3 Zodiac Signs With 'Lucky In Love' Horoscopes On March 8, 2023

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luckiest love horoscopes on march 8, 2023

On March 8, 2023, three zodiac signs are predicted by astrology to have a lucky day when it comes to love and their horoscopes. Starting Wednesday, we should not be surprised if we suddenly wish to work things out with our romantic partners. Today's love horoscopes for three zodiac signs and their astrology predictions come from the transit Moon trine Pluto. Moon trine Pluto brings luck to love, and it works for us. 

Pluto's energy can be troublesome at times, but when this planet is in a trine formation with the Moon, the effect on our love horoscopes produces luck. We are productive in relationships, and we want to talk things out; we want to come to a conclusion. We are solution-oriented during the Moon trine Pluto, and in love, that's a definite plus.

We're also happily working with Pisces season, which always errs on the side of positivity, especially if we are the kind of people who want to be kind and wish to continue being kind to our partners. Today, we take the helpful 'attitude' that comes along with the transit Moon trine Pluto, and we put it to good use. That means we are communicating 'fairly' and without a hidden agenda. All is upfront and honest today, and you know how the truth works: it sets us free.

Thanks to Pluto's effects on love the freedom that we may feel on this day concerns itself with how we wish to move forward in our romantic relationships. We don't want to be anyone but ourselves; we want to be able to freely express ourselves without the fear of rejection.



For a certain three zodiac signs predicted to have luck in their love horoscopes on March 8, 2023, this is true liberation, and it also means we're ready to accept our partners, as well as ourselves, for who we are. During Moon trine Pluto, we can expect to iron out any last issues with our loved ones to move on peacefully.

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Three zodiac signs with lucky in love horoscopes on Wednesday, March 8, 2023:

1. Aries

You've always been very open to the needs and demands of your romantic partner because you are a fair person, and even though you have your own list of demands, you are always willing to hear your partner out. You are always concerned for their happiness, and you want to help them, in all sincerity. You know that if they are happy, then you'll probably feel more at ease simply being in a relationship with them, and during moon trine Pluto, if there are any issues to be resolved, this is the time to get down and dirty with them.

Express yourself and let your partner know that wherever you go, they have a safe space to tell their story. You are attracted to this person because they have a story; you can't be bothered with people you deem 'boring', and the person you're with is anything but. Today brings you luck in love because the two of you know where you're headed...and it's all good.

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2. Taurus

You are in it to win it, and in love, this means that you will do whatever it takes to make your relationship work...and last. You are fortunate to have a partner who likes to talk; they are unafraid of words, and they, like you, like to tell it like it is. On this day, March 8, 2023, during moon trine Pluto, you both with have one of your venting sessions, and these, oddly enough, always work out for you.

You've chosen a partner who is fearless when it comes to communication, and today is one of those days when you iron certain issues out with them. There is no ulterior motive here; you trust in this person so intensely that you know that whatever bomb you drop, they'll be there to understand why you're dropping it. And, best of all — they can handle it, which takes so much pressure off of you.

You feel free and easy around your partner, so today, when you let them in on a real doozie of a thought, you can rest assured that they will be there for you, one hundred percent.

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3. Capricorn

You've always felt that you need someone to understand you, through and through, and that if you were to ever have a good, solid love relationship, this other person would have to deal with your personality 'as is.' It's not that you're difficult, but you can be somewhat of a brat at times, and it just so happens that on this day, March 8, 2023, your bratty side will come out.

Because you are working with the transit Moon trine Pluto, this bratty side will easily be tamed by your partner's will to understand you. That they care this much totally disarms you and lets you set the 'brat' aside. You may even be moved to tears today by your partner's show of compassion. It looks like no one here is rejecting you, Capricorn, and that you've finally found your safe space. Enjoy the day...and stop fidgeting!

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