3 Specific Zodiac Signs May Feel Betrayed On June 29, During Moon Opposite Uranus

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zodiac signs feel betrayed june 29

Betrayal just wouldn't be betrayal without a set-up that deceives. When we are betrayed, we aren't just 'done wrong,' we are usually part of a great lie that was constructed that lead us to think we were safe. When the lie unravels, we realize that we've been made into fools and that the person who we now know as someone who is in the process of betraying us is no longer 'safe.'

And, if they are betraying us, it also means that they've been betraying us for a while, all unbeknownst to us. Betrayal is dependent on trust; if we put our hearts on the line, we can be betrayed. If we have no vested interest, then betrayal cannot exist.

Today, June 29, there will be many of us who will learn first hand what it's like to trust and to have that trust shattered. During the transit of Moon opposite Uranus, some people want to break free from the relationships they are in. This is due to boredom or an insatiable craving for freedom and adventure.



This transit, Moon opposite Uranus, brings out the need in people to rebel, and in love, this could end up in passive aggressive behavior; Our partners start arguments with us just to see if these fights can escalate into a full blown break up scenario. Our partners may expose the fact that they are seeing someone else and because they are afraid of confrontation, they only spring the news on us during one of these Moon opposite Uranus 'fights.'

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Unfortunately, the three specific zodiac signs that will feel the betrayal that is brought on by Moon opposite Uranus, today, will be the ones who have been lied to. We are the ones who were cheated on, and it will be today that we find out...the hard way.

Three zodiac signs feel betrayed on June 29:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Gemini, on June 29, the Moon opposite Uranus can take the best of partners and create havoc with the relationship, and that may be the case with you and your partner today. You have complete faith and trust in your person. You know in your heart that they'd never do you wrong; and yet, you haven't been paying close attention to how they work or what they are actually doing. You just 'trust' that all is well and that's good enough for you.

It would be nice to believe that trust is enough, but your partner has taken you for a naive fool because of your trusting nature and while you have been stuck in your cloud of trust, they have been out there, running around with someone else. It's a gut punch for sure, and your partner probably would never have confessed this to you had Moon opposite Uranus not been in the sky. But it is, and they have, and they did.

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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

When someone tells you to believe in them, you jump at the opportunity to be the champion of all trust. You will trust them simply because they asked you to. You want to believe that this person is the greatest person in the world, and that you got so lucky in finding them. Because you love so hard, you want to fall in to that great love and swim there forever. And then, you find out that your trust has been shattered. 

The one you love has been cheating on you all this time...and lying about it. Huh? How did that happen? Were you, once again, the ultimate Sagittarius 'naive fool?' Did someone do this to you again? Yes, they have. And while you don't need to beat yourself up over being naive and trusting, the reality is that during Moon opposite Uranus, you'll come to know betrayal once again. This is a pattern you need to break. Wise up, trust less.

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

Your partner may still be all over you when it comes to being their old fun selves, and you may still believe that you have the best relationship in the world. The only problem is that, unless you signed on for polyamory, your so-called monogamous, committed relationship is not what you think it is.

On June 29, during the transit of Moon opposite Uranus, some of you may find out that, while your partner claims to still love and honor you, they also need 'more' than you, and you will find that highly insulting. You did not sign on for this, and you will find the entire idea of them being 'out there with others' to be a complete betrayal. They never asked you first, so their entire argument for having an open relationship is a shock. They did you wrong, and during Moon opposite Uranus, you will see exactly how much you fell for.

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