The 3 Zodiac Signs Who See Improvement In Their Relationships On August 20, 2023

When the Moon sextiles Venus on August 20, three zodiac signs will be extra lucky in love.

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We may be lucky today to admit that we need love and affection. While that might seem 'doable' enough, it's not always the case with everyone. The need for love is often not met because, well, we're shy or we are afraid to admit that we feel needy. The idea of being needy may put someone off and if we need love and caresses, then the last thing we want to show is that we'll fall apart if we don't get what we need.


All of this is brought to the foreground on August 20, 2023, because of the transit Moon sextile Venus, a sensitive transit that stirs emotions in three zodiac signs.

During Moon sextile Venus, we let our guard down and do it intentionally. We want our partners to take notice. We may not say exactly what we mean in words, but our body language will be quite apparent during Moon sextile Venus. We want love, and we are not about to hold back.

This doesn't necessarily mean we are needy. It's more like saying we are willing. We are open to the idea of being loved, and that's the difference here. We are open. Our hearts are open. Our minds are available, and our bodies are coming for the ride.


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On August 20, 2023, three zodiac signs will be all too happy to receive the power that comes with Moon sextile Venus and see relationships improve.

Relationships stand to improve during transits such as this one because we let our guards down now. What works for us works for our partner, and these three zodiac signs will find that everything we do together today works like clockwork. We know the meaning of love and intimacy on this day, and we are happy to have such luck in our lives.

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)


You have always known yourself to be a very physical person and when it comes to love, you know who you are and what you're about. On August 20, 2023, during the transit of Moon sextile Venus, you will find that you are in touch with your emotions and want to share what's on your mind with the person you are having a romantic relationship with. If you open up the conversation, you can take it into the physical, where you feel you can express yourself even further.

The mood is all about love and sharing on this day, and you are fortunate to be the apple of your partner's eye, so whatever you share will be reciprocated. You are most certainly not alone today, Aries. Your love will be matched and so will your passion. Today is an auspicious, loving day for you. Honor it and enjoy it.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)


You aren't the lusty monster your zodiac sign makes you out to be. You are one of the most loyal and devoted signs of the zodiac. When you fall in love, you are true to your partner and on this day, August 20, 2023, you will find that your passion for them exceeds your ability to hold back. That's not to say that you'll be jumping their bones, but it is to say that during Moon sextile Venus, you'll let your partner know what you have in mind.

You can't help but attract them, as you are very alluring and appealing to this person. Today lets you express yourself in ways that suit you to a tee. You can show your feelings and find your romantic partner more beautiful than anything. They appreciate your feelings and return the compliment.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)


Once you let yourself go, you allow yourself the freedom of being someone who is madly in love and desirous of the person you are with. Today, August 20, 2023, brings you great freedom of expression because the transit of Moon sextile Venus inspires you to let it all hang out.

Today holds no room for inhibitions, and it will be on this day that you and your romantic partner discover new and wondrous things about each other — something you may not have known about before. The kicker is it's all interesting and positive. Nobody's fighting today and nobody has the urge to. You'll notice during Moon sextile Venus that you and your mate are super compatible. If love is the outcome, then the journey that takes you there will be pleasant.

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