3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Full Moon Horoscopes On Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Everything is one.

zodiac signs with best full moon in virgo horoscopes march 7 2023

Three zodiac signs will experience a sense of peace during Tuesday's horoscopes thanks to the Full Moon in Virgo on March 7, 2023. As the day breaks, you immediately feel a shift and know somehow, everything has changed overnight. 

This is the combined energy of the Virgo Full Moon and Saturn’s shift into Pisces. The Virgo Full Moon drops you into your physical body while Saturn ascends your soul into the cosmos, creating the feeling that, somehow, you are remembering something that you forgot long ago. 


There is a divine energy today that may make you feel off-kilter the more that you try to resist. This is the ending of the healing chapter that you have been in since August 2022 that has been preparing your soul for this new journey with Saturn

Now as it is here, it is the reminder and lesson that everything is one. The union between heaven and earth, physical form, and the ecstatic fusion of your soul with the universe around you. Everything is one. But that does not mean that you feel at one with everything just yet anyway. After all, if you have mastered Saturn in Pisces lesson on the first day of this new journey, there would be no point in the next few years. 




The difference is that so much of what has been challenging or heartbreaking is about to have a warm and gentle peace brought to it. Of course, emotions are normal and natural, but you can only cry over the same old situation so many times before you realize it is up to you to change things, which often comes down to changing how you see things. Look back to August 27th, 2022. 

There are clues to be found within conversations you had, life events that were happening, and even your internal process. These are the themes that will find a new sense of closure around this lunation but also reflect for the next couple of years while Saturn moves through Pisces.  

Saturn in Pisces is a massive energy shift for you personally and the collective. Saturn represents divine timing, karmic lessons, boundaries and the universal laws of integrity and truth. 


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In Pisces, though, it becomes softer and gentler. It guides you through lessons using love, and its goal is not to break apart or dismantle but to bring them together. Saturn in Pisces helps you understand that everything is one and you are at one with everything around you. But now, you must see things differently so that those changes and shifts can blossom within yourself and your life.  

As much as today is about the ending of the Virgo healing cycle and Saturn’s time in Aquarius — it also carries with it the beginning of Saturn’s era in Pisces and the new lunar energetic cycle that is beginning. It is a chance to hold both your ending and beginning, recognizing how far you have come and how much further you would still like to travel. This is an opportunity, but it is also a test. 

One that you will learn the merits of after you surrender to the energy around you, the knowledge within you and the divine order that is always at play.  


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3 zodiac signs with the best full moon in Virgo horoscopes on Tuesday, March 7, 2023:

1. Virgo  

(August 23 - September 22) 

The Virgo Full Moon opposes Saturn in Pisces, creating the fruition of your journey with a brand new one beginning in your romantic life. Pisces energy rules your love life and relationships, which means that with Saturn here for the next few years, it will be a time of immense opportunity.

Saturn normally brings harsh lessons and boundaries, but in Pisces, it acts almost like Jupiter, expanding everything and creating a sense of abundance.


That does not mean that there will not be lessons, but only that in this next chapter, you will have a chance to take what you have learned about yourself and direct that to improve your romantic life, creating greater oneness and balance within those two areas. 

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2. Pisces  

(February 19 - March 20) 

From a polarizing perspective, while you and Virgo are going through similar themes, they could not be more different. The Virgo Full Moon today illuminates some themes of healing within your life that has been in process since August 2022.

During this time, you had to learn to stay aligned with your truth, no matter what else was suggested. Ultimately knowing your worth and trusting yourself. All of this has prepared you to shift into what Saturn in Pisces will ask of you: to go after your dreams.


Saturn in your zodiac sign means that you will get serious about doing what you must live the life you truly dream of, which you would not have been able to do if it were not for all you have learned in the past six months.  

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3. Sagittarius  

(November 22 - December 21) 


Today highlights an interesting and important theme within your life; home and finances. A lot is going on beneath your life's surface right now. Mars in Gemini is in the final weeks of a seventh-month lesson regarding your romantic relationships just as Saturn shifts into Pisces, the area of your life ruled by healing, home, and family.

At the same time, the Aries stellium, still in effect, is intensifying themes related to marriage, children, joy, and self-expression, just as this Virgo Full Moon challenges you to see if you have the financial stability to make your dreams a reality.

This is where you are now, and if you have not made the decisions the universe asked of you, you are going through some karmic payback. However, you can shift this anytime; remember that having it your way does not always mean it is right.  

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