3 Zodiac Signs Want A Summer Fling On May 5, 2023, During Venus Sextile Jupiter

Three zodiac signs will take the fling idea very seriously, whether they act on it or not.

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Well, they don't call it the 'lusty' month of May for nothing. This is the month when many of us feel we're finally emerging after a long, dark period of hibernation ... we want to get out and about. We want to have a short romance. 

We aren't hungering for that which binds us. We want the freedom to choose, which carries over into how we perceive love and romance now. If there ever were a day when we want to have a fling or start a 'summer romance,' then May 5, 2023, would be that day.


While having a fling with someone new might not be something we can all go out and grab, we most certainly CAN fantasize about such a thing. Jupiter awakens the fantastical in us, so whether we are in a deeply committed relationship or not, there are no 'thought police' to prevent us from imagining what it would be like to 'be with that person' in our minds. Let it be our little secret. Yes, many of us are free to fling ourselves into a fling, but that shouldn't stop our minds from wandering; I'm certainly not stopping you from fantasizing ...*wink*.

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Three zodiac signs want something easy. In this case, during Venus sextile Jupiter, it really doesn't matter if we try hard on it because this transit lets us know that the 'mind is everything.'

What we experience in our minds or dreams certainly does 'feel' real, doesn't it? So, who's to say that it isn't real or that what we experience in our waking life is any more accurate? The same goes for fantasy. If you can think it, isn't it on some level ... real? Who's with me today? Shall we ... fling?


Three zodiac signs want a summer fling on May 5, 2023:

1. Leo

(July 23 - August 22)

While you'd rather make your fling a reality than a fantasy, there's one thing that's for certain: on May 5, your mind will be consumed by the power that comes with Venus sextile Jupiter, and that means that you will be on the prowl for love and affection.

What's very apparent to you is that you aren't looking for something lasting; you are all about fulfilling today's desires, which may be noncommittal and fleeting. If you could have a quick, meaningless fling with someone, you'd opt for that in a hot second.

By 'meaningless,' you don't mean anything negative; you don't want to take too much responsibility for this other person's feelings, and if you state that up front, you feel those sentiments should be respected. You may find yourself in the beginnings of a fling today, Leo. You know what you're doing, so ... go for it.


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2. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

Come to think of it, you could seriously get lost in fantasy today as you've recently met someone who has spurred on way too much of your imagination, and well, you might as well make the best of it. However, you are in a relationship that wouldn't appreciate you running out for a fling's worth of loving, but your present partner can't get inside your head. It's not cheating if you're not actually doing anything, right?

You aren't even in contact with the person you wish to have a summer fling with, and so, during Venus sextile Jupiter, you'll spend a good portion of this day thinking about what it would be like to spend some quality time with that person you've just met. Nothing will happen, and you won't have to schlepp around a guilty conscience, but people are people, and we enjoy a good fantasy now and then. May 5, is your day for fantasy.


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3. Aquarius

(January 20 - February 18)

It's May, and the weather is starting to make you feel you need to 'get out there' more. So, you do. What's good about you, Aquarius is that you are basically fearless, so when you come into contact with a transit like Venus sextile Jupiter, you go for what you want. You want love, affection and tenderness ... but you don't want the whole kit and caboodle that comes with it. You merely want a fling, and now that it's May, you feel about ready for it.


So, on this day, you will make it happen. It's time to shrug off the blanket of hibernation and make good on your promise to yourself. Today is when you find the love you need ... or it finds you. What's known is that during Venus sextile Jupiter, you are in a very positive state of mind and will more than likely be able to manifest whatever you want.

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