Relationships Grow Stronger For 4 Zodiac Signs Starting April 16 - 22, 2023

Your past cannot go where you are headed.

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Your wounds no longer serve a purpose for who you have become; your heart deserves what it has always longed for. Step into the Eclipse Portal this week as you welcome the Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse and the momentous change it invites. 

Timelines will shift along with priorities. You will realize while sometimes beginnings precede endings, it is a matter of time before you must release what prevents you from profoundly moving into what is meant for you. 


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It is time to drop any illusions or smokescreens about who you are or what kind of relationship you seek. Only the raw, vulnerable truth will do, and you will be able to recognize first to improve your relationship, you must improve yourself. And to do that, you must heal from everything inside you, making you doubt you deserve a love this big. A love the whole universe has conspired for you to find.  

Relationships improve for four zodiac signs the week of April 16 – April 22, 2023:

1. Libra  

(September 23 - October 22) 


You deserve happiness. You deserve to embrace love and your relationship without fears or wounds getting in the way of receiving what you so deeply desire. Your experience of this has been your work over the past few years. Discover the wounds that have kept you in cycles of lack and chaos and bring healing to them so you can make new decisions for yourself that align with what you genuinely want.

The start of this year has been important for you as you have seen relationships deepen and even new opportunities arrive. You have started the tenuous journey of believing that love can be different and that maybe you can have what it is you have always dreamed of. But this is not a one-way street or even a situation that can be fast-tracked to fruition. Instead, it is one you are dancing in and out of.

You have amazing, good moments, only to have questions or doubts follow. You take a giant step forward and question whether your feelings are real. But a huge momentous opportunity for healing and love occurs in the week ahead as the New Moon Solar Eclipse lights up your romantic life. New Moons bring about fresh starts and beginnings. In Aries, it is the courage to start something, turn that page and seize the present your past created.

This New Moon Eclipse will also help you end second-guessing and self-sabotaging thoughts that keep you from fully investing in your relationship. Do not worry about messing anything up. That is the last thing you can do, but you need to remember you deserve this. You deserve happiness and finally allowing yourself to receive what you have always needed.  


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2. Sagittarius  

(November 22 - December 21) 

The past does not always need to be carried with you. You do not need to avoid obligation or think somehow you have become your wounds. You can set it down. Let yourself grow into what feels right, into what is new, aligned and blossoming so radiantly in your life. To feel that you deserve to be happy in love can often feel like a challenge when you’ve experienced lessons.

The tough pang of lack and the bitter aftertaste of unhealthy love leaves on your heart. You have a choice that will change the rest of your life if you allow it. This is the week you get to decide to embrace your beginning. Not for a fling, a distraction or even a momentary respite from what it feels like your real life must be. But for forever. The keys are in your hand. The universe is finally begging you to answer the door meant for you.


As the New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs, serious commitment arrives on the table in the form of an offer or a moment of opportunity. This spiritually committed relationship that you can enter fully into. Yet to do so, you will have to set down your past. You will have to believe you are more than your wounds. No matter what has occurred, you do not deserve to suffer for it.

Every challenge you are facing in your life is yours. You cannot leave your past behind or take the opportunity for the better. This week, recognize where you create your difficulties so you can move beyond them, and instead of aligning with your wounds, you can finally and wholeheartedly align with your joy.  

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3. Capricorn  

(December 22 - January 19) 


You do not always need to leave to start over and have a  beginning. Sometimes it is a matter of finding what prevents growth or connection within your relationship so you can repair what felt broken. It requires change on your part to lean into the emotionality you often find uncomfortable, but the reward is that you will also be able to create the kind of union you truly desire.

This week, the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries lights a fire of hope that all is not lost. Yet, for this beginning to occur, something else must end, and for you, it is the previous ways of relating that you have been using as a coping mechanism for feeling inadequate.

When you have inner unsteadiness because you do not feel good at something, especially when it comes to being emotionally vulnerable, you can instead focus elsewhere, usually on something you can find success with. Your partner has taken this as you do not care when in the reality, the truth is that you do so deeply that you do not know how to be great at something that you are still working to be comfortable with. But this is where radical change comes in. It begins with being able, to be honest about what you struggle with and then ask your partner what it is they need.

Start talking, even if you are unsure where to start. Begin with where you are at this moment. Begin with their importance in your life and your desire to fix things. Let your heart be revealed. Allow yourself to see that the relationship and family you seek was always possible; you had to believe it was and then put in the uncomfortable work to create it.  


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4. Virgo  

(August 23 - September 22) 

As life changes, so do you. What you once thought of as the ultimate love and relationship, you now understand, would not fulfill your needs. What you believed was the best reflection of where you were with yourself at the time. You are growing in your relationship and must be honest about what arises for you and your changing needs.


Because you have a great relationship, a beautiful house, or whatever makes it appear so great from the outside does not mean all your needs are being fulfilled, but it also does not deter them from being met. You are going through a deep process of transforming how you view intimacy. This brings about a realization that it is not in having wonderful things in your relationship but in sharing a profound connection with your partner.

The Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse ignites a newfound passion and awareness about what you need and how to create it. Sometimes it is challenging to know how to improve things when they are not bad. When there is nothing wrong, but this is something you are experiencing and are preparing to move to the other side as you realize the emotional and mental connection with your partner is something you inherently need.

Your needs will also strengthen your physical connection in all the ways you desire. You do not want a love that is simply good enough but one that will change your life forever in all the best ways possible. This love is the start of creating that because the key to building the relationship you need is first discovering what that really means to you.  

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