3 Specific Zodiac Signs Find Their True Love On June 28, When The Sun Trines The Moon

There's a world of possibilities available to us, if we are open to them.

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The funny thing about finding one's true love is that one has to be open enough to recognize the truth in that love, which also means that one has to be ready to accept that person 'as is.' True love doesn't always mean perfect love, or idealistic love...and on today, June 28, we will see that true love might come in the package of a perfectly ordinary human being...but that human being is just the right one for us.


We are supported by a very loving transit known as Sun trine Moon, and it helps us to understand who we are, and what we need in order to live happier lives. And, if loving another person is what we believe we need, then on this day, we will attract to us the right person. Not a perfect person, not an ideal...just someone who is 'right' for us.



During Sun trine Moon the chances are greater for three specific zodiac signs because these signs are amicable and willing to accept. If we are too picky or we have standards that are so unreachable that nobody can live up to them, then of course we're not going to find our true loves. Sun trine Moon allows us to see that if we seek out an ideal, we will be on an endless search that can only lead to judgment and disappointment.


These three Zodiac signs are ready; we have put aside our checklist of 'must haves' and we are ready to see what really exists out there in the world of possibilities. For those of us who are ready to settle for less than some gilded dream of love and romance, we may just end up finding a human being of such quality and value that we'll thank our lucky stars that we were smart enough to stay open.

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Three zodiac signs who find their true love on June 28:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Your perfectionism has always spilled over a little too heavily when it has come to how you perceive your lovers. You judge them, condemn them, and make them feel as if they will never 'really' be any good. This kind of cruelty has also kept you isolated to a degree as you find it harder and harder to keep someone in your life. The thing is with you, Gemini, is that you really do like to be loved and you are a very loving person; your problem is that once you get ahold of someone, you criticize them into oblivion.


That's how Sun trine Moon works on you today, June 28 — it lets you see that there's more to life that constant criticism. You need to open that door and let the right one in, and you will feel much better about doing this today. Trust your gut on this one; don't kill that seed before it grows.

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

June 28, will have you reflecting over your life and all the many mistakes you've made in love. While it's not all 'your fault' you do know that you've driven people away simply by not accepting them for who they are. In your time, you've tried to create your mates into people they are not, nor will they ever be, and that has failed and left you without a partner.


During Sun trine Moon, you'll feel that perhaps it's time to whittle down some of those ridiculous standards, as apparently, they don't work. You get the point now; if you've been depriving yourself of a true and lasting love for all this time, then you obviously have to change your ways. Something has to give, and during Sun trine Moon, you'll realize that it's YOU who has to give; you have to let go of your desire for perfection. True love isn't perfect.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

For the majority of your life, your standards have been so high that you've created a hurdle that basically no human being can jump over. And so, you've created a life for yourself where love cannot enter unless it meets your criteria. You are also smart enough to know that you are the one who has caused this self-sabotage, and that is why you will recognize that the tides have turned; change is coming and you, for the first time in your life, are ready for it.


This transit, Sun trine Moon, acts like a magic wand; it has the power to awaken you, and just in time, mind you...you are now open to the idea that there's someone you can love and that you don't need to stand in judgment of them night and day. You are ready to let that person in and once you admit to this, you will instantly attract to you the person who has been waiting for this day.

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