The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Thursday, December 22, 2022

Find what you love and never give up on it.

The 3 Zodiac Signs With The Best Horoscopes On Thursday, December 22, 2022 CoffeeAndMilk from Getty Images Signature via Canva Pro

After Capricorn Season began yesterday alongside the celebration of the Winter Solstice, today, the energy helps you focus on what and even whom you love most.

Although change is brewing in the air, it is unlikely that any major steps will be able to be taken until after the new year once Mars turns direct in Gemini.

Yet, this prolonged period of inner contemplation and planning does serve an ultimate purpose.


Today, Venus in Capricorn harmonizes with Uranus in Taurus, renewing your passion and determination and bringing unexpected twists of fate.

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Venus is the planet that rules love and romance, while Uranus is known as the great awakener, the planet that helps to shock you awake through unexpected events.

Together, each earth sign helps you get to the truth about matters close to your heart.



Normally, these two planets represent sudden changes in your relationship or love life; however, with Mars still retrograde, a more internal realization will occur today.


Earlier in the week, Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, crossed over into the critical zero degrees of Aries, representing the beginning of a new karmic cycle.

Jupiter in Aries is all about cutting ties with the past and truly embracing your hope and optimism for the future.

But it is a process, a journey, like everything in life. Venus and Uranus help you hold fast to what and who you genuinely love, to remember that this is where your greatest motivation comes from and the ability to create change within your life.

You can genuinely take on inner work or the challenges that come from stepping into a new phase of life without knowing what and who matters most to you.


This is your fuel for knowing that whatever you encounter is worth it.

Enhancing this energy, the Sagittarius Moon will karmically connect with Saturn in Aquarius, giving you a dose of responsibility and dedication to the process at hand.

Even though you feel perched, ready to jump into whatever has become clear in your heart, there is a space to help you connect more deeply with what you must do to accomplish your dreams.

There is a purposeful pause right now, even as the winds of change begin to blow around you.

Right now, small steps of actions that hold your powerful intentions for the future are being encouraged.

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Conversations become the stepping stones that will later help guide you forward. Still, most of all, the determination in your heart is becoming solid, so that come the freeing energy of January; you will not have any lingering questions about which direction you want to move in.

All of this is occurring so that never again will you let doubt talk you out of your soul's purpose.

The three zodiac signs with the best horoscopes on Thursday, December 22, 2022:

1. Capricorn

(December 22 - January 19)

On the first full day of the Capricorn Season, you will begin to feel how this year differs from the past. As much as you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, you are being asked to follow your heart this year. To do things differently, you need to tune into your heart.


You must acknowledge the emotions behind your decisions and choices, even if you do not always want to. You are not just a work machine or made up of only logic. To embrace this new chapter, you must first validate that your feelings matter. Once you do, an entirely new path will emerge, which will be more about balance than success.

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2. Taurus

(April 20 - May 20)

Uranus in Taurus has been bringing all sorts of changes and deep transformations to your life, specifically those that center around your beliefs for life and who you authentically are. Today as Uranus aligns Venus in Capricorn, the luck sector of your life is activated.


While this will bring some more profound romantic realizations, it also brings up the passion and zest you feel for life.

The part of your life that Capricorn energy rules not only deals with luck but also adventure, learning and travel.

It is the invitation to step out of your comfort zone and see what else exists. Use this to look at things from a new perspective, to try something new. Still, most of all, to see that no matter how you have resisted these Uranian changes, it is also precisely what has brought you closer to your purpose and truth.


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3. Sagittarius

(November 22 - December 21)

Today, the Sagittarian Moon is helping you to connect more deeply with what you truly are feeling. You are the truth seeker, but as much as you always are searching for the greater truth of life, the one regarding your feelings is just as essential to your journey. The more you can embrace these feelings, the more you will be able to understand what else astrology is trying to reveal to you.

Currently, there are a plethora of planets in Capricorn that rule all aspects of value. At the same time, today, Uranus in Taurus activates healthier ways of thinking and approaching things.


You have a clear message from the universe to pay attention to what and who you truly value and to make decisions based on that rather than whatever else you have told yourself is important. It all comes down to truth Sagittarius and the lesson that yours is always the most important.

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