What Each Zodiac Sign Can Manifest This Week, During The Pisces Full Moon

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Forget what you know and listen to how you feel. As you surrender to the waves of emotions the Full Moon in Pisces ushers you into, leave your logical mind on the shore and focus solely on how you feel. Spend time with yourself and validate your feelings regardless of what they might be, as you realize it is the only truth that matters.  

Pisces rules the subconscious and hosts qualities of each of the other eleven zodiac signs, making this an essential component to knowing what you will manifest in the coming days. During the week of August 28 – September 3, 2023, you can expect to receive intuitive downloads as this water sign helps bring you closer to the divine and your connectedness to the world around you. 



It's a moment to recognize it's not about the physical thing you want to manifest but instead the feeling. As you reflect on creating an intention this week, Full Moon's represents a release. However, in this case, it may be emotional as you focus on creating space for the feelings you want to cultivate.  

Adding even more depth and uniqueness, the Pisces Full Moon is the second one of August and is known as a Blue Moon, adding an aura of opportunity and chance as the stars converge to help bring you closer to your dreams. Believe in life-changing for the better within a moment, look at all possible and then align so deeply with your heart that nothing can come between you and your dream.  

For your rituals this week, focus on performing them under the Full Moon, when the cosmic light will be able to pour into you, charging yourself just as you would your sacred crystals during this time. Pisces rules herbs such as basil, lemon balm or borage, so incorporating these into your ceremonies will help you attune yourself more deeply with the current energy at play, along with cedarwood, sandalwood, patchouli and bergamot essential oils, which can assist you in tapping into the profoundly intuitive properties associated with this water sign.  

Look to the stars, charge Piscean crystals like amethyst, aquamarine, lapis lazuli, lighting cinnamon incense and journal what you want this next chapter in your life to feel like. Beginning here, in the only moment that matters, allow yourself to see this is the beginning of everything.

What each zodiac sign can manifest on August 28, during the Full Moon in Pisces:


How To Manifest: Releasing self-doubt to honor your intuition better 

Honor the Pisces Full Moon in your sector of dreams of intuition by creating more space to listen to this divine part of yourself. Begin by writing a letter detailing what you are releasing and creating space for. Then, under the light of the Full Moon, light cinnamon incense, dig a hole in your garden and add your letter and borage for courage. As you safely burn them, repeat your affirmation and pour a glass of water over it, symbolizing the element of Pisces, before covering it with soil.  

Weekly Affirmation: I am releasing any self-doubt so that I can better honor my intuition.  

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How To Manifest: Releasing unhealthy dynamics to create space for healthier ones 

The Pisces Full Moon activates your sector of goals and your support system, helping you to reflect on what you need to release to create space for what you genuinely desire. Begin by writing down what you are removing or no longer want to participate in on a piece of paper, folding it three times away from you.

Next, fill a mason jar with water halfway, adding in your letter and a few drops of cedarwood essential oil as you repeat your affirmation. Once you're ready, place it in the freezer and then take a few moments as you place your hand on your heart and call in all you desire.  

Weekly Affirmation: I am releasing unhealthy dynamics to create space for healthier, more supportive ones.

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How To Manifest: Releasing outdated professional goals to align with your soul's purpose 

Focus your ritual on letting go of outdated aspects of your professional life, as the Full Moon in Pisces calls you to align more to your soul's purpose. Create a garden altar using a green and violet candle, encircling them with lemon balm and placing an amethyst between them. As you sit in front of your space, place your right hand on your heart and merge your logical side with your intuitive one, reflecting on what changes you need to make to honor your purpose better. Write down anything that arose for you, and then turn the green candle upside down in the soil as the flame is extinguished. Leave it here, placing the amethyst on top and sprinkling cinnamon for prosperity.  

Weekly Affirmation: I am releasing any outdated professional goals as I align more closely with my soul's purpose.

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How To Manifest: Releasing old fears so you can embrace new opportunities 

The Piscean Full Moon activates your zone of abundance and expansion as you reflect on what you need to release to take advantage of all the opportunities in your life. Begin by individually writing down any fears or worries on basil leaves, then add them to an offering bowl. Then, sprinkle in borage as you speak out loud what you want to call in. As you burn your offering outside under the Full Moon, repeat your affirmation and return the cooled ashes to the earth.  

Weekly Affirmation: I am releasing old fears from my past to embrace all the new opportunities in my life for expansion.  

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How To Manifest: Releasing any stagnancy to create space for transformation 

Embrace the power of the Pisces Full Moon in your transformation sector as you surrender, and allow yourself to participate in the changes in your life. Begin by setting out a large mason jar of water to charge during this ritual, and then light an orange candle and sprinkle some lemon balm over it once it's lit.

Take an amethyst crystal and hold it over the flame while you repeat your affirmation, and then using some of the Moon water, extinguish the flame. Keep the crystal in your clothing and use the Moon water to drink by itself, or create tea in the morning with fresh lemon and honey to embody the transformation process fully. 

Weekly Affirmation: I am ready to embrace the transformation process as I release anything that is not adding to my life.  

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How To Manifest: Releasing any past romantic energy so you can fully receive the love you desire 

Take time to release any past romantic feelings affecting your current relationship, as the Pisces Full Moon activates this area of your life. Begin by lighting a pink candle and drawing a heart with red on a piece of paper. Write inside the heart all you are releasing, and then use the melted wax from the candle to bind it in. Please fold the paper three times away from you, sending it out into the universe, tucking some borage into it. Then, safely burn using the pink candle's flame, burying the cooled ashes and sprinkling white rose petals on top for hope.  

Weekly Affirmation: I am focusing on clearing my energy from past romantic relationships as I am open to receiving the love I desire.  

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How To Manifest: Releasing any unhealthy behaviors to create greater well-being 

Allow yourself to reflect on what you need to release or change to feel like your best self as the Piscean Full Moon activates your sector of well-being. Fill an offering plate with water, place a blue candle and encircle it with lemon balm and basil. As you light the candle, repeat your affirmation as you pay attention to the reflections of light from the water around you.

Allow your candle to burn for six minutes, a symbol of more excellent health and then turn it upside down in the water to extinguish it. Place it on a west-facing windowsill to honor the water element and return the rest of the ingredients to the earth.  

Weekly Affirmation: I am focused on my well-being as I release unhealthy behaviors and strive to feel my best.  

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How To Manifest: Releasing any karmic ties so you can fully embrace the life you desire 

The Pisces Full Moon activates your sector of joy and commitment, helping you cut ties with anything and anyone which only holds you back from the life you desire. Begin by going outside and lighting a black candle for protection. Sprinkle some borage around its base for greater courage, then cut lengths of red string, one for each tie you'd like to sever.

As the candle is lit, tie each string section into a knot, say aloud what or who it represents and place it to the side. After you've finished creating the ties you need to cut, please place them in an offering dish with basil or cinnamon for luck and burn them using the flame of the black candle as you repeat your affirmation. Place the cooled ashes in the earth and place a heavy stone on top to keep them where they need to be.  

Weekly Affirmation: I am cutting any karmic ties to align myself with the life I desire to live fully. 

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How To Manifest: Releasing toxic family dynamics to create space for healthy connections 

As the Piscean Full Moon lights up your sector of home and family, take a moment to reflect on what you need to release so you can call in what you truly desire. Create a smudge using borage, lemon balm, basil and white sage to cleanse yourself and your home while intending greater abundance. As you smudge yourself and your home, visualize what you are releasing while repeating your affirmation and sprinkle the cooled ashes around your front steps.  

Weekly Affirmation: I am releasing toxic family dynamics to create space for healthy connections and my dream home.  

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How To Manifest: Releasing self-sabotaging behaviors so you can honor your soul's growth 

Embrace the Pisces Full Moon in your communication sector as you commit to ending self-sabotaging behaviors to honor your soul's growth more deeply. Begin by anointing a blue candle with bergamot essential oil, and as you light it, write a letter to yourself stating what you are releasing and that you are safe to be more emotional and vulnerable with those in your life. Once finished, safely burn your letter outside while repeating your affirmation, adding the cooled ashes to a glass of water to symbolize the element of Pisces and then pour it beneath a basil plant.  

Weekly Affirmation: I am releasing the self-sabotaging behaviors that only block the abundance I seek as I more deeply honor my soul's growth.  

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How To Manifest: Releasing any unworthiness, allowing you to step into your true power 

The Piscean Full Moon will shine a light on your value sector, helping you see how to release feelings of unworthiness as you allow yourself to step more into your power. Create a sacred sachet using borage for courage, lemon balm for truth and amethyst to represent your soul. As you bind this with a violet ribbon, repeat your affirmation and place it under your pillow while you sleep.  

Weekly Affirmation: I am releasing my feelings of unworthiness as I commit to stepping into my true powerfully.  

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How To Manifest: Releasing outdated perspectives to create space for divine truth 

As you surrender to the waters of your annual Full Moon, focus on how much you have grown since last year's lunation in Pisces, as this affects your sense of self and beliefs. Create a sacred bath to honor your transformation and help you grow into the next level of your life by adding the essential oils of cedarwood, sandalwood and bergamot to a warm bath and lighting a white candle for new beginnings and scattering some white rose petals into the water. As you submerge yourself in the seas, place your hands on your heart and repeat your affirmation, allowing yourself to reflect on what you need to release to embrace the truth and opportunities from the divine.

Weekly Affirmation: I am releasing outdated perspectives to create space for the divine truth as I grow into the next level of my life.  

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