3 Zodiac Signs Need To Be Loved May 24, 2023 During The Leo Moon

If there's anything to be said about the Leo Moon and its effect on mere mortals, this transit makes us feel needy and greedy.

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Starting May 24, three zodiac signs need to be loved, thanks to the Leo Moon. We want love and attention for the next two days, and while that may be something we always wish to do, we are a little more impatient with our wants than at any other time.

What's more is that the people in our lives may notice that we tend to be a bit more demanding when it comes to the attention they give us, and the more attention they give us, the more we'll need. It's as if, for three signs of the zodiac, today brings about an almost irrational hunger for attention and a starvation for love. That's Leo for you, and when the transit is the Moon in Leo, we can expect this kind of behavior in many people.


However, it's a short-lived affair, so we don't have to worry too much about becoming known for our needy-greedy behavior. We're not brats, after all ... we're just ... in the mood to be paid attention to, and is that so bad? Well, the good part is that whether it's good or bad, it's a temporary thing, and that's how the Leo Moon plays it; short, sweet, demanding, and ... done. Onwards, carry on, carry on.

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What's also good about this particular transit falling on this particular day is that this need to be loved doesn't come from insecurity — now that's refreshing! It just happens. We're not starved for love because we feel we get none. It's just the opposite. During the Leo Moon, we only want more of what we find to be the best thing in the world. Sure, we may be selfish or 'grabby' about the stuff, but that's because it's so good ... and we know it. Which three zodiac signs will grab all the love they can get starting May 24?

Three zodiac signs who need to be love during the Leo Moon starting May 24, 2023:

1. Cancer

(June 21 - July 22)

Feeling needy is nothing new to you, although starting May 24, you may just pull a stunt that brings in more attention than you thought. It's all good, but today lets you know that if you ask, you receive, and that's because you've got the Leo Moon working for you. What that means is that you're pretty powerful. What you want, you get, and the funny part is that you didn't think you'd get this much attention.

Yes, you want to be loved, but some of your actions will make you feel guilty as if you've asked for too much. You have been starved for love and attention, but not because you don't get any; you do, in fact, you always do, but now you feel both sensitive and a little selfish. Don't be surprised if someone writes you a big check today, Cancer, as your powers of persuasion may just go overboard!


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2. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

You always need love, and during the Leo Moon, it's just another day in Leo-land, which is fine by you, because you feel as though you deserve it. You may do that thing that you sometimes do to get attention: you start a fight with your loved one just so that they can't turn away from you, and one thing leads to another, and before you know it, you're kissing, and making up — as planned. Manipulative, but your partner knows you way too well to judge you for it.

Besides, they signed on to this relationship with you to know what's expected of them. Still, your need for love is not a mere ploy; you must be loved. Your reasons are your own, but during the Leo Moon, they are important enough to act on them, so you will.


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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

Ordinarily, you don't vie for attention as you don't need it, but starting May 24, it looks like the stars have you feeling particularly needy, and you want to be loved. You want that special person to pay full attention to you, and why not? It's not as though you demand attention around the clock.

As a super independent Aquarius, the last thing you need is to demand that someone else validate your existence ... but the transit of Leo Moon makes you think otherwise, and you'll come to believe that your need for love is not too much to ask.


You won't be stomping your feet or jumping up and down, though. You'll show off through your talent and ability, and if it's the attention you want, you will capture that love and attention because you are great, not needy. It's all good, Aquarius. 

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