Why 3 Zodiac Signs Let Pride Get In The Way Of Love On June 30, During Neptune Retrograde

We are too proud to admit that we are wrong today.

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Pride gets in the way of love for three zodiac signs on June 30, thanks to Neptune retrograde this Friday. It's time to face the music, zodiac signs, and by this we mean that during the Neptune retrograde, things like 'reality' come home to greet us in big ways.

While Neptune is the planet and influence that is associated with dreams and fantasies, when this planet goes into its retrograde, as it will start to on Friday, June 30, we are forced to confront the reality, and for some zodiac signs, that's nearly impossible to do.


Today is the day we don't want to admit that some dream of ours is not only going to NOT come true, but that we've been fools for keeping that dream alive. Neptune retrograde is like a smack in the face; it's the wake up call that we absolutely did not want to hear, and for Aries, Taurus and Scorpio, we may flat out deny its presence.



Because we have held on to these dreams for dear life, the last thing we want to admit to on this day is that we were wrong. And, for three signs, the idea of that kind of omission is just not happening. We may feel way too proud to concede and if we are strong enough, or rather, in strong enough denial, we will let our pride dictate how we feel.


We are not going to believe. It's that simple. And if our dream of love is something we need to cling to, then no amount of Neptune retrograde is going to wake us up; we lead with out pride. We deny the reality that perhaps this great love that we were counting on isn't really happening at all. We'd just rather fantasize than face facts. And the facts are staring at us in the face today. We want love that doesn't exist for us.

Three specific zodiac signs are more stubborn than others; when we create something in our minds, it's canon. We don't budge. And so, during Neptune retrograde, we are way too proud to give up on our dreams, even if we end up showing the world that we are fools. We don't care. It's that simple. We are too proud to let this dream go.

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Why three zodiac signs let pride get in the way of love on June 30:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)


What you have today is more anxiety that you can handle, and so, rather than feel it, you stuff it down because if you let Neptune retrograde do its thing, you'll certainly end up having to look at the state of your life right now, and you, being an Aries, feel that you have control of your own life.

Today, you choose to deny something that's eating at you, and that might be that the person you love is simply not interested in you 'that way.' You aren't about to accept that you are being friend-zoned by someone you totally thought was into you, and while that hurts your pride, it's the same pride that's going to kick in and set you on a course of super-denial. How could anyone in the world not want to be in a relationship with you, you might think. Neptune retrograde has you avoiding reality so that you can spare yourself further pain.

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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)


There are things you seriously do not want to look at, because if you do, you feel as though you'll flip out and go stark raving bonkers. Life is hard enough, but do you have to lose faith in your dreams as well? That's what Neptune retrograde does to you, Taurus. It disrupts your illusion and when it comes to love, you have plenty of well-established illusions.

You aren't interested in seeing the other side of your partner's personality, and while you've always known they can be ornery or disruptive, the last thing you want to learn on this day, June 30, is that they are also a loser. A loser of all things. Yes, it seems that the person you've been paying for is not really going to live up to their end of the bargain, but, being that you won't accept that as truth, you'll let your pride lead the way, where you will deny that there's anything wrong. If you pretend it's all good, maybe it will be good, right?

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)


The one thing you don't want to look at is the one thing that's going to stare you in the face today and that is the idea that your love relationship is not doing well...at all. You don't want to admit to yourself or to your family that you were dead wrong in choosing the person you are presently with, and during Neptune retrograde, you might not be able to avoid looking at this problem straight in the eye.

What you see will tear you apart, and so, rather than confront the situation, you will turn your back on it, thinking that 'maybe it will go away' if you don't pay it any attention. There's a reality that comes to you on June 30, and because of the Neptune retrograde, you'll choose to ignore the facts, while convincing yourself that you could never make such a mistake. You pride is what helps you out today, but know that it won't last for long. Eventually, you're going to have to open your eyes.

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