A Relationship Becomes Exclusive For 3 Zodiac Signs On March 22, 2023

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zodiac signs whose relationship becomes exclusive march 22, 2023

With Spring now in the air and the forceful push of Aries backing up our intentions, we might be thinking about taking our romantic relationship to a whole new level. Most relationships start out as somewhat 'free,' meaning the two of you are testing the waters to see if there's something special here. If there is indeed something special, something to build upon, then a transit like Moon conjunct Jupiter is just the cosmic force we need to get to that next level.

During Moon conjunct Jupiter on March 22, 2023, three zodiac signs will feel that 'the time is right' to take this romance from the casual fun stage into the exclusive rights stage. This is only natural, and most people tend to do this. We spend most of our lives trying to find 'the one.’ Even if the person right in front of us isn't the absolute love of our lives, we need to know that we can trust them, just in case it develops into something more.

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That's where the expansive thinking of Moon conjunct Jupiter comes into play. During this transit, couples want a kind of security with each other so that, within the relationship, they can branch out. We want to be ourselves during Moon conjunct Jupiter, and we want to trust the partners we've chosen so that a safe space is set up for just that purpose. This is the time when many couples take the plunge; the goal is union, and as one in love, we can go a lot further than if we were not in an exclusive relationship. It's time. Let's do this.

A relationship becomes exclusive on March 22, 2023, for these three zodiac signs:

1. Cancer 

(June 21 - July 22)

You are no longer in the headspace where you want to do anything casually — not when it comes to love and romance. You want to know that you can put aside your worries and fully place your trust in the person you are with. And, for you, Cancer, that means having an exclusive relationship. You are not up for the open relationship mindset and unwilling to share your person with another. That's a good thing, too, as your present partner feels the exact same way. During Moon conjunct Jupiter in Aries, you both will feel very strongly about setting limits; you both feel that the limits are what will allow you both to expand, ironically. This is due to the trust you will both gain in each other. Through the union, you can grow and thrive, and for you, during Moon conjunct Jupiter, this is the only possible option.

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2. Scorpio

(October 23 - November 21)

It may take you a little longer than it does your partner to believe in the idea of monogamy and exclusivity in a relationship. Still, once you feel the pangs of real love, you won't settle for anything less. You have spent many years guarding your heart, and so much of that protection lies in the idea that you can't get hurt if you don't commit. Then again, as you've learned, if you don't commit, you don't get the full human experience of love, which hits you big time during Moon conjunct Jupiter. On March 22, 2023, you will see a whole world of goodness waiting for you in the idea of fully giving yourself to another human being. You will opt for exclusivity, and it will bring you much to look forward to.

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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

You have had enough of waiting for the right moment to decide whether or not your relationship should take on the status of exclusive and in your opinion, if it doesn't happen soon, it's never going to happen at all, and that means you'll soon be out the door. And so, because you are somewhat forceful in your Pisces way, during the transit of Moon conjunct Jupiter, you will ask your partner for 'exclusive rights' to their heart...and their body. Sounds a little possessive, right? Well, that's called being human, and if you are to have the experience of being in an exclusive, monogamous relationship, then it better start happening soon, as today, March 22, 2023. You're not interested in dating this person; you want them for life, and in your mind, that means GAME ON.

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