March 25, 2023 Horoscopes Are 'Incredibly Rewarding' For 3 Zodiac Signs

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best horoscopes on march 25, 2023 for 3 zodiac signs

After seven long months in lively Gemini, Mars shifts into compassionate Cancer, providing a rewarding and poignant breakthrough. Mars is the planet of action, ambition, and passion. Since beginning its journey within the versatile sign of Gemini at the end of August 2022, it has uncovered your hidden motivations regarding your choices. 

Mars rules the actions you take, but under the Gemini influence, you were encouraged to reflect on why you do what you do and if it enables you to reach the desired destination. Mars was direct in Gemini for about two months before turning retrograde at the end of October until mid-January; it was a time to reflect on the choices you made for yourself and your life. Depending where Gemini energy shows up for you in your natal chart will affect where this reflection and growth took place. 

But since January, Mars has been direct and has revisited the same themes within your own life as it prepares to end its cycle here and begin a new chapter in Cancer. While Gemini is choice orientated and focused on the action that it takes, Cancer is emotional. Mars in Cancer signifies a time when your emotional connection within your relationship, your career, friendships, and every facet of your life matters more. Cancer is a water sign known for representing family and home; while Mars moves through the waves of emotions that this represents, it will ensure that its choices are now in alignment with its true feelings.  

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This brand-new chapter only builds on the current astrological themes of beginnings as Pluto recently shifted into Aquarius. You are now within the double Aries New Moon portal. After Mars has moved through Gemini, it is now in the position to make different decisions that are more in alignment with its truth, which means you are now free to do the same. Everything is vastly different than it was last August. Not only have all planets turned directed, but monumental shifts like Pluto and Saturn into new signs have occurred. Nothing is the same, so your decisions and choices shouldn't be either. 

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This is the time to embrace the rewards of knowing the truth of your emotions, validating your inner self, and not being afraid to ignite change within your own life. Today’s energy is just one more dramatic shift this month that will help you reach for what you dream of rather than settle for what is easy. To embrace newness and its rewards means accepting that certain things have ended. 

Sometimes it is unworthiness, self–sabotage, or fear that must find its demise for you to finally step into your power, which will always be the greatest reward.  

Here are the 3 zodiac signs with 'rewarding' horoscopes starting Saturday, March 25, 2023.

1. Gemini  

(May 21 - June 20) 

Mars entered your zodiac sign and your first house at the end of last August. Since then, reviewing what motivates you to make your decisions has been a major chapter in your life and whether you have always aligned with your highest self. The first house of your natal chart embraces your personal beliefs, desires, and wants — it is all about what makes you, you. Mars here may have had you jumping between rushing headfirst into what you want and then worrying if it was something you should have done.

While you owe it to yourself to create a life you genuinely love, you must make long-term decisions, not just those at the moment. As Mars shifts to Cancer, you will be validated for trusting in all your decisions. You will see that the life you have and are creating is one of value, and that may be the best reward for you. Because to live without regret is what it means to truly live.  

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2. Sagittarius  

(November 22 - December 21) 

Since August, you have been deeply reflecting on your romantic relationship and decisions in this part of your life. Mars rules action and passion, but in the zodiac sign of Gemini, it activates your seventh house, which is all about relationships. You have been feeling not only like you have been blocked from moving ahead and making decisions, but at times, you were not even sure which decision was the best one. Since January, things have been clearer as you have understood what kind of relationship you need and what kind of partner you are.

You still likely have indulged in overthinking more than was beneficial, but as Mars moves to Cancer today, you should feel like you have cleared a major hurdle in your life. Mars in Gemini has shown you the choice you want to make regarding relationships and love. Whether that means staying, leaving, or opening to something new, you are ready to embrace the clarity that has resulted from this time. Now that you have, you are also in space to feel the deep emotional connection that Mars in Cancer will provide. This experience is reward enough for the long journey you are just wrapping up.  

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3. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 

For you, Mars in Gemini truly hit close to home as this air sign rules over your fourth house of home, family, and even healing. Since Mars first entered Gemini at the end of August, you have been figuring out what home means to you and what makes it so. This could have led to discussions and thoughts on moving, sharing space with a romantic partner, getting married, or even just revamping your relationship with your home. As a Pisces, you tend to be torn between wanting to experience the world and having someplace safe and loving to return to. But during this transit, hopefully, you have learned that you can have both.

The idea that you had to choose between being a free spirit and a homebody was something someone else had put into your head and was never a truth you needed to live by. Mars in Gemini helped you clarify how to define your ideal of home. Whether that involved moving, expanding your relationship, or even just accepting yourself more deeply — you are now in the position to enjoy life more fully. As Mars shifts into Cancer, it lights up your fifth house associated with joy, pleasure, and marriage. Enjoy this life, Pisces; after all, the purpose of life is to enjoy it.  

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