honey app to your Google Chrome browser or subscribe to your grocery store's app to take advantage of digital coupons for your next shopping trip.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)


Today, your personal life starts to take shape for you. Now that the Moon has completed it's First Quarter Moon phase, certain areas of your life show signs of ending. A new beginning is here for you, and this is personal Cancer. You are intuitive, so pay close attention to the little things that point toward a key theme in your life. During the next two days, a window of opportunity opens for you. You can work on personal tasks or set an agenda for the week to tie up loose ends. If you have to register for a class or need to buy a few things that make life easier for you, today and tomorrow is a great time to do it.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)


Roars, Leo. Today, you are learning the true meaning of letting go, which means releasing people who have been in your life longer than necessary. Today's Moon entering Cancer gives you the emotional wherewithal to create distance between individuals where the relationship has become distant, and that's OK. Some individuals are best as acquaintances. Whoever is safe to bring into your trust zone will be much easier for you to sort out.

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)


You're the center of attention today as the Moon activates your social life. You don't necessarily crave attention, but today, you'll adore being in the limelight, Virgo. It feels good to know that people admire and appreciate your presence and praise you for things you're doing well. Today is perfect for updating your profile picture on social media, as you may receive a lot of positive comments and likes. If need to take a professional photo for your social media, work or passport, today, the Moon brings out your best features for an incredibly nice result.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)


Today's astrological energy positions you for great things in your career, Libra. You may receive good news from a female in your life or hear incredible advice that encourages you to try something new. Your own feminine energy gets activated as the Moon brings out your intuitive side. Today, listen to your instincts. Be nurturing in your work relationships by giving teammates sincere compliments and sharing praise for a job well done. One thing to note is that today can be emotionally draining, so take care of your mental and physical needs at the end of the day so you feel refreshed in the morning.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)


Love a good book? Today's perfect for picking up a copy of your favorite author and curling up on the sofa for a long night of reading. With the Moon entering your academic zone, the next few days provide you with an incredible thirst for learning and taking in as much content as your little heart desires. If you enjoy audible books or physical ones, download a few samples of titles you are curious about but unsure if you can fully commit to reading the entire novel. Today's also great for popping into your favorite local bookstore or library to see what's on the shelves as Best Read suggestions.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)


Today, you are socially aware, and helping others is what you do. So when the Moon enters Cancer, don't be surprised if you start to feel called toward advocacy, political involvement or volunteerism. It's in you to be vocal, Sagittarius, and you may feel passionate about a topic you know needs to be discussed more. Today is perfect for writing letters to editors and congresspeople or finding lobbyists in your county and state who support topics you want to financially back up.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)


You have a soft spot, Capricorn, and the area of your life you show it the most is in intimate partnerships. From your mate at home to your closest coworkers, today, you're relationship-driven. When the Moon enters Cancer, you are focused on helping others for the sake of a higher good. It's a good day for team meetings, meeting with a mentor, or a job interview. For your personal life, it's a perfect day for grabbing a slice of pizza with your partner or spending a quiet night at home binging on your favorite takeout and a comedy.

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)


You can be a sports buff who is superstitious about your team winning when you wear a certain shirt or hat during a game. Now that football season is back, it's time to pull out your favorite jersey and prepare for this year's games. It's a good idea to check your television and stations for watching games at night or on the weekend. If you like playing Fantasy football with your friends, don't forget to draft players for your team. It's going to be a great season!

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)


Your romantic side comes out beautifully whenever the Moon slides into the sign of Cancer. Today was made for entertaining the sweet thoughts that give you a sense of love. It's the perfect time to pick up fresh flowers for your apartment. If you haven't updated your Spotify playlist, check out Album of the Year (AOTY) for music released this month to listen to and decide what you want to have on your playlist. Don't forget to buy tickets to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.

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