3 Zodiac Signs With 'Inspired' Horoscopes On April 10, 2023

All is not lost.

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Thanks to the optimistic and passionate Sagittarius Moon, three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on April 10, 2023. Here's how today inspires Aries, Libra, and Virgo to feel inspired and find meaning and optimism within even the darkest corners of their lives.

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Three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on April 10, 2023:

1. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)


Things happen in life. You wake up one day and wonder what happened to the person you thought you were. You question the space that your life is in, and then it is easy to let the darkness overtake your mind. To believe that this is the bed you made, and so you must remain there.

This is what you had agreed to, and so you must continue to do so. Yet, these are all stories, Aries. Stories that end up shaping what you allow and the life that you live. Just because you feel like you may have chosen wrong in the past or differently than you would now give the option does not mean that you are cursed moving forward; you hold within yourself the power to change everything. But if you only continue to focus on what you regret, you are punishing yourself before you even start.


You must consciously accept that everything meant to occur until this point has served a purpose. But you also must believe in yourself and your ability to shape the future you want to grow into. You cannot be so afraid of things going wrong anymore.

Of hurting others or letting down those contracts you previously agreed to. Only you hold the key to being able to let in more light and more space. The stories you tell yourself hold power over your life and your ability to see what you are heading into. Change your stories, Aries, and watch how easily you can navigate the changes within your own life.

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2. Libra

(September 23 - October 22)


Within the spaces of your own beliefs, the seeds for reality are planted. You have so much around you right now that is everything you have always dreamed of, and yet, it seems easier to believe in the negative than the hope of all that is to come. It is normal to want to protect yourself. To have taken the job of keeping your own self safe so seriously that now you hold tight to the boundaries that have provided you with just that.

But there is a difference between keeping yourself safe and letting yourself think the worst so you are not as hurt if or when something happens. No matter how much you grow, how many positive recent changes come into your life, or even how amazing your relationship is, only you are responsible for trusting yourself enough to believe in it. There is not always another shoe to drop. Sometimes it is self-sabotage.

Sometimes it can even be easier to believe in hurt than joy. You have gone through a lot in your life; no one will debate that with you. But you owe it to yourself to see with fresh eyes all you have created. You deserve to be able to say that you did this. No one else but you. Through all the perils of your past, you are where you are today because of the choices that you have made. And because of that, you need to let that shadow you have been dragging around with you go, once and for all.

You deserve to let the light all the way in. To be happy without fearing you will lose it all or you will be back to where you used to be. Let yourself believe in everything good right now. In deserving it, in seeing it, and this time trust that the lessons of your past are finally that. It is safe to embrace the hope that all of this, all the beauty and love — is real.


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3. Virgo

(August 23 - September 22)

You underestimate yourself greatly, often thinking you must put up with things that do not align far longer than you do. Yet, even in this, there is divine timing taking place; it is just a matter of how long you need to be able to acknowledge what you already know. Having people who add value to your life is important. Being able to be happy and satisfied in your life is important. But you can provide this for yourself.

You can heal yourself, not because you do not deserve an amazing partner or friends, but because you need to recognize your power over your life. Take time to look in the mirror. To truly acknowledge that so much of what you are living is not because of someone else but because of you. Because you took the initiative, because you had the dream and because you believed in yourself enough to undo all that was only taking you away from yourself.


Today peel back the shadows that you see yourself through. The ones that make you think you are only of value if you are doing for others or giving them the credit for your own success. You are whole just as you are.

You are healing and growing, but to fully find hope, you must ensure you see yourself clearly through the storm of sacrifice. Make sure that in this chapter, those in your life are truly reflecting how you see and feel about yourself now. Make sure they bring value and are not just a distraction, and remember that once the wound is healed, you do not need to keep touching it to ensure it is.

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