3 Specific Zodiac Signs May Get An Apology On June 10 During The Quarter Moon In Pisces

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zodiac signs get an apology on june 10

Today, we examine how the Pisces Quarter Moon will affect our emotions and needs, and how it results in three zodiac signs receiving a long-awaited apology. It's June 10, 2023, and we are looking for closure. We're at a crossroads now in so many ways. We're halfway to the Full Moon, and we're halfway to the end of the year.

We're basically 'on the fence,' which implies that we are ready to take on what comes next ... but, to do so, we need to accomplish certain things. We have goals that we can't just leave behind us, and interestingly enough, one of those goals is to receive a very well-deserved apology. We are owed something from someone else, and the due date for payment is TODAY.

Pisces energy inspires others so much that they also need closure. Pisces energy is what's going to light a fire under the person who owes us an apology, and the Quarter Moon is what's going to get them up and off their seat and into action.



They owe us, and they know it, and during the Pisces Quater Moon, they will recognize that if they don't act now, they will take on some seriously bad karma. Yes, the people who owe us those apologies are conscious of their part maneuvers, and while they may have taken too long to apologize, in their minds, 'it's never too late.' They may be right. Better late than never, eh, zodiac signs?

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The three zodiac signs that will get their apologies today will be shocked that they have finally come around. How we react to an apology may not be as we see it in our minds. We may be angry or, oddly enough, no longer even care. The need for an apology made a part of us turn into stone, and during the Pisces Quarter Moon, we may find that finally getting that apology, in the end, meant very little. We shall see.

Three zodiac signs get an apology on June 10:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

There's a lot you expect, Aries, and being apologized to is one of them. You haven't considered that you owe an apology, but you are not someone who ever apologizes because you never see yourself as at fault. During the Pisces Quarter Moon on June 10, the person you have been at odds with for what feels like forever will want to end the bad feeling so that they can go on with their life without having to deal with you and your need for them to apologize to you.

They will reach out to you, and rather than have an honest conversation with you where they take responsibility for what they've done, they'll say the words, "I'm sorry," and that will be all. You know, get your apology. It will mean nothing to you because it will mean nothing to them.

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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

You've been looking for an apology for months now as you feel completely betrayed and burned by an old friend of yours. You don't know what you did to anger them so, but in your mind, it's all on them. On June 20, you'll feel very disturbed that this person exists and want to manipulate them into apologizing.

During the Pisces Quarter Moon, they may be shocked to hear from you and to shut you up. They'll give you what you want. You will believe them, too, because you so desperately do not want to be rejected by this person again. The truth blinds you: they will tell you they are sorry, but it will look like, "I'm sorry you feel that way." You know what they're doing; they're placing all the blame on you as if you are some kind of mental case. You'll get your apology, which will feel dull and meaningless, as so many apologies tend to do.

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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Nothing like getting an apology from someone you know can't stand you and has little to no respect for you. You've wanted them to take responsibility for their actions. You've envisioned this day coming. In your mind, you'd be fully redeemed by their contrite words and allow yourself to move on, knowing they were conscious of all they did to you.

During the Pisces Quarter Moon on June 10, you will be able to hear the words you've been waiting for, and you'll notice something in those words: they are all created to placate you. The person who wronged you thinks of you as a fool; you know this, and they know you know this. So, words of apology just further the joke along. You'll receive your apology, and know that you'll never get a sincere apology from this person.

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