What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest On August 27, As Mars Enters Libra

Through inner balance, anything can be achieved.

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Through inner balance, anything can be achieved. Sit quietly with your hand on your heart as your breath cycles through your body, inhaling and exhaling slowly as you find balance. Balance isn't just focused on having enough time for the multiple tasks or areas of your life that are essential to you, but also learning how to regulate your nervous system and to be able to embrace stillness.  

Understanding your breath and the power your nervous system has over your life and your manifestations can help you make the most of the era of Mars in Libra as the planet of action shifts into the air sign, which rules balance and interpersonal dynamics. Mars is one of the most significant planets when manifesting because it represents passion, motivation and the action to make your dream a reality. It can be single-minded, yet it is responsible for bringing about change and a positive turn of events, unlike any other astrological force.  




Mars in Libra brings rare energy, though, because as much as it will help you focus on what you need to get about more excellent balance in yourself and life, it also brings generous energy. Libra is the zodiac sign that rules partnerships and often highlights any interpersonal relationships as you strive for compromise, diplomacy and justice. This helps you focus on your intention and what would be best for all around you.  


As you lean into Mars in Libra, please ensure you're not sacrificing your dreams for another, as sometimes, compromising this air sign can prioritize others or keep the peace ahead of its inner desires. Yet, by remaining aware of Mars and Libra's benefits, you can work with the universe to manifest something that's not just what you desire but can serve a higher purpose.  

Depending on your ritual, either day or nighttime is suitable when manifesting with Mars in Libra. To embrace more of this powerful energy, you can utilize citrine, moonstone, or clear quartz in your ceremonies. In addition to the essential oils of rose, lavender, jasmine and gardenia, catnip, elderberry and thyme can strengthen your intentions, helping you manifest more intensely with Mars now in this air sign.  

What your zodiac sign can manifest on August 27, 2023:


How to manifest: Romantic changes 

As Mars in Libra activates your romantic sector, allow yourself to initiate any changes you want. Begin by taking a mug and writing your affirmation on the bottom of it. During this astrological phase, you can create a daily tea using lavender and elderberries as you repeat your affirmation. While taking this time for yourself, visualize your manifestation with a peaceful resolution.  


Mars in Libra affirmation: I am excited to make changes in my romantic relationship as I embrace my inner truth.  

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How to manifest: Self-prioritization 

Mars in Libra highlights your zone of wellness and well-being, so acting toward this area of your life becomes your most significant focus. During this phase, embrace the power of movement by practicing a daily walking meditation. Begin by anointing your pulse points with jasmine essential oil, then walk around your yard or a longer one if time allows. As you meditate on your footsteps, repeat your affirmation, focusing on your breath and where you want this new chapter in your life to lead.  


Mars in Libra affirmation: I prioritize my needs as I create more space to care for myself.  

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How to manifest: A commitment to happiness 

Honor Mars in Libra as it highlights your sector of commitment and joy by deciding that you want to create a life that is filled with happiness and ease. Create an intention jar using catnip, thyme, clear quartz and a few drops of rose essential oil. As you seal it with yellow wax, repeat your affirmation and place it in an east-facing window to honor the element of air representing Libra.  

Mars in Libra affirmation: I am committed to creating a life of happiness.  


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How to manifest: Truth 

Mars in Libra helps to bring you a more profound commitment to the truth within your home and family as you desire to create a more stable and supportive environment. You can focus on creating a weekly smudge while Mars uses catnip and thyme in this air sign. You can also place clear quartz in your smudge dish to help eliminate any negative energy. As you smudge yourself, your home and any members of your household that will allow it, repeat the affirmation and then scatter the cooled ashes around your front steps.  

Mars in Libra affirmation: I am honoring my truth to create a more honest and supportive home.  


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How to manifest: Inner motivation 

Embrace your inner drive as Mars in Libra activates themes of self-expression and communication. Begin your ritual by writing your affirmation on your mirror, where you get ready each morning. Then light a red candle and anoint your heart chakra with rose essential oil, an energy point ruled by Libra. As you perform your ritual each morning, repeat your affirmation three times.  

Mars in Libra affirmation: I am harnessing my inner power as I feel motivated to pursue my greatest dreams.  

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How to manifest: Financial growth 

Focus on growing your financial abundance as Mars in Libra activates your sector of finances. Write your affirmation on a bay leaf, place it inside a gardening pot, add soil and then plant a basil seedling or seeds. While performing your ritual, repeat your affirmation and then sprinkle the top of the earth with cinnamon for luck.  

Mars in Libra affirmation: I am financially growing to a place of utter abundance and wealth.  

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How to manifest: Following your soul 

Allow yourself to answer the call of your soul as Mars in Libra helps to honor yourself and your dreams for the future. Begin by writing down your dreams or goals on a lavender paper, folding it three times and placing catnip inside it. As you wrap it in violet ribbon, repeat your affirmation and hang it above your front door to help guide you each day to follow your soul's path.  


Mars in Libra affirmation: I am tuning into the truth of my soul as I honor the path ahead.

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How to manifest: A desire for newness 

Allow yourself to step outside your comfort zone, as Mars in Libra invites you to explore your hidden desires. Begin your ritual by writing or carving your name onto a black candle for protection, then encircle it with salt and thyme. Light your candle for twelve minutes each day while you repeat the affirmation aloud, and once it's burned out completely, return to the earth.  

Mars in Libra affirmation: I embrace new experiences outside my comfort zone.  


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How to manifest: Emotional encouragement 

Embrace those who offer you emotional support and encouragement as Mars in Libra invites you to open up to those who care about you. To begin your ritual, take a white rose and each petal off, placing them in a circle around you while repeating your affirmation. Once finished, focus on the feeling of love and encouragement as you anoint your heart chakra with gardenia essential oil, inhaling deeply. When ready, collect all the rose petals before exiting the circle and, taking a needle and blue thread, sew them together, placing them in your clothing or purse throughout this astrological phase.  

Mars in Libra affirmation: I allow others to emotionally support me as I embrace those around me with love.


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How to manifest: Career advancement 

As Mars in Libra activates your career sector, focus on the positive changes you want. Begin by creating a freehand business card or on the computer detailing your new title or company. Take this and bind it with a bay leaf using a green ribbon, repeating your affirmation and then place it in an east-facing window to encourage new beginnings and growth.  


Mars in Libra affirmation: I am focused on advancing my career to become my best self.  

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How to manifest: Risk-taking 

Focusing on the risks you know will lead you to greater abundance as Mars in Libra activates this area of your life. Begin by creating an altar space using an orange candle, catnip and thyme, placing moonstone or clear quartz around your sacred space. As you light the candle, place your right hand over your heart chakra and leftover sacral area, repeating the affirmation nine times and breathing deeply. Practice this daily until the candle has burned out, and then bind it up in orange tissue paper and leave it near your front door.  


Mars in Libra affirmation: I am prepared to take risks to create a life I love.  

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How to manifest: Soul intimacy 

Mars in Libra activates your sector of intimacy and transformation as you are encouraged to create space for the relationship that aligns with your soul. You can begin by writing down your affirmation on a slip of paper, folding it three times toward you to call it in and anointing it with rose essential oil while repeating your affirmation. When you're finished, please place this under your mattress and repeat the affirmation each evening before bed.  


Mars in Libra affirmation: I am holding space for a deep, intimate relationship in my life as I trust in the divine timing of the universe.  

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