Tuesday Horoscopes May Be Challenging For 3 Specific Zodiac Signs

Pluto strikes again.

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If you've ever heard the expression, 'To get to it, you have to go THROUGH it,' then you could easily apply this to June 13, 2023, as this will be a day of intense and immense transformation. Three zodiac signs are about to go through an emotional boot camp. The stakes are high, and the goal is fantastic and positive, but ... it's the 'getting there' that's going to run us through the mill, so to speak.


We can look forward to amazing results, but we must consider the astrological transit that sets this day up for us. We are looking at Moon square Pluto, and we can assume we'll be tested when we have a powerful transit. Today is not going to be easy. Amazing, possibly ... but easy? No.

During Moon square Pluto, we are talking about transformation. Big changes are in the works, and while many of us can see exactly how these changes will work to make our lives better, we will also come to stare at our insecurities.



If something amazing is needed inside us, we must be brutally honest with who we are and what we believe we are capable of. Are we the right person for the job? This day, June 13, 2023, will bring up a lot of self-doubt along the way to success ... but know this, success is the outcome here. That's not even a question.


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What will be important to know during Moon square Pluto is that self-doubt comes up for a reason because we ARE being honest with ourselves. Three zodiac signs will put themselves through the ultimate tests today, and while passing those tests remains to be seen, we can know that the tests themselves will be life-changing and transformative.

Three zodiac signs with challenging horoscopes on Tuesday, June 13:

1. Gemini

(May 21 - June 20)

The times are a-changing, are they not, Gemini? What you thought was a solid deal last week has turned into an entire set of new problems for you, and yet, the whole look of the thing doesn't seem as intimidating as you might have assumed it would be. During Moon square Pluto, you'll come face to face with your worst fear, and it will force you into action.


Fortunately, you've needed this kind of kick in the pants for a while, and if you didn't react the way you will react today, June 13, 2023, you might have missed out on an extraordinary opportunity. Whether you love it or not, you will fully admit that whatever is happening today has to happen. You needed this and will go through whatever it takes to get to the other side. You are strong and determined, and even though today may be rough, you are hellbent on making it all work out.

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2. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

You have been clinging very tightly to the ways of the past, and even though you realize that you will be challenged by the profession you're in, you haven't yet gotten up the nerve to implement the changes that will be required of you. Times are changing, and you know it, and while you want to get on board and be a part of the action, you're still too scared to move.


During today's transit of Moon square Pluto, you'll recognize the 'now or never' moment, and it will spin your head around. You know that you can't clutch too tightly to the things destined to end, so today puts you in touch with the idea that transformation is not only good but also inevitable. Today is a day of personal bravery, Cancer. You must take that step ... and you will. Be brave, and believe in yourself — you always have, so now is the time to make that a reality.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

During Moon square Pluto, you will be hit in the head by a very intense reality: you are doing good. While that may sound flimsy, the reality of it is something you've never lived with before. You've always thought of yourself as a rebel, an artist, someone who doesn't dumb themselves down for the sake of anyone else, and yet, today presents you with an idea: grow up.


Grow up and take responsibility for your success. The idea of 'being like others' repels you to such a degree that you've decided that the entire human race is a species unrelated to you. Yet, here you are, totally human and vulnerable. And yet, you're also strong, but you are strong in the ways of a human being. Today will usher you into the idea that it's OK to be human, and when you get this, your success will grow and grow and grow.

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