Relationships Are Likely To Improve For 3 Zodiac Signs This Week

Life gets better now that Mercury and Venus are direct just before a New Moon.

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The divine pause from the universe is lifted as Mercury retrograde ends on September 14, followed by a powerful New Virgo Moon on September 15.

While there have been reasons to wait, to practice patience, and to reflect on lessons, now you are being guided to see with loving clarity what actions you can take to improve your romantic relationship.

To do this, you need to step into your power, as it can often be easy to leave improvements up to your partner (or the universe) to do. While the stars do align, they do so to give you the autonomy to make your own decisions and choose the path of your destiny. 


Mercury direct takes the brakes off of making any big decisions. The week starts with forward momentum, and retrograde season slows down so now life is about planning, which means we must honor our truth. You can't thoroughly plan for the future and create a healthy, exciting romantic relationship if you are blind to the truth. But if you are honest with yourself and your partner, you can have the necessary conversations to set yourself up to improve your relationship and your life.  

This week's New Moon in Virgo is potent and it creates a foundation to carry you through the rest of the year. We are at the beginning of the eclipse season, which will dominate the astrology in October 2023. The New Moon in Virgo also amplifies the energy of the grand earth trine in September 2023, ensuring forward momentum and success.


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There's a lot of earth energy present this week, so do things to strengthen your relationship's core foundation. Have important conversations and make plans for what you want to do next. Consider any conversations that were healing or talk about what healing needs to continue. Fully embrace the energy of this week, and trust, with your whole heart, that the decisions you make now will bring you one step closer to your romantic fate.  

The four zodiac signs whose romantic relationships will likely improve most this week:

1. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 


Mercury direct and the New Moon in Virgo activate your relationship sector bringing relief and understanding to your romantic life. Virgo is your opposing sign and whenever something happens here, it helps you to bring balance into your life. As much as you are a romantic, Virgo, a New Moon in your sign reminds do things that ensure you have the relationship of your dreams. Embracing the energy of Mercury and the New Moon will be easier since as Saturn and Neptune pitch in to help you to dream while keeping both feet on the ground.  

This week is about finding clarity and peace in your romantic life. There were lessons in love that you did not expect tot happen this year. Venus retrograde in your sector of health stirred a great deal of change for you, so you learned to focus on healthier expressions of love.

The last few months have helped you to embody what healthy love looks like, and because of that, you've seen enormous changes in your romantic life. You have take a big first step, even if you are still healing some major karmic wounds.

Now with purpose and peace in your romantic life, the New Moon in Virgo promises you a sweet new beginning — but there is a caveat. Because the New Moon is opposite Neptune and Saturn in your sign, you must implement all you have learned. Neptune has helped you see the truth of your romantic relationship, while Saturn is delighted you're finally learning some major karmic lessons. Now, you can open your heart to love, again — as a wiser, calmer and more healed version of yourself. 


This change can make love feel completely different, as it's not all endorphins and excitement. Instead, you will make decisions you think will be best for you in the long run.  You can delay gratification, have challenging conversations, and walk away from unhealthy situations.

Let yourself feel hopeful and excited during this process, as there is always a pendulum at play. While you may still find your balance between getting swept off your feet and growing in love — it doesn't mean you must abandon your romantic nature to achieve it.  

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2. Taurus  

(April 20 - May 20) 

Love is supposed to bring you joy. It doesn't have to be logic and plans. Instead, it can allow you to engage with life differently. As much as you crave comfort and sensuality, you often gravitate toward ensuring that the relationship you choose is consistent. You've found that just because someone may always be physically present doesn't mean they are there emotionally or spiritually for you in the ways you need.  


The current cycle of eclipses in Taurus and Scorpio, which will end with the finale in October 2023, has been all about you letting yourself lose your balance for love. It has inspired you to realize that you can crave passion and excitement without fearing you will somehow miss out on the stability you need. Just as this lesson is wrapping up, the cosmos has provided another essential lesson since Mercury retrograde in Virgo began on August 23, 2023. 

During Mercury retrograde, you have questioned the joy, happiness and commitment within your romantic relationship. This has allowed you to ensure your relationship is fulfilling you in all your desired ways — not just as a knickknack on a corner shelf collecting dust. However, now that Mercury is direct alongside the New Moon in Virgo, you must integrate that knowledge with your ability to make changes that improve your relationship.  

This is all about your growth, and while some improvement may be creating an entirely new relationship, it doesn't mean you can't increase your connection with your current partner.

Conversations will become incredibly important for you this week, especially as asteroid Vesta in Cancer activates your communication sector and allows you to honor your truth more deeply. Vesta represents your spiritual connection and inner devotion, encouraging healing conversations and a deeper connection.  


When you can validate and express what brings you joy, you can also see how that feeling is inherently connected to your spiritual well-being and overall satisfaction with life. Every moment matters, so it's up to you to create a relationship and life that genuinely fuels your deepest passions.  

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3. Gemini  

(May 21 - June 20) 

It would be best to give yourself time to heal from all that has recently happened. As much as you feel you already have, remember that this journey is where you will be invited to return to familiar ground as you gain more knowledge and awareness. There is always a deeper level. The more you allow yourself to traverse these depths, the more healing you will embrace.  


Mercury stations direct with the New Moon in Virgo, which activates your healing, home and family sectors. Reflect on August 23, 2023, when Mercury first began its retrograde journey to have more of an idea of what may be coming up for you around this time. While Mercury is direct now, and forward momentum is encouraged, it will be revisiting past degrees, which means past themes from August may resurface.  

Even still, being in a healing process doesn't mean things aren't improving. The New Moon represents a beautiful new beginning, only due to the healing you have already created space for in your life.

It promises stability where you only saw inconsistency, healing where there was once wounding and togetherness where you may have felt like you were in it alone. This truly is a beautiful time for you, not just to reflect on what is arising in terms of healing but also to embrace the new beginning in your romantic life.  

A new beginning doesn't always have to carry within it a grand event, and instead can come softly as you are reminded that this is not like before. You have support, are surrounded by love and have a partner or prospective partner who wants to be there for you. Allow yourself to receive this positive energy and let accepting the love you've always desired be what this new beginning is all about.  


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4. Aquarius  

(January 20 - February 18) 

It's safe to surrender to the waves of transformation moving through your romantic life. You don't have to fear being left by someone or having anything turn out like it did before. Ths week you arrive to a place where you inherently feel secure; now you can let universe spin its magic to create the love you've always dreamed of.  


Venus, the planet of love, has recently finished retrograde in Leo, ruler of your romantic sector. At the same time, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, began retrograde in Taurus, activating themes of home, family and healing. Now, as Mercury is direct with the New Moon in Virgo, it starts a beautiful new beginning in your life allow you to embrace the changes that have already begun.  

There's an ongoing story here, and everything is connected. Venus retrograde brings lessons and new awareness to your romantic life. Jupiter is just beginning to bring greater expansion and abundance to your domestic arena. This week, Virgo's energy ushers in a new beginning. What you have been going through over the last few months is indeed a purging of the heart and the wounds that have ruled so many of the decisions that you've made.  

What you thought was what you wanted may have only been a way to self-protect, and now, as those defenses are no longer necessary, you'll be able to open your heart more deeply to love. Embrace the clarity and confidence as Mercury direct alongside the New Moon. Allow yourself to commit more deeply, make plans for love, and embrace the closure that has truly been brought to your past. This is an entirely new beginning in your romantic life, and it's one you've worked to create, so it's also worthwhile creating the space to enjoy it finally.  

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