3 Zodiac Signs May See Red Flags In A Relationship On July 25, During Moon Square Pluto

No one likes to feel trapped or controlled in love.

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Three zodiac signs may see red flags in their relationships on July 25, during Moon square Pluto, and it may be a dealbreaker. Whenever we have a transit the likes of Moon square Pluto, we are looking at some kind of struggling, be it internal or external. There's a power play at hand and one of the feelings we get today, during it, is that we are losing control — and that starts to make us feel trapped and claustrophobic.




On July 25, 2023, the transit of Moon square Pluto is at large and it will toy with the minds of three zodiac signs; it will topple our house of cards in terms of our romantic lives, and it may even make us feel trapped in those relationships. We will notice things today that we might not have seen before, and if we think too long about it, we will recognize something in ourselves: we are unhappy. We feel imprisoned by unhappiness and it will be on this day that we feel compelled to break free.


One thing that may occur on this day is that, in some kind of effort to make things right between ourselves and our partners is that we will try to establish boundaries. In doing so, we might be able to find some of the freedom that we seek. If we are able to successfully create our own space, one that is ours alone, we might be able to get through the day without feeling like we have to run away.

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July 25 promises to be challenging, because we are depending on our partners to agree to our terms, and that alone makes us feel as though we are trapped. We don't want to have to demand anything. We simply want to be understood and complied with. All we want is to be free — not necessarily 'out' of the relationship. These three zodiac signs will experience this today, during the Moon square Pluto.

Three zodiac signs who see red flags in their relationships on July 25:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)


On this day, July 25, 2023, you feel the distinct feeling that your partner wants to control you, and you really don't like it. This is because when Moon square Pluto is in the sky influencing your zodiac sign, feelings of oppression rise to the surface. You are not someone who likes to feel as though you are being crushed by the inability to either speak up or move freely.

You feel judged by your partner and not only do you feel this is massively unfair, it makes you want to flee. You don't just feel rebellious, you feel as though you'll die of asphyxiation if you don't escape whatever it is that's going on. Can this be resolved with words, can you talk it out? Quite possibly, but that might not cover all the emotions you are feeling. Today gives you the impression that you need to break free or the real trouble will start in earnest.

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2. Libra 

(September 23 - October 22)


What disappoints you so much on this day, July 25, 2023 is that you feel as though your romantic partner is re-writing the rule-book, and while, of course, there was never such a thing as an actual 'rule-book,' you did at one point believe that you understood each other's boundaries.

Your partner seems to have forgotten why the two of you were attracted to each other in the first place, and during the Moon square Pluto, you'll see that they are seriously trampling on your edge of the boundary, so to speak. You desperately need your privacy and your space to think on your own; you need freedom and the knowledge that you are the one who lives your life, not them. Today's transit will get on your nerves to the point where you may find yourself taking a long walk, on your own, wondering if you'll ever return.

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3. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)


What you might want to avoid doing today is being a little too aggressive in your approach towards setting up boundaries between you and your partner. You need your space and your freedom, and during Moon square Pluto on July 25, 2023, you'll feel this like a burning need; there is no conversation here, there are only the results that you will have by the end of the day.

While you are completely in the right, you may need to take a look at yourself while you are making demands to see if perhaps you need to be less controlling and more adaptable. You can't play the victim on this one, Scorpio. You need to to work with your partner so that you can both exist in freedom and in love. This is doable; don't give up and do NOT walk away in anger.

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