These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Be Extra Lucky In Love On May 20 Thanks To Mars In Leo

Thank you, Mars!

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There's an urgency that comes with this day, May 20, 2023, and it feels as though we need to grab hold of all our nerves and courage and just...get it done. And what we feel we need to 'get done' is to express something to the one we love that lets them know in no uncertain terms how we feel about them. Today is the day we go for it; it's a make-or-break kind of day and we have no intention of letting anything break.


But, in order to achieve our goals of manifesting this great love as an actual relationship, we need to 'get ready for battle.' We need our minds to be sharp, our wits to be on point, and our courage right there for us. And, on this day, we will be happy to know that there is a cosmic force backing us up, and that force is the transit known as Mars in Leo. 

Ooo, just the sound of it! Mars in Leo. It sounds like power itself, doesn't it? And for three zodiac signs, this transit, Mars in Leo, is what's going to give us what we need so that we can make this the luckiest day in love. There is no room here for wimps! This is the day we make it happen. Not by force, and not through passive-aggressive attempts, either. We are going to rely upon the power of our natural charm to sway the mind of the person we love...and because we just happen to have Mars in Leo behind us, we're going to win! Yeehah!




Leo doesn't take no for an answer, and Mars is just 'go go go' and when teamed up together as a cosmic force, we here, down on Earth, react very well. We enjoy feeling strong and courageous, and when we put that courage and bravery and nerve into focusing on love and the person we wish to be our sweetheart, we can't help but win. Which three signs will feel the magnificent rush of Mars in Leo on this day, May 20, 2023?

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Three zodiac signs who are the luckiest in love on May 20, 2023:

1. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)


Well, of course, you're going to react well to the idea of Mars in Leo because it's exactly what you need and it's coming to you at the right time in your life because you could use that extra push and confidence that comes with this transit. On May 20, you'll grab the opportunity to use the power available to you so that you can approach the person you love and tell them what you feel.

You are not going to rely upon words alone, however; your charm will be in full force and your smile alone will move mountains. So keep up the positive vibes today, Leo, and work that magic of yours. You are a shoo-in for success in love on this day and you may even giggle over the ease by which your 'object of desire' falls in love with you, in return.

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2. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)


Mars in Leo does wonders for your ego and lets you believe in yourself to the point where you feel so fearless and filled with purpose that you feel you can do no wrong on this day, May 20. And, what is your purpose of the day but to conquer your love, is the day you approach the person you've been shamelessly flirting with so that you can suggest to them that 'maybe there's more here than meets the eye.'

Yes, you want this person to be your romantic partner, and while the flirtation is just lovely and enticing, you want more, and it takes Mars in Leo to give you the nerve to ask for more. And, because you are such a charmer during this transit, you will come off as alluring and irresistible. Let the games begin!

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3. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)


Having confidence is pretty normal for you, but being charming is something you aren't quite sure of...most of the time. You know that you can basically get whatever you want, but getting 'whoever' you want has always presented a more difficult challenge for you. And then, there's today, May 20, during the mighty transit of Mars in Leo, and suddenly you feel as though you were made for this kind of challenge.

Not only do you feel strong and confident, but you feel fact, it's that feeling that allows you to be so nervy and bold around this new person that you have your eye on. You don't mince words; you get right to the point, and your brazen charisma does the trick. The person you have been dreaming of will find it hard to look away from you, and so begins a new and wondrous love affair, Capricorn.

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