Horoscopes Are The Best For 3 Zodiac Signs On April 15, 2023

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zodiac signs best horoscopes april 15, 2023

Come home to yourself, to love and a life of ease and peace. Return to balance, to security within the freedom and the ability to express yourself openly. Put down the sword and the belief that you must fight for anything and instead be open to receive. Open to receiving all the nourishment and peace that life has to offer. 

The gentleness comes from caring for yourself first and trusting everything else will fall into place. Trust that as dwarf planet Vesta shifts into sensual Taurus, you can ease into softness, into tending to your own internal fire as you take time to let things come together. 

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You are on a quest for forever, for what lasts. Needing what is stable and can continue to reach its roots deep towards the earth as you rise towards the sun. It is time to allow yourself to embrace a slower pace, trust the process and remember that you deserve to enjoy your life and all its beautiful moments.  

These three zodiac signs have the best horoscopes on April 15, 2023: 

1. Taurus  

(April 20 - May 20) 

This is your chance, your opportunity to slow down, to take a break and to let yourself return to your authentic sweet self. It has been too long since you felt at home within yourself and your life. And while all of that was a necessary part of your journey, it does not mean it must last forever. You do not need to be more than who you are or feel you must rush to create this next part of your journey. Instead, you can return to all your natural gifts—the space for comfort, for sensuality and for connecting to the earth around you.

As Vesta enters your zodiac sign today, you are guided to take a break from forcing your own plans on the universe and let them be revealed to you instead. Let yourself be open to receiving guidance from your soul aligning with the universe.

You can create anything from your patient perseverance. Yet, the world can often make you forget that as you feel rushed to get somewhere. But in this process, you can miss what really matters, and this is precisely where you are being directed to return to today. As you slow down, remembering the parts of yourself that feel like home and what matters most to you, you allow yourself to attract what will resonate with your soul. This is part of the balance of finding security within yourself and continually attracting it into your life.  

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2. Aquarius  

(January 20 - February 18) 

Home can sometimes feel like a foreign place. You can start questioning it when you finally look around fulfilled and the longing satiated. It is not what you want or deserve but because you have never had it. You have never had a space of unconditional love or acceptance, and now that you do, it can feel like you do not know what to do with it. Sometimes you become your struggle. Sometimes it is easier to live in a place of lack or constant challenges because it feels familiar, yet you miss the joy of learning to receive if you only fully stay enmeshed within these cycles.

As Vesta enters loving Taurus today, you can feel it especially strong as both energies rule over a home, your sense of space and your committed relationship. But it is all for a purpose as you are being guided to find balance in receiving and still understanding that you can want to achieve your own dreams. But this time, there is no struggle. This time you are achieving your dreams with the loving support of a partner, and your biggest challenge is realizing that there is none.

Accepting peace into your life can be something you must work on. To realize that there is nothing wrong, there is no other shoe waiting to drop that can challenge the walls you have used to protect yourself. But this does not need to be the way. Instead, you can enter Vesta’s warm hearth. You can sit down, take off your shoes, and sit, admiring all you have created. You can feel the rush leave your heart, and the peace starts to seep in as you realize you are finally home.  

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3. Scorpio  

(October 23 - November 21) 

Understanding what you need will always be the space that invites it in. Knowing where you most feel safe and secure will allow you to adhere to your own standards. But sometimes, in this life, it can be addicting to keep fighting for something rather than sitting back and receiving something you never planned for. Be mindful of the doors you keep knocking on, which seem never to open. The doors that make you feel inferior or not good enough. The doors have a secret code that you can never crack. What is meant for you will never come delivered like a puzzle but instead like a promise.

As Vesta moves into nurturing Taurus, you can feel the peace return. You can settle into your worthiness and the hope that this is what love should feel like. Love should never feel like a battle that must be won but instead like walking into a house and knowing you are home. You feel welcome. You feel at peace, and you feel surrounded by all the care and nurturing that you have ever sought out. This is where you will be guided today.

First, to return to yourself, making sure that you care for yourself in all the ways you need, and then to realize that you deserve only to be surrounded by those who make you feel as welcome. That puts out a mat to wipe your feet on and helps you settle into a comfortable space with a mug of hot tea at the end of the day. It need not always be a struggle and instead can become peace. But this is your balance to find and your fight to give up. Because as you return home to yourself, you also change the very definition of the home and love you will accept.  

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