The 3 Zodiac Signs Whose Wishes For Love Come True This Month, Thanks To The Full Moon In Aquarius

Someone's in for a big, happy surprise.

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Look to the Moon on the first day of the month and make your wishes because we have a Full Moon in Leo, and it is here to help make dreams come true. If you want love, start concentrating now because love energy works best in a positive environment, and the universe responds well to the one who wishes the hardest. August is all about making dreams come true. The heat is on, the summer is made for love and the connections are all around us. Several Venus transits support us, and we are assisted by the mighty power of the Leo sun season. It's time. Let's make it real.




Three zodiac signs are about to see major positive changes in their love lives, and all of them will feel like luck has finally smiled down upon them. Love is elusive, and when we have it, find it or know it's real, it's a delicate and precious thing. During August of 2023, three zodiac signs will finally be in the presence of real love. Now it's up to us what we do with it. There are no lessons other than what we've learned through previous experience. 


We can automatically get a hint at who the three lucky zodiac signs will be because we have the Sun transiting Jupiter and Venus. Look closely at the Sun, Jupiter and Venus — all in favorable positions. Whoever is ruled by these cosmic bodies will reap the rewards of great luck during August. The placement and position of these transits make it very clear who will rise to the top of the Love Heap during August 2023.

Three zodiac signs whose wishes come true during the Full Moon in Aquarius:

1. Taurus 

(April 20 - May 20)

Oh, how you have paid the price for your excellent love life now. Well, that's if it works that way, but it feels like it does. You and your partner have done all the right things regarding what it takes to make a love relationship work out. Now, it's August, and so much of what made up the 'work' is balanced out, and guess what? It's playtime. This is when you take full advantage of the summer and its stereotypes.

That means you'll travel and have adventures galore with the person you love and adore most. You know you don't have a perfect person, but who cares? You've realized that you're not perfect person, and in a way, the idea of imperfection bonds the two of you together. August brings the idea that you are made for each other, and no one will get in the way of that thinking.


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2. Leo 

(July 23 - August 22)

It just doesn't go wrong for you during this time, and that's not just because it's Leo season but because you happen to be a fantastic person who loves life and is ready for anything. The hard times are over; it's official. Whatever you and your partner had to go through to get to this place is done and over with, and you are both eternally grateful for that.

Leo season stokes you with so many fun ideas and your partner is always right by your side, willing to go along with all of your insane ideas. When Virgo season kicks in, you'll be so established in your strength that you won't feel threatened by anything. You and your partner can take this month as an example of the right thing to do. You are good to your person, and they are good to you in return. Cherish this month, Leo, as it is a very good one.


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3. Sagittarius 

(November 22 - December 21)

It's taken you this long to get to the place where you, of all people, can finally say that your love life is supreme. Oh yes, it can happen to you, Sagittarius, and it will happen during August 2023. All the Jupiter energy enables you to be yourself and gives you the confidence to be yourself in the face of someone else's opinion of lifestyle.

In other words, the person you will share your life with, the person you love and adore, is also willing to accept you as you are ... and vice versa. You cannot be in a relationship unless the other party knows what they're getting into with you because you're so weird and unique. The keeper you got is the person who loves you for that reason. Someone loves you, Sagittarius. Push the doubt away, baby, because this one is real.


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