Horoscope For Today, July 3, 2023, During The Full Moon In Capricorn

This Full Moon is a gentle energy helping each of us to find what we need and make room for it.

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The week starts with a powerful energy: the Full Moon in Capricorn. This Full Moon is a once-a-year event where we receive its annual presence during Cancer season. Full Moons are times of energetic release, and so we are being invited by the universe to let go of something in our lives related to Capricornian themes. Overwork, underpay, lack of respect and even a sense of duty and misplaced obligations. We have seen it happening already. Now that Pluto has reentered Capricorn, some workplace restructuring may take root.

Some corporations have put a halt to remote work, and employees are boycotting unfair practices in the workplace. This Moon will brush against Pluto in Capricorn, promoting effective government and governmental leaders changes. We anticipate this to be positive and something good for us all. To find out what this means for each zodiac sign in astrology, check out your Sun, Moon or Rising sign's horoscope for July 2.

Your zodiac sign's daily horoscope for Monday, July 03, 2023.

Aries (March 21 - April 19)


Trim the fat from your life, Aries. Today's Full Moon in Capricorn is an invitation to remove obstacles and emotional blocks that keep you from creating the life that you want to live.

This month is a pivotal one for you, and the universe misses no opportunities to get your attention. The Moon is like a giant lamp guiding you to let go of the things you once needed, but have outgrown.

Guilt can be a barrier to truth because you're still dealing with Chiron in your sign. But negative emotions can be both truth-teller and liar. Everything you have done brought you here, and everything you do to day will take you down a new path.

Today, consider the direction you want your life to take, and make it a point to release fear, ego and things that stop people from becoming great. Tap into your heart, and let love guide your path.

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Taurus (April 20 - May 20)


Taurus, you are smart, but book smarts will only take you so far. You need something more than knowledge of facts and data; what people want to see in you is emotional intelligence.

The Full Moon in Capricornwill bring up themes regarding academics and learning. You may complete a chapter in your life where you had to learn certain lessons to help you become braver, more assured and a less fearful about the future.

But this road can take you down the path where you forget how far you've come, and worse, where you came from. Today, read the room when you're speaking more than others.

Pay attention to body language. If you see shoulders slump, it may mean you've become the know-it-all ... this is where Mercury in Cancer steps in to help you speak the language of understanding and kindness.

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Gemini (May 21 - June 20)


You can't control people, and you can't make them do something just because you think it's what they ought to do. As a thinking zodiac sign, you often are light year's ahead of others, and while your mind often helps you avoid problems you can't lend your wisdom to a person who doesn't want to receive advice.

Today's Full Moon is painful on many levels today as it's teaching you how to gently hold people close to your heart without having to feel the impact of their mistakes in your soul. You've being given a deep gift of mercy from the universe: love without expectations, but not without loss of hope.

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Cancer (June 21 - July 22)


Every year you get one Full Moon during your birthday season, and this Moon invites you to look at your key relationships. Some of the people you have allowed into your life have served a special and unique purpose, but as seasons change so will the role you play in each other's lives. Sometimes you grow closer and other times you grow further apart. Both are perfectly OK.

Today's Moon is highlights what matters most in each person you spend time with on a daily basis. These moments are pivotal. You will become more aware of what's working, what's not working, how things can change, what's healthy and what is toxic.

As Stephen King once said, "No good friends, no bad friends; only people you want, need to be with. People who build their houses in your heart." You don't have to live in that house though, and you also don't have to visit more often then you desire.

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Leo (July 23 - August 22)


What are your habits, Leo. If you pay attention to your habits, the small micro choices you make each day, eventually you will know who you are and what you are on the road to becoming.

Habits make you, and they can also destroy your future, hence the meaning of today's Full Moon in Capricorn. It's your universe saying it's time to stop doing things that sabotage your life and start working on improving your choices to build a solid foundation and future.

When the Moon leaves Capricorn in the next few days this feeling of urgency won't lift for you, Leo. You've got Pluto retrograde working on your habits and routine sector for the next three months.

It can take up to 60 days to break a habit and almost a whole year to form one. This means you've got time to replace a negative with a positive before the end of this year. Why not do it?

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Virgo (August 23 - September 22)


Let's talk about one of your pain points, Virgo. You see something plain as day, know how it can be done better, but when you share your advice no one seems to care or listen. The problem is that lately you're the one who has suddenly stopped caring and you have also stopped listening to your inner voice.

You've matured during this silence, and now you are ready to break away from the acceptance and acknowledgment of others. This time has been dull for you. Life have become less interesting. You're not creating things as you used to do, and you're also not excited about the little moments that thrilled you in the past.

Today, there's a chance to rebirth your heart in a big way ... the Full Moon in Capricorn. This Moon will be going over your play sector and it's cleaning house. Life has been serious long enough. Now it's time to reconnect with your inner child and let it come out again to embrace joy, believe in the impossible and to do what you know is best.

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Libra (September 23 - October 22)


This Full Moon is about bringing balance into your life starting with your home. You have a deep desire to have all your ducks in a row so you can feel like you've accomplished your dreams but also have fulfilled your responsibilities to society as a human being.

Listen to the words of the late U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg once said, 'You can't have it all at once." It's not sustainable ... there are only 24 hours in a day, and if you try to cook every organic meal and still put in your 40+ hours at work, you'll burn yourself out in no time.

Bring things back into perspective, Libra. All things must have their place, and the same goes for phases of life. Nothing can stop you fromhaving a high-paying job with a great title, or paying off your school loans, while you drive a nice car. You can get married and have a child before you turn 40, but, take some pressure off of yourself. You don't have to be perfect and do it all at once. Pace yourself, as you check each item on your to-do list off. Live each day one moment at a time.

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Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)


One thing a person learns about anger is that it is very important to get things out in the open so you can work through the hurt of betrayal and start the healing process.

The Full Moon in Capricorn gives you a chance to face a truth that you perceive to be unpleasant, but it also provides you with the courage and strength you need to adjust to the situation, handle it and then let go so you can heal and not hold on to a grudge. When feelings rise to the surface during a Full Moon phase, it can come out as a type of explosion.

Have you been bottling anger inside? Biting your tongue to avoid a conflict works for a little while, but it's unhelpful to your heart. Today you could suddenly come to the realization that peace sometimes takes the path of war, and when you fight a battle, you make way for self-respect, closure and sometimes goodbye.

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Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)


Money comes and it goes. This Full Moon may bring an unexpected surprise to your financial life: a bill. While this may feel like 'the worst thing to happen to you' there can be an opportunity to work something out in your favor.

With an expense comes a heightened sense of urgency. You may decide it's time to take a second job or double-down on a hobby that has promise for profitability. With your ruling planet, Jupiter in Taurus, a part of you may feel too lazy to push yourself harder toward success.

But Jupiter in Taurus can line your pockets with money, if you don't slack and delay gratification. What you enjoy now, wouldn't you like to have more of? That's what you need to be thinking about: a nice, cushy-comfy future.

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Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)


What don't you like about yourself? While that can be a tough question to answer, a Full Moon in your sign is an opportunity to purge your life of the things that weigh you down.

While it's natural to point the finger at other people, there's always one common denominator in the equation: you. You are the one who gets to decide what you allow in your life and what you will disallow. You are the person who commands your time and also your schedule.

Of course, there are situations and circumstances you have to abide by each day, but today is an opportunity to truly embrace the idea of control. It can be scary, but remember the Serenity Prayer.

Write it down and keep it where you can read it each day, "God, Grant me the serenity to accept the things I can't change; and the courage to change the things I CAN."

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Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)


You can't erase the past, but you can rewrite the future, and someone may be walking away from your life because they feel the need to move on. Being ghosted stinks, but today's Full Moon in Capricorn is a reminder of how life comes in cycles.

As a zodiac sign ruled by Saturn, one of the toughest planets in astrology, you understand the art of letting go more than most. But today you might struggle a little to accept losses as gains.

It's so much easier to say you're blessed and thankful when things are going well. But it's so much harder to say you're happy, satisfied or content when you're losing something in your life.

Today you may not like to eat the slice of humble pie you've been served. But with time, you will see this day as a blessing, and maybe you'll even feel gratitude for losing what you thought you needed.

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Pisces (February 19 - March 20)


You can over socialize in the name of being friendly. While it's great to be popular and to get invited to functions and events, you have to ask yourself which ones are part of your brand.

How do you want to present yourself to the world. In the past, you felt you had to give it all away for free: your attention, time and talent. But now your time and talent are worth much more.

You don't have to go to every party to show face and make sure you're remembered. The right people find you, and the ones who don't get to meet you in-person will discover you by word of mouth referral. It's good to be selective with your energy, and that's what this Full Moon will teach you: judiciousness.

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