3 Zodiac Signs Feel They Are Better Off Single On September 10, 2023

Sometimes love isn't enough, and during the Moon sextile Mars these three zodiac signs like being single.

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You're not going to find a lot of people who would necessarily disagree with the idea that, for some, it's a better idea to stay single rather than get involved with another person on a romantic level. It's not so much that we've become a jaded bunch, but more along the lines of the idea that we are experienced; love is super fabulous stuff, but it also comes with heartache and disappointment.

We celebrate all the romance and the beauty, but the thing with love is that, the minute that beauty becomes even slightly tainted, we tend to become disillusioned. These are the moments when we consider the single life as a better option.


What we've got today is the transit of Moon sextile Mars, which comes with its own version of ferocity. September 11, 2023 brings us this transit and the way it will affect three zodiac signs is by awakening in us the desire to toss it all to the breeze, as if we don't care.

We do care, in fact, we may care a little too much, and where love is concerned, this is what causes us the most distress. We care, therefore we suffer, and we suffer because we are with a romantic partner whom we are having second thoughts about. Moon sextile Mars could inspire hostility, but we're not going to go there, today...today, we're going to fantasize a life where we are single.


And for many of us, being single is the preference, despite what we've been taught, or what we've been forced into thinking by society. Three zodiac signs never though in a million years that they would prefer to be single, but these are the signs that will be considering it whole heartedly on this day, September 11, 2023, during Moon sextile Mars.

The three zodiac signs who feel better off single on September 10, 2023:

1. Gemini 

(May 21 - June 20)

You have been thinking about this for a long time, Gemini, and that is that you aren't really sure you want to get into another long-term romance with anyone. It's not that you want to play the field; it's that you don't want to have to get that emotionally involved with anyone.


On September 11, 2023, you will have the transit of Moon sextile Mars to deal with, and it's going to bring something out in you that you didn't realize was 'this real.' The reality of you is that, while you love romance, you don't love having your heart ripped to shreds and that seems to be the going theme in all of your romantic ventures, no matter how intense or committed they may be. Right now, all you want is time to yourself, to be yourself. Experience has taught you that it's OK to be on your own and that you don't owe anyone an update on your relationship status.

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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

You never thought in a million years that you'd see yourself as 'wanting to be single' but here we are today, September 11, 2023 and that's exactly what you yearn for. You grew up just like the rest of us, with the belief that partnering off is what people do, and it is what people do...but there's that other thing that no one ever talks about which is when the partnership goes stale and the hearts get broken.


During Moon sextile Mars, you'll see that broken heart of yours and you'll want to protect it, and the only way you can do that is by not getting involved with someone on a romantic level. You don't want to become cold, but you don't want to be hurt anymore, and you feel that love and romance always end up in this dark feeling of remorse and pain. You'll love again and it will be beautiful, but for now, you like the idea of staying single.

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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

You're a little less tolerant today than usual, and this applies to just how much you are willing to give over to a romantic partner, as you are definitely starting to tire of them. Yes, it's true! We get tired of our romantic partners, and the idea that we're supposed to live up to some extreme ideal of a perfect romance is beyond what is possible ... and you, Scorpio, know this from experience.


During the transit of Moon sextile Mars, on September 11, 2023, you will not be in the mood to talk things out or hope for a better future with this person whom you are clearly over. It happens and you are no longer being strangled by guilt over your feelings. You believe that at this point in your life, it's better to be single. So be it! You can only be you, and you are true to your feelings.

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