How 3 Zodiac Signs Meet Their Match In Love On July 3, During The Moon Trine Jupiter

So, you're into that, too? Wow.

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Do you know what we have today? On July 3, we have the perfect setup for three zodiac signs to meet their match in love and business, which comes in the form of Moon trine Jupiter. So, why should we care about love and business, and how do the two meet up in our personal lives? Well, it works like this.

On July 3, 2023, those born under three specific zodiac signs will recognize that our work lives are as important as our love lives. Yes, this is real. Money is important to us, and to deny that fact is to deny our reality. We want the money, and we want the love … are we still considering money to be the enemy? Let's hope not.




This is important today because we must be upfront and honest when choosing a partner and meet people who value the same things. We don't want to create faux situations that we can't live up to, and for some of us, today is the day we finally meet someone who can admit that love is of utmost importance. That's where Moon Trine Jupiter comes into play. We are here to win it, which means love and money. Today is the day we meet our match in love, so why not come clean with the reality that we are living in?


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Moon Trine Jupiter is associated with happiness, growth, expansion and self-understanding. When we are involved with other people romantically, it's best, to be honest about who we are. Today allows us to get to know someone who isn't so much 'identical' to us as they perfectly match our values. These three zodiac signs meet their love match today, July 3, 2023.

Three zodiac signs who meet their match in love on July 3:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

You have gathered enough information to know exactly what you want in a lover; now, you're not messing around. Whoever this person turns out to be, they will have to pass certain very stringent tests, and one thing is for sure, you aren't going to stand for anyone who you feel still has a 'ways to go before they mature.


You have built a life for yourself on your own. Nobody gave it to you for all the fight and might attribute it to you. You are equally as romantic and loving. During the transit of Moon Trine Jupiter on July 3, 2023, you will meet someone, and at first, you will give them the benefit of the doubt. They seem nice, they seem … real … but you'll be watching closely as this picture is still unfolding. They have potential. They could very well turn out to be your perfect love match. We shall see...

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

Similar to your fire zodiac sign buddy, Aries, you, too, have come to the place in your life where you aren't about to dumb yourself down for the sake of someone you find attractive, especially when you know in your heart that this person is not on your level emotionally. You aren't about wasting time, and you do have patience.


During Moon Trine Jupiter, you'll find someone in your life who rises above all the others. While you may not have noticed them before, there's something in the air today, July 3, 2023, and you see them as someone who matches you in almost every area. They believe in the same crazy things that you believe in, and that kind of tickles you. This looks promising. It seems you've met your match, Leo. Whoa.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

You have set the standard so high that it's been nearly impossible for anyone to reach them, and perhaps, you've done that intentionally to avoid getting entangled with someone who might break your heart. Still, now that your standards are named and listed, you don't see the point in letting your guard down. If someone is meant for you, they will find you, which is your attitude.


Your friends laugh at you for your hubris but don't understand that you don't NEED a partner. If you are so lucky as to get one, then they have to be ideal and that's that. During Moon Trine Jupiter, the chances of meeting that person are so high that you should not be surprised if suddenly everything changes. You are about to meet your match, Sagittarius. Stay open because this might be good!

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