April 3, 2023 Horoscopes Are 'Amazing' For 3 Zodiac Signs

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Today a brand-new energetic theme arrives as Mercury shifts into Taurus, helping you to commit and take your time building what you want to last forever. Mercury is the planet of communication which not only governs how you speak but also how you think. Depending upon which zodiac sign Mercury is in, it takes on distinctive characteristics.

In Aries, it was outgoing, blunt, honest, and driven as it helped you say what needed to be said, no matter the consequence. As it shifts into Taurus, though, it changes and instead helps you primarily commit fully to what you want to manifest, grow, or even develop more fully.

Mercury in Taurus first commits, and then it follows through, taking its time as it secures not just the foundation but also helps to put in place a structure that will continue to support new growth. As you begin to head toward the start of Taurus Season, more planets will begin to shift into this sensual earth sign, just as Venus already is.

In Taurus, Mercury is in good company, helping you create a deeper sense of security now and that which will continue to thrive in the future. Currently, you are within the Aries Moon Portal as you lead into the second one at the end of the month. This powerful time of new beginnings is intensified with Pluto recently shifting into Aquarius and Mars into Cancer.

When there is a chapter that only encourages you to step into the new, you are also being asked to embrace the process and not just the result. Right now, it is important to focus on each step of your journey, regardless of what specific area is undergoing changes within your life.

You do not need to rush the process or have it all figured out, but you do need to take your time building what you are in this moment because it will be the difference between it lasting forever or only you wish it had. Slow down and pay attention to the process. Focus on the step before you and see it all the way through before moving on.

Utilize healthy, calm, yet firm communication in setting up this new intention, both within yourself and with those in your life. Mercury in Taurus is persistent and purposeful, meaning it may take longer to take each step, but each one will be done with intention and to the best of your ability. Because there is still an influx of Aries energy right now, there is the influence of wanting to rush ahead, yet if you remain mindful, these two energies can work in harmony.



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Where Aries is impulsive, Taurus is thoughtful. Where Taurus becomes stubborn, Aries helps to make a move simply. Together, you can embrace the best of both worlds, which will help ensure that what you are creating now will last forever.

Three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on Monday, April 3, 2023:

1. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

As Mercury shifts into the sign of Taurus, you will feel more empowered in speaking your own truth and putting plans into place to manifest your deepest intentions. Mercury rules all forms of communication, and in Taurus, it activates your first house of self-beliefs, wants, needs, and even desires. This is the part of your chart that makes you, you. Mercury here means that you are going to center more of your plans around what it is you want to create rather than continuing how others had hoped you would love.

Mercury joins Venus, Uranus, Juno, and the North Node all in Taurus which creates a hugely important moment within your life of focused and concentrated energy. During Mercury’s time on Taurus until it enters retrograde later in the month, try to embrace advocating for yourself as much as possible. Use your words to frame whatever themes or new beginnings are currently happening within your life and remember that the more you can find your own sense of security within yourself, the better you will be able to ride any wave of change that moves through your life.

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2. Aries

(March 21 - April 19)

At the end of March, a dual stellium in both Aries, your first house and Taurus, your second house, occurred. While it is separating, it still is in effect, which means that you will be more focused on the themes in your life that the first house and second house represent. Your first house, ruled by Aries, governs your beliefs, needs, and wants, while Taurus governs your second house of value and self-worth. Together this means that with Mercury moving into this part of your chart, you will be more centered around what the value is that jobs, things, and people bring to your life while also reflecting on how your own self-worth affects the decisions that you make. As you are heading into a brand-new chapter of your life, having it be based on what is truly of value will end up making all the difference. Taurus energy will not only help you gain the clarity you are seeking but will also help moderate your pace forward and give you the knowledge to do things the right way this time – which is good because that is all that you are interested in at this point.

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3. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

Mercury in Taurus highlights the great deal of planetary energy currently lighting up your seventh house of relationships. Taurus is your polarizing sign and because of that will govern all themes related to love and partnership. It helps ground you and has you pursue not just what is passionate but what is healthy. Mercury is the planet that rules communication so whether its internal reflection or important conversations regarding romantic matters, this will be a valuable time for you in your life.

As part of the current Eclipse Cycle in Taurus and Scorpio, which will conclude later this year, a massive transformation is coming to how you love and how you define togetherness. This ongoing stellium in Taurus is an important part of that as you are being encouraged to reflect on things from multiple perspectives with Venus, Uranus, Juno, and the North Node here. Not only is your fate within reach, but now that Mercury is here, you are going to finally have the words to step into what that means for you.

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