3 Zodiac Signs May Go Through Hard Times The Last Week Of June

Did it really have to go this low? Really?

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Three zodiac signs have rough horoscopes during the last week of June. In a way, we must endure the hard times to appreciate all the good times, right? Well, that's one of the things we like to tell ourselves when times get rough, and rough is exactly where the three zodiac signs are headed during the final week of June 26 to July 2, 2023.

We've got a 'hostile front' coming in with Moon sextile Mars and Moon square Mars, and just in case we needed an additional kicker of manic energy and unwanted change, we have the dastardly push that comes with Moon square Pluto and Moon sextile Pluto. The hardcore trash planets are ganging up on us this week, and we can't escape. For three zodiac signs, the 'hardcore' will be unrelenting. Oh, yay.


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Toss in the Neptune retrograde to make everything seem like a spiritual awakening, and we'll find that this week is all about selfish motives and stubborn behavior, the kind that ruins things for other people. Yep, that's right. Three zodiac signs will be so swayed by the cosmic influences this week that we will literally ruin the fun for everyone else. Why ... Because we can. That's why. That's the typical answer when people ask us why we are doing something destructive, radical or offensive because we can. ARGH!


Because of the Pluto energy involved, we can expect a heap of frustration which we will feel ourselves and share with others as if we are giving out the greatest gift we have to offer. We are selfish this week, and these three zodiac signs show everyone in their life how unthinking and aggressive they can be, provoked or not. Which zodiac signs are coming through in a big annoying way?

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Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes the last week of June:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

There are weeks when you simply cannot handle what's going on, and the thing is, you DO take them. You just don't want to have to, and you will feel very put upon the last week of June. Someone in your life is demanding way too much of you, and because of the intensity of the Mars transits this week, you might just end up snapping at them so hard they'll think you're a giant sea turtle.


While you are generally the nicest person in the world, you have a side to you that is all business, and you're going to whip that side out this week. It will likely have to do with your romantic partner. They are just ON YOUR NERVES and ask too much of you. Rather than stay on your diplomatic game, you will holler at them and shake them up, and from this day forth, they will be intimidated by you.

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2. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

Well, during the last week of June 26 through July 2, you will know you are not the person to be messed with. You are someone who likes to make a good impression, but you have your limits, and when you feel as though there is just too much pressure going on in your world, no matter what the topic is, if you know that it's time to leave, you leave.


This implies that you will have the opportunity this week to be a part of something, and while you are involved, you'll know that the whole thing was a gigantic mistake. You followed your heart, and you ended up detesting where it took you, and now, all you want to do is push people out of the way to get out of here. You've got that Pluto energy making you feel trapped, and when you feel trapped, you panic and lash out, as you will be doing this week.

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3. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

Nobody puts a baby in the corner, as they say in the movie Dirty Dancing, and that's how you feel about yourself this week, from June 26 to July 2. You feel like you've been pushed away and that someone in your life dares to try and keep you out ... as if! You are flaming mad at this one person because of what you believe they've done to you, and because Mars and Pluto's energy basically ignite your engine, you will be vindictive and awful to this person ... because you can.


You feel as though you can get away with anything, and while you know there are consequences to your actions, you don't care about them because you're not thinking about the future. This week, the only thing that matters is letting 'that' person know they cannot get you down (even though it's pretty clear they have seriously gotten under your skin.)

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