3 Specific Zodiac Signs May Have A Tough Day On June 15 During Mercury Square Saturn

Mercury square Saturn is NOT doing anyone any favors today.

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Three 'disorganized' zodiac signs may hit hard times on June 15, thanks to Mercury square Saturn. Mercury square Saturn is not doing anyone any favors today, and for three zodiac signs, the heat is on. We're looking at a pressure cooker of a day, and just as soon as you thought it was 'safe to go back in the water,' so to speak, we find out that there are sharks out there and that we had better tread lightly wherever we go.


Today is June 15, and we are right in the middle of the year. We feel the stress of such a situation in the form of work-related pressures and career goals that have not been met. We want so much during this time, and while Mercury square Saturn rules the sky, we will look at a lot of 'NO' coming our way.



The main crux of the day is poor communication. We can't get it together to save our lives, or rather ... three zodiac signs won't be able to say what they need to say today, and that's where everything starts to crumble. This looks like presentations that don't go according to plan or people not showing up at the right time when their presence is crucial. We will see much disappointment today, and the weird part is that most of it is not personal. It's professional, and you know how that goes: it doesn't matter if it's personal or not. Business is business, and if we blow an ample opportunity, 'thems the breaks' as they say.


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So, hold tight to your blankies today because the mishaps will be plentiful, and the frustrations will make us wish we were still children. It's hard to be an adult during Mercury square Saturn, and on June 15, 2023, we will see these astrological signs take a professional beating. We may feel we don't need to be humbled anymore, but that wacky old universe seems to have other things in mind. Who's going it the hard way today?

Three zodiac signs with rough horoscopes on June 15:

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

All you want is for a day of peace, as this is an important day for you, and you need your head on straight and focus on work. You cannot abide by distractions on this day, which will be hard to avoid as Mercury square Saturn takes over and makes everything an unnecessary hassle.


On June 15, you will need to get something done, and while this task may seem easy and clear enough, you will notice that there's an obstacle in your way, and if you aren't able to deal with it, it's going to create havoc in your professional life. Your love life is fine, your health is on track, and the only thing you need to seal the deal is one perfectly played moment in your career, which is scheduled for today. That is where Mercury square Saturn comes into rain on your parade. Sorry, Cancer. Maybe next time.

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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

Because you feel particularly confident these days at work, you might want to take advantage of your newly found courage and ask for what you believe is owed to you: a raise. You have been the one person in your own life who has settled for less for too long, and it's come to the point where you don't even like to admit to friends what you put up with.


During Mercury square Saturn, you'll attempt to approach your boss or manager, and because this is NOT a good day for Virgos, you'll watch them turn you down again. This one you didn't see coming. You thought that you had your communication skills down pat and that your new charming approach would do the trick, and yet, once again, you're at that place in your career where you have to eat guff. It's not fair, but it's also not changing. You may want to rethink this job, Virgo because respect is not a-flowing here.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)

You do the kind of work that, if it were physical, it would be backbreaking. If it's office work, it's migraine-inducing. If it's creative or professional, it's round-the-clock and dedicated beyond the call of duty. You are the consummate worker bee, and you love it because you love your area of expertise.


However, that doesn't necessarily make life at your job fun. You are tired and need respect, and during Mercury square Saturn on June 15, you'll ask for a break and be denied it. It's like a cosmic joke now; you may even laugh at how your life has turned out. You feel as though you're doing all the right things — and you ARE, but you also just happen to be doing all those right things amidst so many wrong people. You are unappreciated today, Pisces, and it won't feel too good.

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