3 Zodiac Signs Finally Let Go Of Toxic Friends During The Scorpio Moon On June 28, 2023

It's time to take out the trash.

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During the Scorpio Moon on June 28, we will be emboldened with nerve; we feel as though we need to confront certain people in our lives by getting right to the point with them. Something is wrong. Our relationships with these people or friends has come to the boiling point; something has to stop and we are no longer in the mood to let it just go on and on without saying anything.

Because of the Scorpio Moon, we feel a little sharp-tongued, perhaps even angry...and depending on what zodiac sign we are, we may even feel a tad...vicious. And what we do with our vicious tongues on this day, June 28 is that we get rid of a few annoying friends. And why? Because they have pushed the wrong button. They have let us know that they are indeed toxic.


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There comes a pint in everyone's life where we need to draw the line, and sometimes that line is vague, because the parameters are created within that thing called 'friendship.' Friends get away with everything. And, under the name 'friendship' many of us get burned, or lied to, or cheated on. But we're 'friends' right? Wrong. During the Scorpio Moon, we see how our friends really are and that means we get to see who has really pushed the wrong button this time.


These three zodiac signs will come to grips with the idea that it's time to throw out the trash. What's a bad friend worth? Nothing. Yeah, yeah, we learned a lesson, now what? Learning a lesson that was created by a bad friend can only result in the ridding of that friend, or there was no lesson to be learned in the first place. It's time to act on those lessons now; it's time to tell it like it is, and if the word 'toxic' comes up, then throw it out. It's time.

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Three zodiac signs who let go of toxic friends on June 28:

1. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)

While you've been considered a bit of a snob by certain friends in your life, you aren't the one who is adding to the problem; you are simply discerning with your tastes. What's interesting and works to your advantage, in terms of your personal 'snobbery' is that you are able to self-protect in ways that others cannot; you make sure that you are not in bad company, and you've proven that you can do this successfully.


However, you have to experience the toxicity of certain people first in order to know they are, indeed, toxic, and during the Scorpio Moon, you'll see it all very clearly. June 28, presents you with yet another opportunity to protect yourself, and you will do so by ridding yourself of one particularly toxic person in your life. Good riddance.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

You are no stranger to the Scorpio Moon and its effect on you, and on this day, June 28, you will once again be in your power. Today is the day you confront a certain friend of yours with the bad news that you simply cannot continue on in the same way with them any longer. You are sick and tired of their manipulative ways and you are tired of them controlling you.


They are passive aggressive and evil, in your opinion, and even if you're overblowing a bit, you don't care; this person has gotten under your skin and that's all you need to know. They feel like poison and it just keeps getting worse. While it hurts to say what you have to say, you'll bite the bullet and get it done with. You are no longer privy to their toxic party. Let them find someone else to infect, as you are officially shut off, as of this day, during the Scorpio Moon.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

There's someone in your life who likes to take advantage of your kind nature and your generosity. Especially your generosity, as in *hint, hint* they are draining your bank account dry and you are starting to feel like you're being robbed on a daily basis by this person. During the Scorpio Moon, on June 28 you will get up the nerve and you will tell this bloodsucker that you've had enough.


You know what they're up to and you've let them take as much from you as they ever will, and the buck stops here. Done, over, see ya later. You no longer care about hurting their feelings because you are pretty much convinced that they don't have any feelings to be hurt; they are simply in your life to use you, and you have better things to do than to let that kind of toxicity get the best of you.

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