The 3 Zodiac Signs Who Will Have Luck In Love All July 2023

Summer lovin' happens so fast.

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There are three very fortunate zodiac signs who will see huge improvements in their love horoscopes during the entire month of July 2023. 

Let's look closer at what astrological 'support' we have during this month regarding love and romance. Starting July 1, we've got Sun sextile Jupiter to cover us with positive energy. This means that as soon as the month begins, many of us will already anticipate good times and loving thrills. On July 2 Venus square Uranus enters the picture, letting us know that our previous experience doesn't limit us.


Newness awaits us in the form of romance. As we get closer to Leo season on the 23rd, we feel more confident about 'just being ourselves.' Whereas sometimes we hold back in love as we think that maybe we aren't perfect or attractive enough, yada yada, we may find that Leo season delivers that mental face-life we've all needed.


Lots of healing energy is heading our way, too, as July promises many transits with Node energy, which means we can deal with the changes as they come our way. Newness and change don't intimidate us during this time. For the three zodiac signs which will benefit the most in love, we can't look forward to meeting some amazing new people who blow our minds and open our hearts. It's all positive energy for these three zodiac signs.

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Three zodiac signs are luckiest in love during the month of July 2023:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

What makes you feel like you are on top of the world during July 2023 is that all the pieces of your life finally fall into place. Your love life is exactly what you want, and that didn't come easily. You worked hard for this, and it looks like hard work definitely pays off in this regard.


During the Full Moon in Cancer, you and your partner might not see eye to eye, but that's part of what makes your relationship work so well. You don't agree on everything, and that keeps things alive in your head. Your partner keeps you on your toes, and you enjoy the vitality that this kind of attitude brings you.

Transits like Mercury opposite Pluto may even pit the two of you against each other, but that only makes the reconciliation feel all the better. North Node in Aries is a transit to watch for, coming on July 12, as this will mark a positive turning point in an already good romantic relationship.

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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)


There's a good reason why July works out so well for you in love: you enter the month flanked by Jupiter transits, and once you catch hold of that mighty positive energy, you don't let go. With the oncoming Leo season ahead, you just proceed as if you are the ruling monarch of the month. You own the place, Sagittarius ... at least, that's how your attitude brings you love, romance and happy times.

Communications are on your side during July, as Mercury transits add to your finesse. You can express yourself to your loved one in ways that are both charming and promising to them. You woo the world with your style, and if there was something you needed to 'get over' in the past, then consider it gotten over. You worked hard to get to where you can feel free with your love and confident with your body. July only heightens your sense of personal power.

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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)


Here comes a big surprise, Aquarius. That 'thing' that you didn't think would ever happen will happen, and the amount of love and enthusiasm it will bring you will be through the freaking roof! Just as you started to 'accept' that the love of your life would not show, in the walk, ready to be loved and ready to be with you and only you. There's a lot of Lilith energy surrounding you this month, and it gives you strength, but it also gives you nerve.

Now that this person is in your life and making it official, you'll lay down some rules because this person will not end up with the moniker of 'the one who got away.' You are dead serious about making the best of this situation, and you've got the Leo Sun to drive the point home. Success in love is what it's all about for you during July of 2023, Aquarius.

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