What Makes July 2023 An Amazing Month For 3 Zodiac Signs

They have July jubilations coming up shortly.

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Which three zodiac signs will have the best monthly horoscopes starting July 2023? Our lives are interconnected in more ways than meets the eye. Every personal victory is never a singular undertaking.

From the small and invisible people who make our lives comfortable to the big and powerful people who make sweeping changes, it's important to remember this reality — especially during this Cancer season. You can even do a gratitude ritual on July 3 during the Full Moon in Capricorn to honor the world and our human interconnectedness.




Mercury in Leo and Mars in Virgo are this month's main astrological energies. So if you feel people are being smart-ass to you more than usual, this is why. You may find yourself doing this too! The problem is this can easily cause hurt feelings and a lot of conflict. So if you have a daily ritual that helps you stay grounded and patient, it will help you tremendously at this time. It can be jogging, meditation, journaling or even crocheting!


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Also, something needs to change if you are unhappy in your love life or relationship. Cancer season can make us go with the flow and compromise more than usual. Then everything comes to a head when the Sun moves into Leo and an explosive problem emerges on our hands. Be mindful of this in your close relationships this month. Now let's focus on the three zodiac signs with the best monthly horoscopes for July.

Three zodiac signs with the best monthly horoscopes for July 2023:

1. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

Leo, your mind will be extra-sharp and clear at the beginning of July. You will see right through any BS people try to force your way. Don't act as swiftly as you usually do. Some of you can smoke out your ill-wishers if you let them reveal more of their hand. Don't wait too long, either. Once Mars and Pallas move into Virgo, you may fall into procrastination mode, leading to more problems. It's a fine line to walk.


The transiting Mercury will move into Leo in the middle of July. With Venus currently in Leo, your love life will benefit tremendously from this joint energy. Some of you may even impress your dates or significant other with your flashing sense of humor and witty repartees. You will feel even more satisfied and happy if one thing leads to another.

Just be mindful of speaking too harshly when Moon moves through Leo. With Lilith currently here as well, you can alienate the wrong people or stir up unnecessary trouble. A daily grounding exercise will help you stay in control when needed.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)


Cancer, here's the thing. July will be a month of reckonings for you. This can feel harsh in the heat of the moment, but you are still on the best horoscopes list because the result will make you feel free and happy at last. Many of you have been holding back grievances against your mother or parents. Something will finally break the camel's back this month, causing you to hold them accountable for their misdemeanors. This is not a parent but an overbearing spouse for some of you.

With Pluto in Capricorn and Chiron in Aries squaring off with Cancer, this person will not change their ways even when you bring up the issue. They may even try to manipulate you into forgiving the unforgivable. This is your reckoning. Remember, their true colors will come to light once the Sun moves into Leo. They won't be able to hide anymore.

Challenges of this kind can feel nerve-wracking. Living with poison in your proximity is worse. As a Cancer, you are more sensitive to the toxicity. That's not a bad thing. Walking away from the fire is better than developing calluses that allow people to burn you repeatedly. The end of the month will be relatively relaxed for you. It all depends on how you master this reckoning.

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3. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

The energy of July is not set in stone for you, Virgo. You are still on the best horoscopes list because this gives you the power to write your destiny. The beginning of the month will be fairly easygoing for you. You may even find yourself with a lot of extra time. Use it for rest and rejuvenation or creative ventures. It's totally up to you.

As Mars moves into Virgo, things will pick up near the middle of the month. You may even feel a boost in your drive. Some of you will wake up earlier than usual and be surprised by how great you feel despite the odd hours. The pace won't be overly hectic for you. Unlike the other zodiac signs, you are not in the ill-will path of any outer planet right now. Even Saturn in Pisces won't be focused so heavily on you. The end of the month will be a different story.


Once the transiting Moon moves through Virgo, you may feel more jittery than usual. Lilith in Virgo will also annoy you with the smallest things. So be mindful of that, or you may be more conflicted. You can wear a sunstone pendant to help you stay clear-headed or a blue crystal with calming properties.

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