4 Zodiac Signs May See Significant Improvements In Their Relationships This Week, Thanks To The Full Moon In Capricorn

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The week of July 3 - 9, four zodiac signs see the most significant relationship improvements, mostly because of the Full Moon in Capricorn. No matter which zodiac sign you are, during this Full Moon, you will be encouraged to embrace your relationship with yourself as the barometer for what is occurring within your romantic relationship. While any challenge or obstacle is always because of both you and your partner, at times, depending on your growth, it can affect things, sometimes even leading you to see things more pessimistically than they are.


Neptune has recently begun its retrograde and, while often jarring, can provide a space of greater clarity to focus on what needs to be dealt with to improve your relationship. Coupled with the Full Moon on July 3, there is a brilliant opportunity to focus on the love agreements between you and your partner. Whether this is a real commitment or an arrangement you've made for your relationship, you can enjoy the growth they've brought into your life and create a stable connection.



The Full Moon in Capricorn will always reveal what is secure versus what is built on a whim, helping you root out the weaknesses to strengthen your relationship enough to weather any storm. Helping you with this, Mars, in Virgo, is giving you a chance to go slower in this phase of your relationship as you focus on what will build a lifelong love affair with each other.


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Mars also encourages you to understand your passions more deeply to continue building a life on what matters most to you — and your partner. Together, it inspires you to love from the inside out by focusing on yourself, your healing, and your part in the current relationship dynamic while allowing you to repair anything weak or damaged. A relationship is best when both people understand it's them against the world — and never against one another. 

Relationships improve for these four zodiac signs this week:

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22) 

Starting July 3, you will benefit from the Full Moon in Capricorn and reach a turning point in your life. You may find that this week is about enjoying life and making improvements on choices you've already made this year.


Capricorn is your sister zodiac sign, so while it governs your romantic sector, it does offer quite different energy from your zodiac sign — which can be a positive, as it tends to compliment you, enabling you to find more excellent balance. While you are more focused on the emotional, Capricorn looks at the logic. Finding your sense of balance between the two creates tremendous success for you and your relationship.

The Full Moon in Capricorn may bring up commitment issues and may require you to renegotiate the container you've previously created for your relationship. This is especially true with asteroid Pallas and Mars entering Virgo and activating themes around your communication sector. Only you can make relationship decisions that align with what you truly need.

No matter how much you try not to hurt others, even to keep a family together, if you are not honoring your truth, you're also not living from it. You may have to reflect on many of the details or the less romantic aspects of love this week as you are encouraged to sort through things to find a greater sense of connection and stability. If you've been challenged in your relationship to the point of considering ending it, this is when you will have all the resources available to bring in more incredible healing if that is what you choose.  

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2. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20) 

You always hold a completely different view of love, yet you often second-guess it. You see things differently, more unconditionally, and usually also more romantic. You believe in great love and great comebacks; it's that life doesn't always seem to measure up to your dream. All of that, though, can change this week as Mars and asteroid Pallas enter Virgo, lighting up your romantic sector.  

Mars is the planet that rules passion, desire and the motivation to pursue what matters most at all costs. In Virgo, it must take its time and not rush ahead as it looks through the details and what goes into making a dream a reality. Focusing on what is practical always ends up being beneficial to you, even if it feels challenging. Part of your most extraordinary magic is in how you see life, but with Mars in Virgo, your passions will be heightened, and you'll also be able to focus on what you need to do to make it real.  

Asteroid Pallas governs wisdom, so it knows that, although uncomfortable, you're being asked to focus on the details now so they don't come back later with a vengeance. Together with Mars in Virgo, you are entering an incredible time for focusing on creating a romantic life with your partner. It's not enough to love one another but to have the conversations, planning sessions and compromises which go into creating a life together.  


A great deal of passion surrounds you right now. Mercury is in Cancer, activating themes of commitment. You could already have been having those deeper conversations with your partner. Sometimes, you shy away from this because it doesn't feel fun or romantic anymore, even though you have an excellent capacity for depth. This centers on your fears about things not working out, being left or even becoming heartbroken. You can move through those thoughts and remain open to receiving what you most desire.  

While great love always requires relative risk, for some, it requires vulnerability; yet it understands that you can't protect your heart and grow the connection you want with a partner. Let yourself take the risk this week. Have those conversations about the future, declare what they mean to you and let yourself be pulled toward your deepest passions — because it's there, you can make magic happen.  

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3. Taurus  

(April 20 - May 20) 


You have an exciting period coming up as you can embrace greater joy, expansion and commitment within your romantic life — all themes missing recently. It's normal for relationships to go through challenges or feel like you're growing apart sometimes, but what matters most is what you choose to do about it — together. Any challenge is a two-way street.  

The week of July 3 begins with the Full Moon in Capricorn, activating your luck and abundance sector as you become ready to embrace newness in your romantic relationship. This is your green light from the universe to take things to the next level and embrace your dreams as part of your relationship. Often, the most challenging aspect of a long-term relationship is the susceptibility to fall into the mundane rut. This happens when you stop experiencing new things, and it becomes more about checking items off your independent days together.  

By embracing the abundant opportunities of the Full Moon in Capricorn, you can infuse your relationship with a fresh new energy that will remind you why you fell in love in the first place. It's not always about lessons that relationships end, but when you stop investing in them as if they are no longer the most essential thing in your life.

After the Full Moon, Mars and asteroid Pallas will shift into Virgo, the ruler of your pleasure and commitment sector. Not only are you being guided to take things to the next level, but it looks as if the connection that you're in is truly one that nurtures you both overall. Mars governs motivation, while Pallas controls wisdom, together making this of knowing what you want and trusting when to go after it.  


It may be that this period of stagnancy in your romantic life has lasted longer than expected, to the point that you lost sight of what you could do to fix things or how deeply you feel for your partner. As the Full Moon in Capricorn rises, helping you seize a fresh new perspective, Mars and Pallas in Virgo will push you take steps to create greater joy and commitment in your relationship. All it takes is one moment to change everything, Taurus.

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4. Virgo  

(August 23 - September 22) 


This week, there is an emerging theme regarding how your healing is intrinsically tied to the growth of your relationship. Neptune and Saturn are retrograde in Pisces, ruler of your romantic sector, giving you time to slow down, reflect and focus on your intuition and healing. At the same time, though, the Full Moon in Capricorn activates your commitment and joy sector while Mars shifts into your sign of Virgo, injecting you with enthusiasm and passion. It's important to realize that depending on your relationship with yourself, you will affect the lens through which you view love and your relationship.

You can have everything you want, but it doesn't mean it will always remain a constant like that each day. Use the energy of Neptune and Saturn retrograde to focus on what is real, what lessons have surfaced for you, and even how intimately you listen to your inner knowing. As you do, you can embrace more of the positive energy the Full Moon in Capricorn brings. This will help you see that the more you heal yourself, the more you'll receive love.

You may know a tie back to romantic themes from the end of last year around December 23, 2022, so to make the most of this lunation and your relationship. try to spend some time reflecting on what you've learned since that time. When you make space for reflection, you also make space for growth. Once you do, Mars, in your sign of Virgo, will ensure you don't let a single opportunity for love pass you by.   

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