Weekly Horoscopes For August 21-27 For All Zodiac Signs

Featuring the transition into Virgo season and yet another Mercury retrograde.

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The weekly horoscopes for August 21-27, 2023 for all zodiac signs include a transition into Virgo season, the start of a Mercury retrograde cycle and a Scorpio Moon, among other notable transits.

We are not predicting the future here but merely working with the transits in ways that may help us learn more about ourselves. This week is plentiful and rich regarding astrological changes and transitions.


We center our focus on the Mercury retrograde that occurs midweek, and we utilize the many, many planetary transits that be to overcome obstacles and improve on what we already have to work with. Notable transits this week are a Scorpio Moon that resolves itself in Sagittarius as well as the major passage of Leo into Virgo — that's a big one and will steady the course. We will see many things come into focus this week, and in terms of love and romance, we may come to know our partners (or future partners) even better. We are looking at Mars opposite Neptune, which will place many of us on the negative side of our thoughts, but we will be redeemed by Venus square Jupiter and several other helpful Jupiter transits. 


Mercury goes into its retrograde which always brings a modicum of trouble regarding technical difficulties and communication breakdowns. Luckily, we have the Moon trine Venus on our side for this one and Mars in Libra to help us fight for what we believe is right. Thanks to this transit, we will bounce back if we are throttled. We leave the week in Virgo Sun, with the Moon trine Mercury, which helps us be rational and realistic.

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August 21 - 27 weekly horoscopes for all zodiac signs


What's on your mind this week is money, Aries, and while you may not feel like you're in the best place to spend freely, you might just treat yourself and a friend anyway. This week has you throwing caution to the wind simply because you are tired of being held down by circumstances. You crave freedom and autonomy. If being alone suits you best, so be it. Go for it.



You may be taking the long way to get where you want to be, but getting there is the whole point. You are learning from past lessons this week, Taurus, and you don't care how you reach success. All you know is that you will get it and feel good about yourself for putting in the effort. This is a strong week for resolve. You know where you're going and what to expect.


If you don't end up hearing the news you've been expecting to hear this week, Gemini, then you need to cope with it pronto rather than extend the disappointment past the week. It's OK, you've been here before, and you also know that you tend to expect too much at times, which often leads to disappointment. Mercury retrograde may play stop-and-go with you. It's nothing you can't handle.


This week has you relying on knowledge you spent a long time acquiring, and it's nice to know that it certainly does come in handy when needed. You will be the one person that sits on the truth during this week, and your advice will help others and create new paths for them so they may succeed. You are generous and wise during the week of August 21- 27, 2023.

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You are happy to march out of Leo season, knowing it's been good for you. Virgo season greets you midweek, and you are ready for it. You've needed the kind of pragmatism that Virgo Sun offers, especially during the Mercury retrograde cycle. What doesn't work for you is easily dealt with, as you are particularly realistic and down to earth from August 21- 27, 2023.


Your feeling is that if you must endure, so shall it be. You've been going through hard times and feel like you're about to give up. Is there such a thing as giving up? That's poetry rather than reality, and during the week of August 21- 27, 2023, you will own the reality and give up the frilly notion that all is lost. Nothing is lost, and all endures — and so will you.


You can stand back and witness the events of your life during the week of August 21- 27, 2023, as you feel impartial to the drama. Because Mercury is retrograde, communications may not work like clockwork, but knowing things take time allows you to go with the flow more. You aren't threatened by bad timing or things not working out. You give everything time, and you have the patience of a saint.


You've done a great job. It's time to press on. You are eager to be again and so fearless that you inspire others. The week of August 21- 27, 2023, has you knowing that you have created something secure for yourself and those you love. You can work through the week without worry. You have made a foundation for success and are happy to move forward.


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Opportunities are plentiful for you this week, Sagittarius, as many of the things that you only thought were possible in your mind seem to be manifesting left and right for you during the week of August 21- 27, 2023. You are in your power now and can even make the retrograde work in your favor. You know when to be quiet and speak up, which has become somewhat of an art for you.


While you know how to handle an unruly situation, you are not always pleased to be the one everyone turns to when they need help. Fortunately, you can turn a rough situation into a productive one, and during the week of August 21- 27, 2023, you'll find that many people need you. Mercury retrograde makes communication harder, but in the end, it's always up to you to straighten things out, and you do it with ease and expertise.


This week has you feeling as though you are being tugged this way and that and all you have in mind is getting a good night's sleep... though sleep may be hard to get during the week of August 21- 27, 2023. You are in control of your environment, but you are also obligated to be there for others, and while this could bring on resentment, you'll do what's needed and get past it just as easily. 



Big changes occur this week, and while they come in ways you did not expect, you will find that if you didn't welcome them, you'd be stuck in a situation that might be awful for you. In other words, you will do something during the week of August 21- 27, 2023 that will change your life radically because you are pressed to do so. There is no choice here. You need this change, and the more you accept it, the better your life will become.

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