The 3 Powerful Ways Energy Healing Helps You Manifest A Better Life & Relationship

Let your energy flow to manifest anything you desire.

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Believe it or not, energy healing can help you manifest success. In fact, energy healing supports the manifestation of any kind of intention, whether it's related to work, personal relationships, past issues, or plans for the future.

Let's take a closer look at what energy healing is, why it works, and how it helps you manifest your desires.

What is energy healing?

Energy healing is a form of alternative medicine intended to balance a person's energy flow.


Comprising a multitude of truly ancient practices of diverse origins, as well as a number of more modern modalities and adaptations, all energy healing has several elements in common.

All are based on the premise that everything is made of and influenced by energy. When referring to living things, this energy is called life force, which is expressed in an infinite array of frequencies contributing to the diversity of all life.

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Significant to you is how the quality of your energy affects your well-being.

Foremost, it determines your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual expression and status. For example, balanced, freely flowing, well-integrated, and aligned energy is intrinsic to the promotion of healing, and the manifestation of intentions, in general.

However, energy healers also believe that any energetic system, which includes the human body, is dynamic and constantly adjusting to both internal and external influences, as well as exerting a force of its own.

In general, energy practitioners use a wide array of techniques to facilitate and support the rebalancing of their clients' energy.


While all of these modalities are generally supportive, they're received uniquely by each person. This is because people and their circumstances are unique. Consequently, some energy healing modalities will suit one person and a particular intention a bit better than another.

Why Energy Healing Works

This all sounds pretty spectacular and even hard to believe. But it's actually pretty simple.

Because everything is made of energy, which tends to balance disharmonious frequencies, life force opens you to possibilities, and is a good entry point and/or complement to the overall process of healing and moving life forward.

It also blends nicely and reinforces all kinds of other healing modalities, both alternative and conventional. With some experimentation, you can find a modality that works best for you and the specific intention you want to manifest.


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Here are 3 ways energy healing helps you manifest success.

Through these avenues, energy healing promotes clarity, balance and focus. Thus, your attention more readily and effectively follows your intention. In fact, in this way, it nurtures manifestation.

When you release negative judgmental self-talk (i.e., limiting beliefs), counterproductive behaviors, and other obsessed externalizations (social comparisons and expectations, for example), your journey becomes more vivid, easeful, and assured.

1. You're able to find clarity in your goals and intentions.

For the most authentic and effective goal and intention crafting, you need an open and uncluttered heart and mind. Energy healing can help you attain this by enabling you to energetically untangle thoughts and emotions.


The process creates an opening for new ideas, sentiments, outlooks and mindsets. Your focus can then easily shift from deterrents and worries to possibilities and inspiration. Clear accessible intentions logically follow.

2. You can release negative patterns or behaviors that are blocking your energy.

Clearing blocks is one of the most common outcomes of any energy healing. Some modalities also gently yet effectively release obstructive or counterproductive behaviors.

The result is greater energetic ease and flow, which contributes to greater ease and flow in your life and how you experience it.

One modality, in particular, is called Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), which offers unique and potent techniques compared to some better-known modalities, such as Reiki.


3. You alleviate inhibiting influences and energies you've taken on from others.

When you interact with others, you take on some of their energy and they take on some of yours. This transpires mostly subconsciously.

However, you've more than likely consciously experienced feeling depleted or energized by someone else at some point in the past. Or, maybe you just couldn't get them out of your mind.

This is a result of that exchange on a more conscious level. It can be a positive or negative experience.

Probably the most infectious form of energy contagion is the collection of limiting thoughts and beliefs you adopted during your childhood. Many of these may seem like truths or facts today, but they're not. Significant relationships in your adult life can have a similar effect.


Consider some of your thoughts beginning with or containing the word "should," or the phrase "I have to." Could they be your limiting beliefs?

Clearing out others' energy in all its forms (thoughts, emotions, and so on) can illuminate your authentic thoughts and desires, and open a floodgate of opportunities to express them.

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What You Can Manifest With Energy Healing

Personal Healing

Healing for you can address issues and desires in your personal, professional, or spiritual life.

This includes accessing deeper personal reflections, gaining clarity around objectives, defining and unfolding a strategy, and navigating the journey all the way through to successful manifestation.


Your healing can also facilitate behavioral changes and address health and wellness issues. Because you are always changing and evolving, energy healing is an ideal aid since it works on any level and simultaneously on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic.

Relationship Healing

Energy healing is self-healing and can do no harm. If you're having trouble in a relationship and want the other person to change, you can't achieve this without their consent. This is because everyone has agency. In other words, choice.

If your intentions toward your partner are refused (consciously or subconsciously), or they aren't in your partner's best and highest interest, they won't manifest as you hoped.

However, the outcome might be surprisingly welcome to you, because you don't always know what's best for you after all. In fact, it will be in the best interest of both you and your partner. And it's something arrived at through a more harmonious process and with a more enduring result.


Despite the fact that you can't force a change in your relationships with others, you can influence them.

What you need to do is intend for the relationship to be more harmonious in a way that is in the best interest of all involved. This implies that one or both of you will shift in the direction of greater harmony.

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Patricia Bonnard, Ph.D., ACC is an integrated coach and energy healer offering a blend of conventional coaching, embodied practice, and energy healing to help clients make important life decisions. Join one of her virtual personal growth workshops, or contact her at Starchaser Integrated Coaching and Energy Healing.